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Marcy’s Lingerie Fitting

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    Wyoh Knott

    I am really groggy from some shot that bitch Bubbles gave me back in the makeover room.  I am starting to remember everything.  She did things to me which has made me, well at least from the neck up look like a Blonde Bimbo Sexpot.

    From the neck down I still look like the 5’7” tall 140 lb wrestler that I was when I was in college.  I am nude except for a pair of red 6” platform heels.  Well, and the goddamn belt locked over my cock and around my waist.

    I am in a room with a mirror along the entire length of one wall.  Some hooks on another wall and a plain kitchen type wooden chair.  As I look around there is a woman that I suddenly recognize.

    She was one of the bitches that work for Kat that locked this goddamn Sissylink belt on me. I think her name is Brittany, or Tiffany, or some other Valley girl name like that. She points at a box in the center of the room and says…

    “Well sissy, get started!”

    I look at the box and that back at her in confusion and say… “What do you mean, get started?” …Damn, it wasn’t a nightmare, I do have this high pitched voice that makes me sound like an airhead bimbo.

    Brittany, yea that was her name, pulls out what looks like the remote that Bubbles had earlier.  GOD NO, NOT AGAIN!  She does something on the remote and if feels like someone is sticking a hot poker up my dick.  I double over in pain.  As suddenly as it started it stops. She says… “Get with it sissy, we don’t have all night!”

    Not wanting to get zapped again, I go over to the box and pick it up.  It looks like a plain box I might have gotten a shirt in for Christmas back in the real world.  I open it up and all I see is a black silk and lace.  What the fuck?  I pull out what is in the black box.  There is a slinky bra, what look like panties that match the bra, black stockings, and a black garter belt.  In the bottom of the box there is a pair of Come Fuck Me Black 5” Heels. Well at least they aren’t 6”.

    I look back at Brittany and say… “Ok, like what?  Do you expect me to where this shit?”

    Another kick to the groin, maybe a bit harder this time.  When I can stand up and breath again I say to Brittany… “If you want me to do something, just tell me please.  No more with the belt.  I’ll do whatever you want.  So I guess you want me to put all this shit on right?” …nothing, nada, she just stands there pointing the remote at me.

    I slip off the 6” platforms and start to try and figure out the garments.  All of a sudden it feels like someone poked me in the groin with a stick.  Oh shit, I forgot my heels have to stay off the floor.  I get up on my tiptoes.  What a pain in the ass.  Well really in the balls.  I have to remember to stay on my toes until I can get the new heels on.

    Those bitches dressed me earlier.  Now how did this puzzle go together.  Okay, first put on the garter belt.  I wrap it around my waist and hook the clasp in front of me.  I look down.  That doesn’t look right, oh yeah, the hooks go in back.  I spin it around.

    Suddenly I get what I know is a level 1 kick in the groin.  I look at Brittany… “What?  Did I do it wrong?” …she points at a camera up in the corner of the room with a red light flashing.  Oh god, this is being filmed?  For what?  I look back at Brittany and raise my hands palms up like what?

    She finally says… “Look sissy, you are on like Candid Camera.  Lots of people are watching.  You have to put on a sexy show for them.  Get it?”

    No I don’t ‘GET IT’, but I don’t have any choice if I don’t want my dick fried off.

    I pick up the stockings and move to the chair.  I sit and try to remember all the movies I’ve seen where the woman puts on stockings, while a man watches.  Oh yeah, the key is slow.  I roll the first stocking into a donut, I pull my leg up and point my toes down and slip the stocking on my foot.  I start smooth the stocking up my leg, rubbing my leg as I pull it slowly up.  Must have been okay.  I do the same thing the other stocking.  Then I tiptoe over and slip my feet in the heels.

    Then I stand up and put one foot on the chair.  I again slowly smooth my stocking up my leg making sure it is tight and smooth.  God it’s a good thing I watched all those old movies when I was a kid.  Women don’t put stockings on in the movies anymore.

    I then remember the special way I have to attach the garters to the stocking front and back.  Again, move slow.  And stretch the stocking.  I do the same thing with my other leg and stocking.  Now I know I look like some blonde bimbo, standing here in nothing but a garter belt, stockings and heels.

    I pick up the panties.  I sit in the chair and slip my heels off, remembering to keep my heels raised, and slip my panties onto my legs.  I put my heels back on.  I stand, and start to sway a little as I slowly pull the panties up my legs, and then as I pull them to my waist, I rub one hand up and down my crotch as if I was a woman, and my other hand is caressing my ass.  FUCK what an idiot I feel like.  How degrading can it get.

    Finally I pick up the bra.  There is no way I can slip this on and just hook it in back.  My arms don’t bend that far.  So I do what I did in the makeover room.  I wrap the bra around my waist, hooks in front, get it hooked and then spin it around.  I then slowly pull one strap at a time over my shoulder and in place.

    Oh my god, my nipples are sensitive.  Just the silky fabric rubbing over them sent tingles all the way to my toes.  I pull one side of the bra up and look at my nipple.  It looks like it might be inflamed or something.  It is much bigger than I remember, puffy looking and red.  I touch it and I get the same tingle to my toes.  I rub it a bit and I get this awesome feeling in the pit of my stomach.

    Then something weird happens, I start to feel like someone is giving me a hand job on my imprisoned cock.  I moan just a little and keep rubbing my nipple.  Then I start to rub my other nipple through the bra and that feels even better.  God is this what the chicks I made out with felt when I was playing with their nipples?  No wonder they would moan and squirm.

    Brittany then says to me… “Okay sissy, time for you to be put to bed for the night.  For your information, for now you will be given a different lingerie ensemble each night which you must put on, giving a reverse strip tease.  And then you will be locked in your dorm room for the night.”

    I look at myself in the mirror and shudder.  From the neck up I look so hot.  From the neck down though, I look like a little boy in his mom’s lingerie.  Although, I do have killer legs.

    The door opens and it is that goon, Smith who drug me around earlier, who walks in the door.  Damn, I thought he was off playing with Bubbles.  He grabs me by the arm and pulls me out the door.  Again he is half dragging me while I continue to stumble in these awful heels.  I will never learn to walk in these damn things.  How do airheads like Bubbles learn.

    He drags me down another hall full of doors.  He opens one and shoves me inside.

    Continued in:


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    Wyoh Knott

    Continued in:

    Marcy and Michelle Bubbles Dorm Night (pvt)



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