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    My name is Brad, I have been unemployed for a while now. Just recently my wife’s friend, Cecilia, said she heard of a place that might be hiring called The Corporation. She could setup an interview for me but explained that if accepted I may have to stay on premise for two weeks, possibly more. She also heard that some of the pre-interview stuff the some of the receptionist do can be a little outrageous but try real hard to go along with it. They consider it a type of initiation and a way to see if you’re committed in working for them. She said if I got accepted she would look after my wife and keep her company for any training period I would be on.

    I thanked her for finding this and accepted her offer. She told me she would let me know if and when the interview was set up, gave me a hug and then went to spend time with my wife. While they were chatting a way, I went to my office to pull together anything I thought of to prepare for an interview I desperately wanted.

    Three days later, after seeing Cecilia twice and her telling me that yes, she got my name in but no she hadn’t heard anything yet, she walked into the house with a huge smile and congratulated me on being accepted for an interview. I would need to be ready the following day by 7 am and an Uber would take me to the location. She gave me a small packet that had instructions on attire for the interview, just business casual wear, and what to bring, just a recent resume, introduction letter, a list of references, current ID and medical insurance card if I had one. There was also a short questionnaire they would like completed before the interview as well. That I was not to bring anything else, ie, wallet, money, family pictures, phone, writing material, extra clothing, ect. That if accepted, everything would be provided for during the indoctrination and training period. I thought it a little odd, but Cecilia assured me that The Corporation was very private in what they did and they tended to keep what went in and out of the facility to a minimum for security. I shrugged my shoulders, being completely hyped about the upcoming interview and went to my office to complete the questionnaire.


    Full Name:                                    Bradley ——— ———-

    DOB:                                            04/–/—-

    Married:                                        Yes

    Children:                                       None

    Date of last employment:             07/21/—-

    The following is not required to be answered under state and federal regulations but does help with accessing potential placement within The Corporation.

    Race:                                             Caucasian

    Gender:                                         Male

    Height:                                          6’3”

    Weight                                           235

    Sexual Orientation:                        Hetro

    Please complete the following questions. Sign and date where noted. Doing so is a direct and binding agreement with The Corporation. Falsifying or misleading information may be subject to disqualification and possible re-compensation for time and resources provided.

    Do you have any relations working for The Corporation?:                    <u>No</u>

    If YES, please provide name and contact: <u>   N/A                                   </u>

    Is this your first interview with The Corporation?:                               <u>Yes</u>

    If hired, will you follow all procedures and requirements outlined

    by company management, which may not be limited to approved

    attire, proper acknowledgment of management and their

    representatives, communication requirements, written and/or verbal.

    That any other stipulations deemed required by The Corporation’s

    policies will be adhered to or subject to disciplinary actions and/or

    release from service pending possible reimbursement to

    The Corporation for time and resources:                                                <u>Yes</u>


    Signed:____________________________ Dated: ___________


    I thought it a little odd, but answered all the questions, signed it and put it back into the folder with my resume, introduction letter, and a list of references. I pulled out my wallet to get my ID and the medical card attached to my wife’s name and job. I laid out the clothes I would wear, making sure they were clean and wrinkle free.

    That night my sleep was restless due to the anxiety of the pending interview. When I woke up, my wife was already out of the bed. I showered, shaved, brushed teeth and dressed with a good twenty minutes before the ride would be there to get me. When I walked into the kitchen, Cecilia was already there having a cup of coffee and a quite conversation with my wife. Though a little surprised seeing her there that early, they both greeted me warmly and my wife offered me coffee and something to eat. I declined saying I was a little too on edge and didn’t feel like eating or drinking anything before hand. Cecilia said it was not good to go on a completely empty stomach. She gave me a protein bar, bottled water, patiently waited while I consumed the proffered items and ensured I completely drank the entire bottle of water. By this time there were only a few minutes left before the car would be there, gave my wife a kiss and Cecilia gave me a hug, with both wishing me good luck. While I was walking out the door, I thought I heard Cecilia say to my wife, “Don’t worry love, he’ll be just fine, I’ve taken care of everything.” I didn’t have time to dwell on her comment when at that moment the car pulled up to get me.

    When I got in and closed the door, it was unlike any other Uber I had been in before, the windows were also tinted on the inside so it was difficult to see out and there was a partition between myself and the driver. Before I could really say anything the driver pulled off and a female voice came through a speaker in the partition. “You are Brad…correct?”

    I replied yes.

    “Good, you may refer to me as Driver, I am exclusively hired by The Corporation for the transportation of potential hires. The drive will take about and hour, so I suggest you sit back, relax and I will put on some light music to help. From this point we are not allow to converse unless an emergency occurs. Do you understand?”

    “Yes, but it does seam a little excessive.”

    “I understand, but this is The Corporation’s policy and I’d like to keep my job. Enjoy your ride.”

    With that, there was a ‘click’ signifying the speaker turned off and some light music began to play. Though I had be quite nervous earlier, at the moment I was beginning to feel quite calm and leaned back into the seat. After a little while with the music and the hum of the car going down the road, I drifted off and there was a sweet voice in my head saying this was what I should do and where I should be.

    I didn’t know at the time that the bar and water I had earlier were given to Cecilia by The Corporation and were drugged with chemicals engineered by them to place a person in a calm and receptive state for a limited period of time. For me, what seamed only like a few minutes, the driver was slowing down and pulling up to a security gate I could just make out through the windows. I little bit later, after a slow drive, we came to a stop, the doors clicked to unlock and the one to the right side of me popped open. It was then I noticed there no door release handles on the inside and during the entire trip I was effectively locked in.

    I stepped out of the car, feeling quite refreshed and relaxed. Before the door shut I heard the driver say, “Go with the flow Brad and you’ll be fine.” The car pulled away, leaving me on a walkway leading up to a pair of glass doors in a single level entry area with an impressive storied building behind. Looking around, there was no parking area. There were vast green lawns with paved walking areas through them. In the distance, tall thick trees edged the area I could see. They bordered the road we had come up and the car had just disappeared down between them.

    With the packet containing every thing I had, I strode up to the glass doors that automatically opened at my approach. The foyer was spacious and lightly furnished with one wall displaying an intricate colored moving light display. A wide corridor leading of to what I presumed to be the storied building and another full glass wall with the view of a pristine garden courtyard. Near the corridor in front of a short wall was an open glassed toped desk, which had a all-in-one computer station, printer/scanner and a very alluring dark skin woman, wearing what had to be black 4 inch heels, stockings with a slight shimmer, a short charcoal skirt and blouse, that did nothing but accentuate her hips, thin waist and very endowed breasts. Her long back hair was pulled back into a braided ponytail and at the moment she was speaking into a thin phone headpiece while typing away as she listen and replied.

    “Yes Sir, I will be sure that is taken care of. I have all the information and you should see it in your mail in a little while”, a pause as she listened while still typing. “Yes Sir, she has been notified and will doing an interview in a few moments. I will pass on the message when she arrives.” Another pause and more typing. “Thank you Sir, it was my pleasure.’ She reached up and tapped the controls on her headpiece.

    I was sure to stay a respectable distance away while she was on the phone, though the sight from this distance helped that. She looked in my direction, gave a cursory glance over and motioned me to step up to the desk.

    “Bradley I assume?” She asked with barely a smile.

    I walked up and noticed she was wearing a name-tag above her left breast that had a gold stripe across the top and read XENA. I paused a little at that, and also the substantial cleavage that I was viewing being this close up.

    That’s when I noticed she was holding out her hand and giving me a look with a smirk.

    “Um, Brad is what I usually go by…um…Xena?”

    Her smirk turned into a slight glare as she took the packet from me and started scanning the contents. “Yes, it’s Xena.” She said curtly and after taking her time scanning in everything, she placed it all back into the packet, swiveled in her chair and open a small filing cabinet to the side of her placing the packet in. She closed the drawer and opened another, taking a moment to look through and then removed what looked to be a nametag and something else small that I couldn’t make out.

    “The items will be returned to you if you leave. Put this on the left side of your shirt and be sure to wear it at all times and kept visible.” She handed me the name-tag. It had a pink stripe across the top and read “NO DESIGNATION”. I paused reading the name as I heard her tapping her long fingernails on the glass desktop. I looked over to see one of her eyebrows raised with that ‘well?’ look. I pinned the name-tag as she said and looked back to her. Her smile was slightly impish as she handed me the other item.

    “Put this on.” She directed.

    I took the small tube from her hand and now seeing it was a tube of lipstick. I turned it over, seeing it had a small label on the bottom that read ‘REBEL’.

    I looked back to her and she was pointing to the entrance on the corridor, where just inside on the wall was a wide full-length mirror.

    I was about to say something when I remembered what Cecilia told me about how they do so odd initiations. So I walked over to the mirror, removed the cap, twisted the bottom until a portion of the lipstick appeared and proceeded to carefully apply it. I had seen my wife do it hundreds of time and found that when I was done thought I did a rather good job. I had a nice pair of full red lips with a perfect cupid’s bow at top.

    I returned back to the desk and handing her back the lipstick.

    She gave me an appraising look and said “Good job….keep it, you never know when a girl needs to freshen up her lips.” Not taking the tube from my hands and returning to the work on her computers. “Miss Lang should be here in a moment for your interview…Brad.”

    Again I was about to say something when I heard a ‘ding’ and the sound of heels coming down the corridor.

    The woman that came around the corner was striking and moved as one knowing she was in control. She barely gave me a glance as she walked to the desk and held out her hand.

    Xena gave her a tablet she just before moved information onto.

    Thank you Xena.” She paused for a moment as she looked down at the screen. All in order I’m sure.” This was said more as a statement than a question.

    “Yes Miss Lang. Also, Mr. Steele needs the Carter file when you get the chance. He ask me to mention it to you.”

    “Ah yes….Carter. I will be sure he gets it, thank you Xena. I will also make sure he hears of my approval of your performance. You may carry on now.”

    “Yes Miss Lang, thank you!”

    She turned and walked pass me back to the corridor. She had just got in a little ways when she stopped and glanced back towards me.

    “Well, you’re here for the interview…right? Follow me.”

    I figured I’d follow Xena’s lead and replied with “Yes Miss Lang.”

    She glanced towards the desk, but Xena was typing something and didn’t look up. She gave a slight smile and continued down the corridor, and I followed behind.

    She went to the elevator, which immediately opened when she got the, waited outside and motioned me in. She stepped inside and waved her right wrist with a bracelet on it over a sensor where the button panel would be. Though I could feel we were going up there was no indicators for floors and after a few moments I felt it stop and the doors open. She went down the corridor before us a little ways, turned down another and at the end to a large door with ‘LANG’ in large gold bold letters written on it. Again she moved her wrist over a sensor panel to one side, there was a ‘click’ and she went through with me behind. The office was large, but very sparse. With a small bar on one wall, a large wood desk and a very looking office chair behind and a small office chair in front. One wall was floor to ceiling windows, but at the moment polarized so you couldn’t see in or out. On either side on the desk in the wall were two doors. One the size we hand walked through and the other a little smaller. As she started around the desk, she motioned me to sit in the one in front, to which I did after she had sat in hers. Again a slight smile breezed her lips. She then tapped something on her desk and a feminine voice asked “Yes Miss Lang?”

    “Pris, I am back now but am not to be disturbed as I am conducting an interview. I will let you know when I’m done.”

    “Yes Miss Lang.”

    She straightened in the chair and began scanning through the tablet. After a few more moments she looked up and this time she was really looking at my face. After a moment, she reached her hand across and was doing the ‘give me” signal with it. I didn’t really understand what she wanted, Xena had taken all what I brought.

    I looked up and her look had changed to slight exasperation and she said “The tube.”

    Then I understood as I quickly reached into my pocket and removed the tube of lipstick I unconsciously put there after Xena wouldn’t take it back and placed it in her hand.

    She flipped it over and read the label, then took a moment to examine my face a little longer.

    “Rebel huh?…Hmmm I think it suits you…a nice vibrant red. I’ll have to give Xena a positive appraisal; she’s gotten much better at color selection.”

    Well…um Brad…” Though I thought I heard a little disdain in her voice when she said my name. “Understand, even before you got here we did an extensive background check on and are well aware of your performance at your previous professions. I will say you ranked very well. Though you must understand, we rarely take on someone of your time in the industries. Also we pride our self in not just company appearance but people appearance as well. Though with some work, that can be rectified as well. You wouldn’t be here at all if we didn’t feel you would be a good acquisition to The Corporation.”

    “Or terms are simple. A minimum five-year contract, which includes all benefits, paid by us in full, medical, dental, vision…the works. A more than reasonable salary, more than you were making on your previous job. Three weeks vacation and six paid sick days a year, though you would not be eligible to use these until after six months being with The Corporation. Training will be provided to help you acclimate to your position. Usually the training period is two weeks, but well feel with the position best suited in your case, four weeks would be more appropriate. Though this could be shorten or extended depending on your weekly performance review.”

    She slid the tablet that she’d gotten earlier over to me, with an electronic pen. “If you feel these terms are acceptable, initial and date at the locations highlighted and then sign at the end of the contract. I will give you a little time to read through it if you like, but understand, this is the only offer The Corporation is ever going to make to you. Decline and I will take you back down where Xena will return your items and you will be taken home. You will not be contacted again by The Corporation for any position.” With that, she stood up and walked to the bar and made herself a drink.

    Before anything, I began reading the contract, it was over 52 pages of policies, requirements, benefits, reimbursements for housing and training, a section on possible disciplinary actions, one on dress codes within and outside the offices if representing The Corporation, another on heath and physical care and another on dietary requirements if The Corporation feels the employee would benefit for productivity. After a while my eyes were having trouble focusing on all the text. So I took a deep breath and scanned for the things Miss Lang spoke about. As far as I could see it was all there. I made my decision, I had been unemployed for far too long and this was the first real opportunity that had been presented to me. I took up the pen and initialed everywhere where highlighted, and took one more good breath before I signed the last page where noted. With a light sigh, I placed the tablet back on the desk and slid it back over to her. This time her smile was apparent.

    She took the tablet and inserted into a slot on the side of her desk. After a moment there was a slight ‘ding’. She stood up came around the desk and offered her hand. I stood and accepted it appreciatively.

    “Let me be the first to welcome you officially to The Corporation.” She pause and stepped back. “Now let’s have a good look at you.” She used her hands to help her look me over, waving them or lightly pointing to certain features with an appraising look. She then said. “Turn around.” Though odd I figure to just go along with it, since I was feeling the ‘YES, I have a job’ moment.

    “Hmmm….yes…quite tall, but very doable….um..statuesque…I think that fits.” She paused again for a bit, but I was still turned away when she said. “You can sit.”

    As I turned she was already starting to sit and after she did, opened up a laptop sitting on her desk. As though talking to herself she was saying. “Now which department would be best?” As she glanced me over once or twice as she looked to her monitor as though she was reading a list. She then said, “Ah yes…that should be good…and I can also monitor you.” She tapped a control on her desk and again I heard “Yes Miss Lang?”

    “Pris…do you know if Mike is available?”

    “One moment Miss Lang and let me check.” There was a long pause while I could see her looking at the monitor and then, “Yes Miss Lang, Mr. Barton is available.”

    “Very good…please have him come up and get our new acquisition to prep for indoctrination and training. Also tell him it’s a level…um,” and she glanced at me for a moment, “two…yes…tell him level two. Thank you Pris.”

    “Yes Miss Lang…level two…I will let Mr. Barton know and he should be here shortly.”

    “When he arrives send him straight in.”

    “Yes Miss Lang.”

    “We just need a proper designation, …hmmm…now lets see where we are…oh back into the ‘J’s already…Xena may not be too happy about that.” She glanced over at me once more, turned back and under her breath was lightly repeating.. ”rebel… rebel… hmmm… no…no…Jasmine…no…Julie…no…Jessica…no I think not…AH!” Turned to look at me again, nodded her head and turned back to the monitor and made some sort of selection. There was a buzzing sound like a printer of some type, then an audible hum with a thump and a light buzz. After a moment she reached down and pulled up what look to be another name-tag.

    “Give me your old one. I will make sure Xena gets it back later.” She said as she held out her hand.

    I removed it and handed it to her. At that moment the larger of the two doors on the back wall opened and a well dressed man, taller than me and with the tailored suit, very fit, strode in.

    But though this imposing figure just walked in and I was still trying to comprehend what Miss Lang was doing just moments before, it was the person following him that really took me for a loop. The person was what could only be described as a walking pink fetish dream. With a large pink bow in her long blond hair, a pink heart gag, large hoop star earrings, a buckled collar and bra set and a latex panty with zipper at the crotch that was buckled at the waist and thighs. She walked in on pink five-inch stiletto heels with both arms behind her, making sure to keep her eyes only on the man in front of her. She stopped just to one side of Miss Lang’s desk after the man had done a little backhand wave. On the middle strap just below the collar was a name-tag that had a pink border at the top with black hash marks and read ‘CAMIE’.

    The man walked over to me and at that moment I hadn’t realized I had stood up. He moved the chair away and began to circle me with that same appraising look Miss Lang had used moments before. I just stood un-moving looking to see if Miss Lang was acknowledging me, but at the time she was intent on watching him. He nodded when he was I front of me then turned to Miss Lang holding out his hand. She gave him the name-tag that she retrieved from her printer.

    He looked at it for a moment and questioned her, “Red? Are you sure?”

    “Quite sure. I know it’s been a while but I have a feeling about this one.”

    “Well, she’s your acquisition and you’re rarely wrong with your assessments. So red it is.”

    “NEVER wrong.” She firmly corrected him.

    He gave a tilt of the head and a questioning look. There was a long pause as I was still trying to comprehend the situation.

    “Fine…ONE time! But I was a little tipsy at the time after the party and it still worked out!” But she gave him a wide smile. “By the way, how is your little Camilia doing these days? The gag is a cute touch, that mouth needed it.” She motioned to the un-moving girl sand next to her desk.

    “It’s Camie at the moment and after these last few sessions has been doing increasingly better. If she continues this progress she may even get her status back in a week or so.” He gave a smile and said. “Well, it’s going to be a long afternoon, so we better get to it. You’ll have my preliminary assessment report in the morning.”

    “I will look forward to it.”

    It was then I really felt I had to say something. “Excuse me…but what is going on?”

    Miss Lang spoke, “What is going on is that Mike here will be taking you and under his department will be training you for your new position. I suggest you follow his direction or find yourself in a similar position as little Camie here. You see, you just entered into a five-year contract with The Corporation and it is our goal, and sometimes-intense pleasure to create the perfect toy for our clients to their specifications. With you however, as you are with us for five years to offset the time and cost involved, that and the fact we have been given some leeway as with the final product, I am quite sure Miss Cecilia will be pleasantly surprised and happy with our results. If you think that in anyway you have any say in this…you don’t…and if you push to hard, just know that at the moment our investment in you is over sixty thousand dollars. We know there is not a way you nor your wife can reimburse us for that and I really don’t think having your wife thrown out onto the street when your home is repossessed by us is anything you want while we tear down your little world for re-payment. With all that on you, there is no other company out there that would even think about giving you a second look, nor even a first one.”

    “Cecilia! SHE did this? You’re going to what…make me some kind of eunuch? Run around in some kind of male stripper outfit pampering her and my wife or some such nonsense?”

    That’s when the guy grabbed me and spun me to face the girl who had been standing patiently. He had my arms pinned to my sides and my struggle did nothing to the strength he had. I was trying to turn to look at him when I noticed the girl coming towards me with what looked like a small pen and a collar with a leash attached. In one swift movement the pen was against my neck with a soft hiss, in the next a loud click as she put the collar on me. She had a slight sorry look in her eyes, but it also looked like a smile on her gagged mouth.

    He was speaking in my ear as she did this. “No…not a eunuch… we find that keeping someone like you functional and constantly aroused is a great training tool. Look at little Camie here, she was so close to getting time off, got permission for a release session and afterwards went all tough guy on us. Needless to say it’s been three months like this for her. We know what buttons to push, where to take that little mind of yours, what to dress and undress you in, shape, size, length, color and hundreds of other little physical and mental modifications that will ensure you come out exactly how we want. In a month, you’ll be begging to kneel and suck my cock just for the praise of how sexy you look with the hope that maybe if you do good you may get a little release of your own.”

    “We’ll see…” I groaned out as loud as the fuzzy feeling in my head would let me. Though I could see a slight surprised look on both the girl and Miss Lang when I did.

    Miss Lang spoke. “See, I had a feeling…red…this one is a rebel. Xena had her pegged from the start. We may just have to promote that one. Oh and take this.” She hand the guy the tube of lipstick. “It will be her signature color and always give her a reminder of how it started.”

    Mike took the tube and when he read the label gave a little laughing snort.

    My head was buzzing and now I really couldn’t get my voice to work. But when the guy came in front of me, showed me the name-tag with the red bar at the top and a thick unevenly dashed line just below with the name ‘JENELLE’ imprinted on it and he pinned it on me, it was then, even with the fuzzy head, that I finally comprehended…just a little.

    He took the leash and started to lead me towards the door they had come in through. My body was going passively with him, my mind along for the ride, and the pink girl submissively following behind. As we went through the door, I heard Miss Lang call out with a lilt in her voice.

    “Welcome to The Corporation… Jenelle!”

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