Mak wakes up, unaware of his Bimbo future

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    They wait for fifteen minutes and move him onto a gurney They wheel her to the ASC. The woman that was show in the head was also there. They were prepping her. When Mak was settle they prep him. The transplant start as they do from the pussy to the overies. When that was done they transplant the breasts. When they finish with that she is put in recovery. The healing was going good. On the seventeenth day she had her first period. The use diapers for the discharge because the did not anything going into her pussy yet. It was thirty days later she had her second period. This time they did use tampex. The doctor decides after her period is over they will bring her back. She is a complete woman that can get pregnant. Five days later the start to let her come back.


    Consciousness slowly drifts back to me. As I become more aware of being awake, I try to look around, but have trouble doing so due to the nearly 2 months of not moving. I manage to look directly left and right, taking in my immediate surroundings… Something is off… I feel so groggy but I can tell. Most of my body is almost numb, but my chest feels warm, and the area around my thighs and hips do too.

    As I struggle to look around, I notice the nurse come into view, who catches my attention before I get a chance to sit up.


    The nurse notice her getting up.


    “Take is slow.”


    She reaches to the call button and press it three times. The nurse at the desk calls the doctor. He goes over to her room. I am in the lounge and I see the doctor go in. I tell Caleb that she us coming back.


    The nurse helps prop me into a higher position, and I feel something tug on my chest. Due to the way the Nurse propped me up, I can’t see what it is. Feeling starts returning to my body, and I try talking, but all that escapes my lips are incoherent mumbles.


    The nurse gives her a glass of water to drink to help hew. The doctor walks into her room and looks at the nurse. She shakes her head no.


    I try to ask what happened, but the only thing I can make out is “What… Happened?”


    “We did the surgery on you that was requested.”


    “Th-… Wha…?” I ask confused.

    Sur-…gery… I needed surgery? What for? Everything feels different.

    Whilst I’m lost in my body reawakening, Caleb receives word of my awakening. He is glad and relieved in how natural the new-found body parts reportedly look. He seems impressed with the progress they are making, giving his blessing to continue with the feminization process.

    The Nurse starts to explain.


    She takes the sheet and slide it of her and moves away so she can see her new body.



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    I stare in disbelief… I’m dreaming aren’t I??? I have to be, there’s no way I have tits! I clumsily reach up and fondle my breasts. I am shocked to find that when I touched my nipples electricity seemed to rush through my body… along with a deep feeling of satisfaction. Feeling this a few more times makes me realize how vivid everything is becoming, and makes me think maybe this isn’t a dream after all. I start to panic.

    “What the hell?!” I say to the Nurse.

    “What the hell… happened to me???” I open my legs confirming my fears, I had lost my manhood.

    In it’s place there was an incredibly convincing pussy.

    “How much changed???”


    She is trying to see the rest of her body. The nurse pulls the sheet completely away and the mirror shows her everything.


    “Everything. You just finish your period two days ago.”

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    I… I even looked like a woman… and I because of my raspy voice, I didn’t even notice that I sound like a woman!




    How did this happen?! Who did this to me!?

    “Why… why did this happen… How…”


    “You did not have a SRS but a full sexual transplant. Your breasts and your sexual organs from your pussy to your ovaries were trans planted from a twenty-four-year-old woman that was shot in the head. Her blood type match yours one hundred percent. You were out for fifty-seven days. We could have brought you out earlier, but you were having your period. We waited three more days.”


    The doctor tells her.


    As the the Doctor explained, my heart-rate increased. I started to panic.

    “B-but… why? Why did any of this happen… at all? Why to me?”

    I start to tear up.


    “This is what Caleb paid for to make you a complete woman. He wants your name to be Mica.”


    “Wha- Caleb? He payed for this? And he wants to change my name?”

    This is some kind of nightmare, Caleb would never do that to me? And did this mean that Caleb was actually into me? Theres too many questions, too much confusion.


    “Caleb is just outside in the waiting room with Tina if you want to see him. I know he hopes to see you.”


    I lay there looking at Dr. Harris, utterly dazed.
    Caleb payed for this. For me to be female. But hes also here right now? I have trouble hanging onto every word in my post coma confusion.

    All I can think is that Caleb is here, and that he can make things better.

    “Caleb… Bring Caleb here…”


    “Miss do you want to put something on before he enters?”


    “I… put someth- oh, yes please. ” I say holding my head, feeling the weight on my chest shift as I breath.


    The nurse helps Mica put on a bra and panty. It took a little time because Mica had to adjust with her new body When they were done Mica sat waiting. ca



    The doctor goes and motions to Caleb and Tina that they can come in. The doctor told them that it would be up to her if she wanted to see Caleb. Tina just stay there to be with him. Caleb comes into the room and see Mica.


    “Mcai are you all right?”


    I slip inside but go to the back because this is going to be between with Mica and Caleb.


    I see Caleb standing in front of me. I look down at my new ample form with embarrassment. It’s almost like one of my kinkiest fantasies.

    “Hey baby girl.” He says to me.

    I look at him, speechless.

    “You did this to me?” I ask simply.

    “Yes” he replies.

    “Why?” I ask.

    “It’s complicated.. It’s because I love you. I have loved you for a long time.”

    I start to become angry, who does he think he is doing this to me? Why does he get to just decide a new name for me?

    “Because you love me? Look at me! I’m a goddamn woman!”

    “I knew you would feel this way. But trust me, this is good for you… I have always looked out for you, I’ve always had your back. When you were alone and sad, I was there. When you needed help out of money troubles, I was the first person to help you. I love you. I know deep down, you love me too… You just need to be taught. Luckily, these people will help you see that.”

    “Wh…What? What… the… fuck…”

    “I can see you’re distressed… You just woke up from recovery, you need time to get used to your new self. I’ll leave you now, and check in on you later in your training… But remember, no matter what, you’ll end up liking your new life.”

    He turns to leave, looking a bit guilty after I yelled at him, leaving me standing at the bedside in shock. My new life…. This is my new life…



    He stops at the door and tells Mica.


    “I had to do it. Mak was killing himself with the drinking and drugs I did not want to lose you. I know we could not be together if something did not happen. I think Mak would be dead within two years. I know Mak would not get super close with me. But with you being a complete woman there is a better chance. I know you wanted kids later. The change I did will still let you have kids, but you will be giving the life to your children in your body. I thought you will and can get much closer to me as my wife. This way I can keep you healthier. I did not do it for me but for you so you can live longer.”


    He turns and sadly walks out the door.


    Caleb exits the room. I sit back down in the bed. I don’t know what to do. I look at Tina pleadingly.


    Since I am Caleb escort I take a quick ook at Mica and leave the room to catch up with him. He hears me running to him. He only says.


    “She did not even listen to why I did this.”


    I ask him if he wants to sit down for a little bit. He shakes his head no. The doctor and the nurse stand to the side of the bed of Mica not saying anything.


    Caleb seems sad, but he isn’t going to give up on Mica yet. He tells Tina to start training her to be more reverent towards him. He also told her to start Mica on sexual training early, hoping that if Mica could see some of the pleasures that her new body could provide, then she would be easier to break in.


    Caleb seems sad, but he isn’t going to give up on Mica yet. He tells Tina to start training her to be more reverent towards him. He also told her to start Mica on sexual training early, hoping that if Mica could see some of the pleasures that her new body could provide, then she would be easier to break in.


    The day ends and I am taken back to my room. Things have been so shocking and confusing.

    I have a pussy now! And tits…. Admittedly a great set of tits though… I look in the mirror at myself, I look like a completely different person. I feel my breasts through the bra the Nurse gave me. My entire wardrobe was changed for woman’s clothes, and I was provided with a variety of woman’s toiletries.

    Everything feels so… sensitive. I give my tits a squeeze and moan at the sensation. I feel a warmth between my legs. I decide to hop into a warm shower and explore my body a bit.

    After fooling around a bit, I decide to get some sleep…


    I take Caleb to the front door but I pull him over to talk to him. He is so sad.


    “Caleb, give Mica some time Think about it, this was a big shock to her. Give her some time and see what happens.”


    Caleb shugs his shoulders and walk out still depress.


    The night passes with lewd dreams. I wake up, surprised by my body, forgetting that it had happened.

    I get up and take another warm shower. After getting out I go to take a nice look at my wardrobe

    I decide to put on a floral mini dress that compliments my new curves… If I’m going to be stuck like this, I might as well look good.

    Floral mini dress

    I don’t bother to do any makeup, as I have no idea how. I do however brush my hair to at least make it look decent.

    I finish and wait for Tina to come for what I assume is our next session.


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