Marco arrives at the Corporation Headquarters

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    I was sent to the Corporation on advice from my family doctor. I was feeling rather hopeless and depressed and with a recent heart break from a girl who I loved but who wouldn’t love me back, I needed a fresh start. When I reiterated my feelings and story to my doctor, he simply nodded and brought up the Corporation — a company which offered ample entry-level positions for students such as myself. A state of the art facility with a good working culture, it would be a great opportunity for me to open up my perception and feel settled again.

    After I agreed to apply at the Corporation, I saw him fill out a recommendation form; however, in the applicant’s name box I saw him write “Heidi”. A little surprised at first, I shook it off, reasoning it was probably procedural and Heidi was the name of someone in HR at the Corporation who would review my application.

    But regardless, two long anxious weeks later and I find myself before the doors of the mysterious Corporation. What the corporation did, or what it was good for was a mystery to me; however, if it offered me a chance at a job opportunity and essentially the ability to get settled then I was happy.
    I was a mature student in my mid-twenties and I was eager to land a position and get working, building a life for myself – finally…

    As I enter the glass doors of the impressive building I notice a cute secretary look up and smile and me, which I return happily, “Marco Portner, or Marcus / Marc if you’d like. I was recommended to HR by a friend and colleague.”
    I didn’t want to say that I was recommended by my family doctor, as that would seem a little strange. But I was a little taken aback by how flirtatious and forward the secretary behind the desk was. I mean… I loved it… But I was applying for a job and I felt like I need to breath deeply and hope she would get to the point of checking me in. And frankly, she was way out of my league and was probably just being overly friendly. There was no way she was actually coming onto me…

    But oh my gosh she was beautiful…

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