Michelle's and Nastazia's first night (PVT, ask for joining)

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     Michelle Bubbles 

    After suffering through countless indignities, carried basically as a dead weight by a giant of a man, I am unceremoniously thrown into a new room, landing on my basically naked butt as the door closes and locks behind me. I rub my tush as I look around, still confused and lost. They said this where I will spend my first night…



    …Well, I have to say, I was expecting worst. After everything that happened today… I mean, I started by going to a job interview, and now I don’t even look like a man anymore! What little things give out my real gender, well, they are well hidden, my voice altered, my face beautifully made up, long platinum hair falling down to my butt, two perky bee-stings topped off by puffy nipples on my chest, and my dick hidden behind this devilish contraption… I look down at the only things I am wearing, the sissylink chastity device and the fake cat ears plus intelliplug cat tail…



    Ugh. At least this room is warm. I reach behind me to touch the plug, but once again I am shocked straight in my crotch for doing so, the pain causing the intelligent tail to react and jerk up, reacting like a real cat’s. thankfully the shock is short and it quickly relaxes some, curved, half-stiff and gently swaying its tip, constantly moving the plug in my ass just slightly. God I already hate it.


    I stand up, and promptly get shocked once again when I forget to stand on my tip toes. Grimacing I comply, carefully balancing as I look around the room. It’s small and simple, with a single bed, a few drawers that reveal themselves to be full of lingerie and high heels… I steer clear. Below the bed the drawer is full of various sex toys, able to be reached witout getting up from the mattress. I immediately close it in disgust.


    Going to the window, I find it locked, with stell bars cleverly hidden in the frame. No getting out, even breaking the glass would just attract attention. I am already tired of walking around on my tip toes, and I land on the bed with a huff, sprawled out on the soft pink blankets, trying to ignore the tail curling around my leg and tickling my thigh.


    I need to escape this madhouse, as quickly as I can.

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