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    I watch in detail as she gets wrapped up in the new colors of her outfit, and puts effort into fixing up her makeup.  She takes a little longer with her makeup than a girl should, as I’m assuming she isn’t as experienced as she should be, probably moments of her rebellion showing, but now she is eager to do it, so that is good.

    When she is done she asks me about showing off cleavage.

    Well,you don’t really have the tits for that.”  Not that my Bs show alot of that either…  “And I’m not talking about a prosthetic upgrade with high quality glues, or actual implants, I’m talking about insertables.  Something we can just insert into a bigger bra and watch the front of that dress expand to knew dimensions.”  The dress she is wearing would hide their presence as insertables well, no makeup needed, no extra chemicals, and she can remove them later.

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     Michelle Bubbles 

    I nod along with her explanation, understanding but somewhat crestfallen at not being able to show cleavage, I was looking forward to it. To blend in, of course. For a fleeting moment, I wish Alice did not make me grow them slowly and just gave me big implants straight away… to blend in of course. I mean, if they can be put in I can always pull them out after escaping right?


    My fleeting moment of sadness however is quickly washed away as I check myself in the mirror one last time, fixing my hair slightly. A smile creeps on my face, as I look satisfied at the vision of femininity I present, alluring and sultry even without killer curves. For some reason, looking like this makes me feel lighter than air. I turn to Mistress Dyvia with a smile, eager to get out and show myself off.


    “Well, I understand, of course you’re right. Please lead the way, I don’t know where to go to get those falsies and well, I’m starving, I would love for us to grab a bit after like you said!”


    For a moment I wonder why am I so eager to agree with her. Then it clicks, of course, I’m trying to suck up to her so maybe she will reconsider implanting that trigger in me. Obviously. And also well, she always makes so much sense when she talks, I guess I was bound to find a smart and competent person sooner or later in this place, right? I bet if I try to be more like her it will be easier to run away…


    Alright I’m ready.”  I exit the bathroom and lead her down the hall to the elevators, the guards are still there.  “Oh, wait here for a moment, I need to get something out of my office first.”  I walk away and eneter my office, pulling up the security fed to watch how she interacts with them.

    They know not to let things go too far while she is under my supervision, but they can look and if they don’t go too far can touch.  Two of the personality widgets that have been implanted in her, were to make her a straight woman, she would not be attracted to women at all, but to men, and she would have commitment issues meaning she likes to sleep around, loving one night stands and no strings attached fun… and another personality widget made her enjoy being looked at and objectified as a woman of sexual desire with strong feelings of rejection if she is not treated that way.

    As I plan to leave her alone with the four guards for a few minutes, I watch for the signs that these are personality adjustments are fully functional.



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     Michelle Bubbles 

    I follow Mistress Dyvia as she leads me back down the hall, in front of the elevators and in front of the four muscular guards who threw me back in her office earlier, and then leaves as she forgot something in her office. I don’t think much of it, instead my eyes linger on the bulging muscles of the closest guard.


    I can definitely see how they managed to overpower me so easily, they probably would have even before my muscles were weakened. I can also easily see why women always went for this kind of man… and I always had trouble… they just convey a sense of… power… what would it be like to be in thos big, strong arms…


    I realize he is staring back at me, smiling knowingly, checking me out in kind. Wait, was I checking him out? I guess I was… a pleasant tingle goes down my spine as I see his eyes run up and down my body, as well as those of his friends, and I find myself smiling softly as I absent-mindedly bite my lips.



    Oh God, maybe I should say something? I guess I should try to please… I mean, appease these guys too to survive right? It’s not like I’m doing this because I want to, but maybe I should go all the way in pretending… yes, I think I should…


    “Hello, boys…”


    I purr, walking a bit closer, making sure to slowly sway my hips as I do.


    “I’m very sorry for earlier, I was being naughty… Maybe you can set me straight one of these days, huh? One of you… or all of you…”


    Where did that come from? Well I guess I really need to sell it so that’s probably good. How else are they gonna believe I am an obedient sissy? Maybe I will need to… sleep with them too to make sure they think that… I guess I have to probably in order to ensure they don’t suspect a thing! Oh well!


    The thought sends me in an excited state of mind, and I walk even closer to the nearest guy, the others walking up and surrounding me. I smile even wider.


    “Oooh, you guys look so strong… I can’t believe I was so silly as to try and run away from you earlier… maybe I need to be punished…”


    I coo, subtly arching my back more and rising the already pretty short skirt of my dress just a bit, looking up with adoring eyes at the absolute hunks surrounding me, all taller than me.


    I watch on my monitor as she openly starts flirting with them. The words she says is certainly not the behavior I would have expected from her earlier, but this new personality overlay was perfect.  I press a button, it connects tot heir ear pieces, “Boys, lets take this a step further.   Close in around her like you’re all very interested.  You may touch her breasts and ass but do not try to remove her clothing.  If she responds favorably, there will be bonus for whichever of you can get her to commit to a gangbang at midnight.  You have ninety seconds until I leave my office and you will scatter like nothing was happening.

    I watch in amusement for the first seventy-five seconds, then press the power button to the monitor, and walk to the door, I make it noisy as I fumble with the knob and step out, and see the guards back at their station that was quick.  I walk up to Michelle, and warp an arm around her like we’re just girlfriends going out for fun, “See you later Boys!” and wave my free hand’s fingers at the guards, I expect her beta behavior would make her copy my phrase, though I wonder if she has more meaning to it than my own voice.

    Once in the elevator, I press the for the third floor. “I don’t want to embarrass you, but when I stepped out of my office, I swear two of those guards were checking you out.” pretending like I didn’t know they were flirting with her in my absence.




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     Michelle Bubbles 

    I smile even more as the four handsome, big boys walk forward and circle around me. They are so imposing and strong looking, all taller and much more muscular than me, one of them could verpower me like nothing, especially since my muscle treatment, and four of them… in the back of my mind I know I should be scared, but my heart is beating hard not out of fear but excitement.


    “You were very naughty indeed! But don’t worry, we won’t hold a grudge…”


    The one behind me says, eliciting a gasp as his big strong hand slips under my skirt, squeezing my buttcheeck, his thumb toying with the string of my sissylink belt, so close to my hole. I keep smiling, now twirling my hair around one finger as the one at my left pipes up, his own big strong hand reaching under my dress to tweak my nipples, making me tremble and coo in place.


    “That is, of course, on one condition. I think it’s only fair you pay us back for the trouble you caused us, right?”


    He says right in my ear, his deep voice resonating in my brain. God, he even sounds sexy as fuck. I nod eagerly, stifling a moan from the stimulation.


    “Oooh yes… that’s only fair…”


    I whisper back, as the guy on my right reaches for my crotch, lifting up the dress a bit and starts lightly teasing the little hole in my belt, right on the sensitive head of my clitty, collectiong my leaking sissy juices on his fat, manly finger. I reach out my arms to my sides now, placing my dainty manicured hands on their shoulders to stay upright, my knees weak with pleasure.


    “Such a good little girl… I wonder, what could you do to repay us?”


    He teases, right before the guy in front reaches for my chin, lifting my head and slipping his thumb between my lips. Instinctively, I purse my lips and suck it, reveling in the feeling of my enhanced, sensitized lips sliding on his digit.



    “I think I have an idea… how about you-“

    “Mmmfwhat if you Commfe to my roomf tonight and I servicef you all?”


    I cut him off, my voice slightly muffled by his thumb and a smile around it as I look up adoring to this man, hoping he will accept my proposal. It would be the best way to blend in, behaving exactly like one of the sluts in this place! It’s foolproof! He looks at me dumbfounded for a moment.


    “…Er, sure… we’ll… come by at midnight.”


    He says, sharing a glance with the other guards. Who is gonna get that bonus if the sissy did everything herself?!


    i nod eagerly, sucking even harder on his thumb and pushing my body against their hands even more, but soon, sadly, they take them away and step back into place. I give a little disappointed coo as I fix my dress and hair, just as Mistress Dyvia comes out. I smile and wrap my arm around her in a similar way as we walk away and she says by to the boys. I follow her lead, turning my head.


    “Yeah, seee you later…”


    Throwing in a wink for good measure. And in the elevator, I can’t help but smile at her comment.


    “Wha, really? Only two? Naaah, I’m pretty sure all of them were all over me!”


    I say, smiling mischievously.


    I give her a funny look at that last comment, “Well, that’s impressive.  From what Ms. Alice communicated to me, you have never shown pride at men looking at you before.”  I laugh for a moment, “But it is nice isn’t it, feeling so desired, it gets really hard not to respond…  Part of you just wants to ‘head up, shoulders back, chest out and walk with a strut that makes every man stare at your ass…  But as a domme myself I can never do those things without risking my position unless I’m teaching a girl.  You on the other hand, get bonus points when you walk around like you’re looking for some… meat.[/color]”  again I giggle as the door to the executive services level opens.

    UNlike where the girls eat, there is more sophistication here, almost everyone is dressed professionally like they came out of an office meeting, though here are a few dresses as if they just came out of an intense bdsm punishment setting.  Aside from Michelle, the only M&R property here are the servers.

    It clearly brings a few glances when I gesture for Michelle to sit down.  a server arrives and asks what I want,  “Chicken Caear salad, with a creamy italian dressing, water, no ice, wedge of lemon on the side, and a small bowl of Mac and cheese…” and then she turns to Michelle, and then back to me as if confirming that she is allowed to order, I nod my head, and she looks back to Michelle.


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    She praises me for my behavior, and I can’t help but keep smiling, listening to every word she says, her praise making me tingle delightfully. Yes! It’s working! if I keep listening to her and trying to be like her I’m sure she will lower her guard in no time… which means of course..! I start walking as she describes as soon as she says it, shoulders back, chest out, strutting all the way doing my best to walk like I was a slut advertising my assets, this will surely make her think I’m a good sissy. She said it herself, bonus points!



    I look around curiosly when we enter one of the very VIP sections of LiL, I’ve never been in this particular complex but I recognize the warning sign by the door with the required level of clearance. I remember one time I accidentally wandered in a place with a lower level, but still higher clearance than what I have… the belt hurt me so much! Thankfully with Mistress the belt does not go off, in a place so exclusive it would be agony… Looking around I can see only dominants, and the sissies serving here are clearly ‘top of the line’, fully broken and absolutely stunning sex dolls with pleasant vapid smiles plastered on their faces at all times, I can see one letting a client grope her, but also one under a table sucking a cock, and I’m sure they get down to much much worse without a peep…


    There is also a bit of suspicion I can detect at seeing a sissy like me, clearly inexperienced and new to boot, walking in here as a client. But everybody seems to relax and look away once they see who I am walking in with. I steal a quick glance at Mistress Dyvia… just how high is she in LiL hierarchy?!


    We take a seat and almost immediately a smiling, absolutely perfect sissy in an outrageous little lingerie outfit comes up and asks for our orders. I give her a passing glance…



    …and immediately swivel my head back around to look at the handsome gentleman sitting a few tables down from us… currently getting his huge cock sucked by another sissy. I softly bite my bottom lip as I imagine being in her place… I am shaken by my daydream as I hear Mistress Dyvia ordering. The waitress then turns to me, her smile wavering just a little before she gets confirmation that I can order too.


    “Uhm, I’ll have the same thanks!”


    I say with a quick smile, thinking that Mistress’ order sounded delicious. I steal another glance at the man, my eyes not even pausing on the waitress’ butt as she walks away with a practiced, sexy strut.


    As we sit, the waitress waits for Michelle to take an order.  I smile as I think of the walk she did as we exited the elevator, perfect to the one I had described.  She was showing herself off to the men.

    She looked at me curiously, I wasn’t known by a lot of the girls, but she seemed impressed with the executive lounge.  She ordered, but seemed barely able to keep her eyes off a girl sucking a guys cock under a table.  “Have you ever sucked a man off before?  Is ee you looking on…I cna’t help but wonder if the hormones ‘click’ level hit.  There comes a moment with every girl on the hormones where something clicks and they want to try something with a man.”  I lied giving a pause, and continued, “Are you looking on with a bit of fear that you know Miss Alice will want that for you some day, or has something clicked and part of you is envious of her?

    But no sooner had her answer slipped past her lips than a voice came from behind me, “Junior level execs should no that the help is not welcome for food around here, they have no place sitting at one of these tables.”

    Now, for alot of the girls at M&R I was not very well known, my name was spoken in whispers, frightened whispers and often only invoked when someone had a radical personality shift.  But for the most part, the girls at M&R didn’t know me, sometimes just recognized the way I walk as one of authority.  Roger on the other hand was known far and wide for his extreme training techniques in regards to helping the girls with blow jobs.  Unwilling and reluctant girls weren’t the only ones to fear him, but even the eager ones who did ‘just’ good were known for being severely punished.  He often walked through areas where the girls congregated to tease them and remind them that sooner or later they would be his.

    He took his gaze off Michelle and towards me where he started, “Otherwise sooner or later you will join my-” recognition hit his face as he saw who he was speaking to, “Oh fuck…”

    I held five fingers up.I heard hi beg me not to, “Queen of spades,” one finger went down, “Queen of clubs,” one finger went down.  Clearly a bulge in the front of his pants…  “Queen of diamonds,” one finger went down,”Queen of hearts,” last finger went down leaving only my thumb… His penis strained against his pants at full erection, at least as much as it could against his pants, he begged for me not to, “Mistress Wild.”  Immediately he was rocked by an orgasm…

    I giggled, “One more Roggie, and you;’ll be one of my girls…  And you’ll be teaching those blow job classes from a whole new perspective.  Now why don’t you apologize to my guest and fuck off.”  He looked at me horrified, his pants soaked in the front, and he nodded quickly standing up, apologized to Michelle and walked away…  Not sure of a good adjective, maybe ‘briskly?’




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     Michelle Bubbles 

    I listen to her intently, my lips opening slightly in an ‘o’ of surprise as she talks about the hormones ‘click’ level.


    “That’s wild… I have a background in science from, uh, you know, before… this… and I never knew that! I… I think I may have clicked… I am a bit envious…”


    I confess, blushing slightly. Once I might have questioned this statement or probably even recognized it as a lie, but now, I can’t fathom the possibility that such a smart woman as mistress might be wrong. I must be ignorant instead.


    No sooner have I admitted to it, that a looning figure catches my attention as he approaches the table. I freeze, wide eyed, recognizing Roger, the ‘blow hard’ as some of the sissies called him secretly, referring to his big head and also to his strict blowjob training. I inhale through my nose, looking up at him as he starts chastising… wait. He is not chastizing me, but… Mistress?!


    My eyes switch back and forth between the two. Is Mistress Dyvia not as high in the food chain as I imagined? Junior executive? As soon as she turns around, however, I realize Roger simply had not recognized her. My lips open in an ‘o’ of surprise as he immediatley goes from ‘blow hard’ to whimpering, apologetic obsequience, with Mistress lowering her fingers slowly and saying weird words… I don’t understand what is going on, but watch in fascination as his dick grows and tents his pants (A big one, like all executives) and finally spurts helplessly, Roger twitching and stifling his moan as he barely stands there, before following Mistress’ orders to the letter and apologizing to me with his cheecks red hot, before quickly walking away.


    I look to Mistress, my mouth still open in shock.


    “That was AMAZING! How did you do that?! I don’t think I can learn to do it myself, right..?”


    I ask, with little hope but nonetheless…


    There is a look of excitement in her eye at what I did to Roger.  I smirk and wave it off, “That was nothing sweetie.  We made a comment, a challenhe and a bet some time ago.  He thought I was going to cower before him, I didn’t, then he fell victim to a bit of…”  I carefully word the final words, “Slight of hand.”  Slight of hand being a conversation that was shifted into  hypnotic induction.  “I’m sure you have the potential for it, but I  doubt that is one of the classes Alice would want you to learn.

    Our waters are served.  I almost hadn’t noticed her ordering the same food as I had, another perfect sampling of her as a beta girl taking my lead.

    Now… Where were we?  Oh yes, you were envious of the girl under the table.  I might be able to make an arrangement for you to try that out before we go back?


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     Michelle Bubbles 

    I listen intently, my shoulders falling a little bit when she mentions it’s probably not what Alice wants for me.


    “Oh… ok… but… do you think I would be good at it? Would it be good for me?”


    I ask, my beta conditioning making me value her opinion more than what I fear Alice might do to me as punishment if I try to purse something she does not want. I can’t understand if Mistress thinks I should or not, however, and I am trying to figure it out with this question.


    I take a sip of the water as it arrives, and my eyes open a little bit in surprise at her proposal. I glance back at the man, now patting the girl on the head as she shows him how she swallows his cum, smiling as she lovingly fixes his pants before standing up and wiggling away to serve someone else.


    “Oh! Really? Well, if you think I should do it, Mistress, then I will of course! Unless you are pressed for time, I don’t want to bother you!”


    I tell her, looking at her with an adoring smile.


    Trust me, Bad blowjob is an oxymoron, especially for the former guys, they know what guys like.  Besides everyone has to start somewhere.  And I’m sure when the time comes you’ll be getting record numbers.”  The food arrives, and I start to nibble.  Without swallowing, I cover my hand over my mouth, “Well its no bother, I’ll work something out.

    I play with my phone for a few moments in silence as I actually do work something out.  A relatively new employee that does know whats going on here.  There is a bit of small talk between her and I while we finish our meals.

    That was great, thanks for the company.” I say with a smile as we approach the elevator.  We actually only go up a few floors, I grab a bodyguard, “With me.”  I tell him as I lead the way.  We stop at an area with a large number of cubilcles, “Bob!”  a guy looks up at me.  “Michelle, this is Bob, he’s one of the accountants, he’s new and already showing to be a go-getter.  I think he needs a reward.  Why don’t you go under his desk and give him one…  But…  Here is the condition, He cums in your mouth, you do not swallow, you return to me.  If he gives your a facial or a chest-al.. If that’s a word…  You do not clean it off, you return to my office.

    I look at the guard, “When she’s done escort her to my office.

    With that I leave them alone and return to my office, about twenty minutes later I hear a knock on my door, “Come in!”  I say pleasantly.

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     Michelle Bubbles 

    I smile and nod along Mistress’ words, and as the food arrives I watch her carefully, eating daintily and nibbling my food as she does. I answer all her questions eagerly, doing my best to entertain her and all the while during our meal listening intently and trying to adopt her mannerism, way of talking, interests and so on.


    Once we finish and stand up, she thanks me fo the company with a smile.


    “Oh no Mistress, Thank YOU!”


    i reply with a similar smile, heading to the elevators. I think nothing of it as we only go up a few floors, even as I am curious to see why. I smile and bite my lip at the bodyguard she makes come with us, appreciating his stare all over my body. Soon, we arrive at an office-like area, I never saw places like these but I guess it’s not a surprise the corporation also does, well, normal corporation stuff. I do wometimes see men that don’t quite look like dominants, I guess this is the places they work in and why they are even allowed to stay men.


    Mistress introduces me to Bob, and I nod delighted as she tells me what to do and explains her condition, all the while twirling my hair and smiling seductively at the incredulous and visibly excited man.


    “Yes Mistress! Thank you so much, Mistress!”


    I purr, with a wink to Bob, which then moves his increduluous eyes from me to Mistress.


    “Oh boy, thank you Mistress Dyvia!”


    He says excitedly, rolling the chair back to leave me space to crawl under his desk. Dutifully, I do just that, giggling as the bodyguard with us takes the opportunity to spank my butt while I go, before Bob rolls back in and undoes his fly… I eagerly get to work, doing my best to swallow as much of his average cock as possible, gagging a bit but overall, as Mistress said, a bad blowjob is an oxymoron, despite my inexperience… the thought of this being the first willing blowjob I’ve ever given crosses my mind, but I dismiss it. I’m just doing it to blend in and appease Mistress, so it’s ok.


    20 minutes later, after knocking at her door, I enter Mistress Dyvia’s office, smiling. I don’t talk, and just open my mouth to show my good work.



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    I watch her come in and show off the cum in her mouth. I giggle like I think that is the coolest thing I’ve ever see her do.  “Wow, you are turning out to be one hell of a slut.  HR is going to be impressed with you a girl who prefers  sexual harrassment rather than complain about it.” Not that it helps around here.

    I want to show you a trick.  And I need you to take this seriously even though I know its hard to.  I want you to gargle it, you know like you would mouth wash.”  I pause, “I’m serious, this is going to be fun.

    I wait for her to start, and in mid gargle I press the button to restore her to ‘Michelle_1’ her true personality.  And even as I do it, when she realizes what’s going on, I wonder if she will spit it out, or the shock of what’s she’s doing make her swallow, or choice, or some combination of the above…  Though I suppose she could really impress me, and show no reaction and just glare at me…  Though truthfully, watching her mix of rage and humiliation being tempered with her intelligence not to push me too far is the most fun.

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     Michelle Bubbles 

    I smile and nod, closing my mouth, as she comliments me for not complaining about sexual harrassment. Yes, just as planned, she thinks I’m a good girl! I pause when she asks me to gargle the sperm, but she says it will be fun, and I have no reason not to trust her, right? So I nod, throw my head back, and gargle the surprisingly big load of the accountant.


    After a second of this, my eyes go wide. What the HELL am I doing?! What did I DO?! I stop, stunned, as I realize the past hour or so WAS the test. She didn’t do it and then I forgot it, as I thought! She changed my personality! She made me everything I did not want to be! Instantly! I feel sick to my stomach with the way she made me act and… my thoughts are cut off by the feeling of the cum sliding down my throat as I stopped gargling it!


    I throw my head back forward, coughing violently, gagging, cum flying everywhere and just barely missing my dress, splatting on the ground and on her desk. Some of it makes its way down my throat, and I wheeze, coughing again, feeling the disgusting strands of bitter, salty jizz clinging to the walls of my throat and doubling over as I try to spit it out.


    After half a minute or so of this, trembling, the taste still permeating the entirety of my mouth, I slowly straighten back up, standing in front of her desk, eyes closed. I open them, glaring at her.


    “…I take it… THAT… was the test… wasn’t it?”


    There was that moment when she seemed to freeze in mid-moment.  From genuine fun to disgust in mid thought.  Her eyes going wide as her behavior flashed across her eyes. And a moment later she retched forward trying to get it out of her mouth.

    A moment of quiet contemplation later a question or statement confirming that it was the test.  I paused.  Cum appeared on my floors frequently enough, but I was staring at a few strings on my desk.  “Well, I had thought about it, but after this display I’m not sure.  As I see it, You could get up and clean my desk off with your tongue…” gesturing to the white drops and streaks on my desk, “Or… I’ll be calling it your warm up before the test.

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     Michelle Bubbles 

    I go pale as I look at her deathly stare.


    “You can’t be serious…”


    I murmur, but her eyes and the hand on the remote control leave me no doubt that she is. I inhale deeply, shiver at the thought, and force myself to lean forward, after dropping the purse to the ground, now conscious of the stockings around my legs and the earrings dangling from my ears. For the next 10 minutes I slowly force myself to lick up and swallow the now cold sperm off her desk, shivering with humiliation, and not that much with disgust. This awful place is already making me used to this taste, which just adds to my shame.


    Finally, I finish, leaving her desk wet only with saliva. I swallow the last drop with a grimace, before sitting back down on the chair in front of the desk, the events of the last few hours replaying constantly in my head. And oh God, I told those guards I will service them tonight… I gotta find a good place to hide in before midnight.


    “O-ok… so, it works. Yay. Can you do what you need to do now and let me go?”


    i plead, unaware that part of her payment is, well, me, for the whole day, until midnight.


    I wait until she finishes cleaning up my desk, and in truth she takes much longer than she really needed.  hen as indignantly as she can she requests that I finish it up and let her go.

    I can… in fact finish this up and let you go.”  Not that i will necessarily let her go.  I pick up the wand and bring it to her head, “The original request for you was actually very simple, I had it programmed while you were busy in the accounting office.

    I bring it to her forehead and tap it.  “There you go, Alice’s programming is all set.

    I smile waiting for her to try and leave before I fill her in that Alice’s half of the payment has not been served.

     Michelle Bubbles 

    I can’t suppress a whimper and I close my eyes as she points the wand to my head… I hear her tap the device, before announcing that it is done. I bat my eyes, as she pulls back, smiling simply as she sits back down.


    “Uhm… that’s it?”


    I ask, without thinking. Before realizing I shouldn’t complain! A small part of me wants to ask her what the trigger is to activate the conditioning she talked about… but a much bigger part of me wants to leave as soon as possible! I stand up quickly, distracted by the feeling of the dangling earrings, the silky stockings, and the small weight of the purse now back under my arm.


    “I mean, uhm, thank you very much! It’s been a pleasure and all that, see you next time!”


    I quickly do a half-assed curtsey and turn to leave, my bum wiggling as I totter on the heels as fast as I can, but still not nearly fast enough…


    I confirm, “That’s it, that’s what your sponsor wanted.”  She stands up, obviously hyper aware of everything around her, on her, and probably wondering if she is behaving differently.

    Not so fast…”  I say as she starts to walk for the door.  “I’m still owed payment.”  I turn and let her read the original letter her sponsor had wrote to me, including her trigger, “And don’t worry, you can’t trigger yourself by reading it, and you are immune to the verbal command for sixty seconds after reading it, and then you will forget what it was anyway.

    [darkred]So…  We have each other fora little while longer.[/color]“

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     Michelle Bubbles 

    I turn around as she calls me back, narrowing my eyes for a moment as I grab the offered piece of paper. My eyes scroll rapidly down the letter, my shoulders falling with each line. That bitch! Oh my God, I get it, I stole your work, even if that were true… this is going way too far! She wasn’t happy with just my body, now she is going after my mind! Ok, I need to calm down… this woman put things in my mind so easily, I’m sure they can be pulled out just as easily. Like that winter soldier guy in that movie…


    For now, I’m more worried about the ‘payment’ part of the deal Alice and this woman had. It seems like we do have each other for a while longer… and I REALLY don’t want her to use that trigger on me, or install new triggers even! That’s the most worrying part, up until now I had realized these people don’t want to… damage me, strictly speaking. But this is direct permission to toy with my mind, and the request to be left ‘funtional’ does not do much to calm my fears! I think I’d better play along…


    I slowly return the paper, then give a strained smile and a graceful curtsey.


    “…Of course Mistress, forgive me. What would you like me to do for you?”


    Whatever she wants, I have GOT to keep her satisfied, maybe this way she won’t toy with my mind more…


    (OOC: Welcome back!)


    I can see the look in her eye as she realizes everything that is going on.  the look is brief but is definitely shows a certain dissatisfaction with her choices, such that they are…

    Then she asks what I want to do.  A smile forms across my face, “Well, I’ll leave it up to you: Play more with your personalities, we have a lot of slots in there to fill.  or we can go down and get tattoos, Mine will be temporary, yours will be permanent, and it will be on the back of your left shoulder in a nice script…  it will be your trigger.”  its a heavy-handed tactic, she knows what I want, She knows that I know what she fears, and its a way of getting her to do what I want her to do, or get her to do something that amuses me.  Still her choice, just a shitty choice.[/color]”

    (ooc:  Thanks hun, I didnt even realize I had been gone that long.)

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     Michelle Bubbles 

    I swallow, hard, as I am presented with the choices. None of which is one I am willing to make! I wring my hands together for a moment, trying to think… I really don’t want to let her play with my mind again, but the alternative is basically to become a dumb bimbo 24/7, if that trigger gets on my shoulder… I mean, I do have a couple of outfits that can cover it but only a couple, and I am frequently made to wear skimpy stuff that reveals that area. And if that tattoo is exposed, well, it only takes one person asking me what it means to activate it…


    I sigh, my shoulders slumping forward a bit. At least Alice asked that I am left… ‘functional’, and even if I dread the possibility that Dyvia might add other triggers for herself, at least I should be ‘normal’ when not with her. I bow my head and curtsey, defeated, knowing that I am doing precisely what she expected and wanted me to do.


    “…May we play with my personalities, mistress?”


    I say softly.


    I can see the debate raise in her head, Who knows what she will do between now and tonight…  but it ends tonight…  Or get up in the morning, take a shower, and some new girl, “What does ‘Bubbles goes pop?'” mean comes up and the rest of her day goes out of her control…  Any and every day.

    I’m not really shocked as she says decides to play with her personalities.

    ’We?’”  I pause my smile growing wider, “Do you want to create one of your own personalities?  Or maybe we can make a game out of it?  He have seven slots, maybe we have time for both?



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     Michelle Bubbles 

    I bat my eyes for a second, not sure that I heard her correctly. Creat one of my own personalities? I can create something sensible! I nod eagerly as she says those words.


    “Yes! I did not know that was an option! Yes, I would love to choose my personalities! Is there anything I can do to let me choose more than one? I’m ready for anything!”


    I join my hands together, begging, obviously aiming to take advantage of the offer to prevent her from doing things I don’t want or even get something out of it.


    (OOC: The game sounds great! I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to let her create a personality, to stay in character I would have to make her go ‘sensible, smart, prudish, can’t be sexually aroused’.)


    I smile at her, “Sort of, but nor really.”  I say as the ideas are connecting themselves, “Quite frankly, in my mind, you are in a bit of a box… ‘sensible, intelligent, and asexual.’ and that does not interest me.  At least in terms of what I think you believe your ‘perfect woman’ to be is…”  I let the sentence dangle in the air for me.

    A moment passes, “So I’m thinking, I’ll let you create any personality you want.  Prove me wrong, or prove me right, it doesn’t matter.  Then we go to a strip club, if I have fun with the new you and enjoy myself, we play a game.  first I’ll flip a coin, and which will decide if current you, or your you-” referring to the personality she created, “-will play a card game…  either poker or black jack… leaning towards 21…  The pot will be an aspect of her personality, winner of that hand makes the choice.”  Again a brief silence, “So if you are extremely lucky, you will decide your second personality.

    Of course not mentioning what happens if I don’t have fun with your chosen personlity…  I’ll still be playing the game, but with the you that I had brunch with.

     Michelle Bubbles 

    I look to the side for a moment, thinking. I feel like I am making a deal with a devil… I’m pretty sure I am, in a way. But if it goes my way, I can have at least one pre-set personality that is not a sex slave… God, I hadn’t realized how surreal this whole situation is. I am getting shortchanged here, no questions asked, but at least this way it might not be a total disaster.


    “…Deal. I’ll make up a new personality and then we play.”


    I say, extending my hand to shake hers.


    “And my new personality… hm…”


    I stop to think. I definitely can’t do as I would like, I am pretty sure. I don’t think she will allow me to say ‘no changes’, and I definitely want her to have fun, I feel like the self she has designed playing against her would be a disaster. I remember how I was slutty, feminine, and most importantly, how much I admired and adored her. I don’t think I can trust that ‘me’ to play against her personal role model.


    Wait a second… role model? I glance at her as inspiration strikes, before speaking up again.


    “…So, my new personality should be a woman that looks good and knows it. She enjoys being admired and teasing men, but without ever letting them ‘score’. In fact, she enjoys dominating them to a degree, manipulating them with her looks to score drinks, rides, all kinds of favor. She is sexy but in a classy way, and while she isn’t afraid to flaunt her body, she knows she has a lot of value and has very high standards for the men she sleeps with!”


    I cross my arms satisfied, almost in a ‘gotcha!’ pose as I think I found the perfect workaround. Dyvia is sure to have fun with someone that basically acts like her (I think) and while pretty embarrassing to be made into a ‘femme fatale’, it beats being things like a slutty, dumb bimbo. At this point I can only hope she is true to her word, and that this new personality of mine is good at black jack…


    (OOC: Hope you like the idea! And of course, I intend to lose all hands of Black Jack :P)


    I watch her carefully as she seems to consider her answer.  She looks at me with a look of insight, something to impress me?  the perfect sub in her mind.

    She answers.  I find an eyebrow raising, trying to make herself a bit of a domme?  interesting.

    We can do that, it could be interesting.” A pause as I look away from her in thought and the return my gaze on her eyes, “I’m actually surprised you made yourself out to be interested in men primarily.”  She had not actually explicitly said that, but she had not mentioned an interest in women even once, formerly male or not.

    …and…”  I pause saying something important hadn’t really been clarified, “You mentioned dominating.  Do you mean being aggressive?  Or are we unleashing another dominatrix on M&R?” my face unwavering as if both ideas were quite amusing.

    (ooc:Would it really matter?  dommey Michelle might actually like the idea of torturing her other self with femininity, if she’s so much like me, they might have the same answers most of the time!  lol)


     Michelle Bubbles 

    I shift uncomfortably at her questions.


    “W-well… yes, heterosexual… I mean, interested in men!”


    I blush as I realized I have already started thinking of myself as a woman and as such, ‘heterosexual’ now means liking men…


    “…but she has REALLY high standards, you know? She values herself a lot, and will only settle for the best, even for a one night stand… and she is ok with not having a lot of sex!”


    I point out. Hopefully this is a good deal, keeping Divya interested but also should be enough to avoid actually having sex with men…


    “And well, with dominating I just kinda mean… yeah, aggressive, but as I said, only ever interested in sex with the best looking, most gentlemanly, richest… with all other men, she just enjoys using her good looks to manipulate them and get small favors in return. Like I said, drinks, gifts… that sort of thing. Not like, uhm, what you do… or anything…”


    I trail off, worried now that this hypothetical Michelle is starting to sound a bit vanilla. Just a sexy bitch that enjoys teasing men. Hopefully Divya is still interested enough…


    (OOC: I feel like she would still consider her other hypothetical personality as herself, unless you make it otherwise… I don’t think she would want to torture her other self. And by the way, if you do in fact think you’ll have more fun with the previous Michelle, disregard all I’ve said here and just do that, it’s the same for me :3)

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