Mak wakes up, unaware of his Bimbo future

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    “Your body needs vitamin D to promote bone growth, absorb calcium properly, and for other essential body functions. Individuals who don’t get enough of the mineral run the risk of osteomalacia in adults, and fragile, soft bones in children. A vitamin D deficiency may be linked to an increased frequency of illness including prostate, colon, and breast cancer; depression, heart disease, weight gain, and other health issues. Research shows individuals who have sufficient levels of vitamin D have a lower risk of disease. Vitamin D is helpful in treating osteoporosis, flu, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disease, autism, chronic pain, heart disease, high blood pressure, and neuromuscular diseases. And don’t think you cannot get breast cancer. There have been cases of men getting cancer in the chest muscles. Sit over here and the nurse will start you on your I V so we can get you back up to normal. Nurse go ahead and start.”


    Nurse reply’s.


    “Normal I V or the I V glove.?”


    “I V glove because I want two bags this morning and a blood test first thing in the morning to check this out.”


    I sit in the corner chair out of the way. Doctor Harris does not fool around and gets to the point quickly.


    “Ah… sorry about that… I guess.” I say quietly.

    Doctor Harris quickly pulls me onto the medical table where the nurse proceeds to adjust and put the I V glove on my hand.

    Doctor Harris' office

    “I didn’t know being low on vitamin D was this dangerous…” I say under my breath.

    I lay back on the table and close my eyes, relaxing, while Doctor Harris and the Nurse continue with the rest of the appointment.


    The nurse slides the glove on his hand. She slips the needle into the back of his hand into a vein. She slides the rest of the glove covering the needle as the glove goes to his wrist. She buckles the glove at the wrist. The doctor explains.


    “This glove is new. It stays on you, so you only get poke with a needle once. The glove protects from the needle moving. You can swim and take shower with it on. The I V connect on the outside is there to connect as I V or use to draw blood. It does make it much easier for us and is better for the patient where the patient only gets poke once during their treatment. But don’t worry a lot of people don’t know about the vitamin D and potassium levels are important. Your potassium level was good.”


    The nurse connect the I V bag to the glove connection and the drip starts. I just sit in the corner chair so the doctor and nurse can do their job. The nurse looks at her watch and leaves. The doctor asks.


    “Any questions?”


    The Nurse slides on the glove before pushing a needle into its slot. I feel a pinprick that fades soon after. It doesn’t feel too uncomfortable, but it’s definitely noticeable.

    “Yeah, how long do I have to where this?”


    “It will be a little while, but it really depends on your body. The most we can give you is two bags a day. We will be checking your blood every day for your D level. When we get your level to the right range that you should be at, we start to give you a vitamin D pill that you take every morning. With your body type I am looking at 1000 pill for you to start and see it that is the tight level for you. Anything else?”


    “Hmm, I guess not. Now what Tina?”
    I say, dropping my hand and looking at her.


    “First thing is you have to have your two bags. Your health is most important right now. The doctor is the leader right now your training can wait a little bit. It is better for you to have your D level right for you right now. If the doctor could give you the I V all day, I would allow it. So as I see it the mornings are for medical treatment and afternoon will be training. You still keep your nights to yourself.”


    The doctor sits there and smiles. Agreeing with me plan.


    “Alright, well do your magic Doctor.” I say to Dr. Harris, lying back in the medical table once more.


    “We are Mak. The I V treatment is the best and fastest way to get the D levels where you need to be. Once we are there we have to figure our the correct strength of vitamin D pill for you to take to maintain that level. I am looking at three to maybe four days of I V treatment. We are giving you the same as 5000 pill would give you but the I V absorption rate is much better than a pill.”


    “Alright then.”

    I wait patiently for the I V to finish before getting up and leaving with Tina. I say goodbye to the Doctor as he tells me to try not to damage the I V glove.


    The two bags are done. Doctor does his work on the system as the I V bag empties. The nurse comes in and disconnect the I V glove from the bag. She cleans the connector on the glove. She puts the connector in the pouch that is on the glove. Mak is done but it is close to lunch. I tell him.


    “Let’s go eat lunch and we can have a session in my office. After that we will call it a day. Does that sound good for you?”


    “Yeah, lunch sounds good.”

    I get up, and make for the exit with Tina. We leave and head for the cafeteria talking about random things. We eat a filling lunch and head for Tina’s office.


    We get to my office a good lunch. It was grilled cheese sandwich day. I had two of the grilled brick and cheddar cheese sandwiches and mac salad. It was good. I sit at my desk and ask him.


    “Do you have any questions right now?”


    “Well, I know what I’m supposed to be doing short term, but what’s going to happen during the first part of the actual “training”? Is it going to be some kind of life skills course? Are you going to teach me how to be financially responsible? Thats all I’m really unclear on.”


    “We can add that on after your training with me. But it will be with another trainer that has that specialty. So, you have other questions?”


    “… I guess not…”

    I look at my glove and itch my arm.


    “What are you thinking about at night Mak? Do you think that we getting some progress?


    I sit behind my desk.


    I sit quietly for a second not making eye contact.

    “I’ve been thinking about… different things.” I say slowly.

    “Mostly about what I’ve done in life to end up here… and some other stuff…”

    I continue to not make eye contact.


    “Like what Mak? You need to open up to me. I will do anything to help you open up. Because if I know about it we can work on it.”


    “…Well I’ve been thinking about… Caleb. I don’t know what it is exactly, but this whole experience has got me real damn confused! First I’m like 90% sure he drugged me to get me here, which is a major breach of trust, then you start bringing up his sexuality and possible feelings for me, and now I’m look back on past events under a new light…

    I ramble on for a solid 2 minutes straight.

    “… So I don’t even know how I feel anymore. You’ve gotten me all confused about this.”


    This is not going good.


    “Like I said I will do anything to help you. That is what I am here for. I can tell you the lab would find out if you were drugged and brought here that way. Because if you were, we are required by law to investigate it. The doctor will tell us when he gets the report. Do you want me to contact the doctor?”


    “I-… Maybe, I don’t know. I mean… I don’t want to get my best friend in that kind of trouble, and besides, It’s supposed to be for the best right? I mean it did get me here.”


    “Okay so I won’t send anything right now. But, if you want me to, I will. Is there anything else bothering you?”


    “I suppose the general sense of uncertainty about my future, but what can you do about that?” I say sarcastically.

    “Any ways, I’m starting to feel a little tired… Is this session almost over?”


    “I will help you and do anything I can. But I agree with you. You are to tense right now So we will end today now. I will take you to your room. Just take it easy tonight and relax.”


    We go to his room and I leave. I go tell Doctor Harris everything.


    The session ends and I am led back to my room. I sit and watch TV for the rest of the day trying to distract myself. Later that night I have trouble falling asleep, so I try to run one out. Having no material to work with I use my imagination, but it bears no fruit. I lay there in my bed, frustrated and horny. My thoughts inevitably drift back to Caleb, which I had explicitly been trying to avoid. Whilst lost in my thoughts, I don’t even notice that I had absentmindedly started stroking myself. My thoughts continue to drift to a dirtier place, until I suddenly and unexpectedly climax. Once the brief afterglow subsides, I feel a little guilty. But now, things seem a little clearer.


    It is eight thirty in the morning and I go over to Mak room. I knock and enter his room.



    “How do you feel Mak? Are you better that yesterday? Have you figure anything out last night?”


    Tina comes to my room in the morning. She enters my room in a short and frankly quite skimpy dress. My immediate reaction downstairs isn’t exactly subtle, contrasting to the variety of fun I had last night.

    “Well… *sigh* I guess I don’t really have any reason to hide anything from you. I think… I think I might be bisexual…”

    Understanding the implications of this make my heart skip a beat.


    “Oh. Why do you say that?”


    “Well, you’ve told me that I should think about Caleb and what our relationship is, and I have… I think the conclusion I came to is that I have… an atraction… to Caleb.”

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