Mak wakes up, unaware of his Bimbo future

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    Research? Sounds… boring. Sigh.

    “Research huh? Alright, I can probably handle that. Lead the way.”

    I get up and allow Dr. Harris to lead the way to the “research facility”. On the way there we encounter more guards, and a few more of those smoking hot maids going around doing various janitorial tasks.


    Doctor Harris goes vack to the medical department before he leaves us he tells us.


    “I will email you the results of the test when I receive everything including the fasting blood tests.”


    He turns into the medical department. I continue to go back to my office. We talk about the weed use asking him how many times a week does he get high. Does he do it alone or with friends or both? How do you feel when he comes down from his high?


    We stoped by the research facility so Dr. Harris could drop off some paperwork.

    “I will email you the results of the test when I receive everything including the fasting blood tests.” He says to Tina

    Tina thanks him then without another word makes her exit. I realize she expects me to follow, and I quickly catch up to her.

    “So, tell me more about your habits when it comes to weed.”

    “What do you want to know” I say passively.

    “How often do you like to get high a week?” She says without looking at me.

    “Well, I usually get high when I have nothing going on for the rest of the day. You know, after my classes are over and if I don’t have work that day… although, I’m not technically enrolled in any classes anymore, so I have a lot more free time. Per week though? I would say anywhere from 2 to all 7. It depends on my schedule you know.”

    Tina glances at me as we keep walking. “I see. Do you prefer to do it alone? With a friend? Maybe both?”

    “Uh, well, usually alone. If I’m going to a social event, I usually get a little high just so I can be more chill, though I don’t normally go to parties unless Caleb is there. He’s way more of a social butterfly than I am.”

    “Interesting… And how do you tend to feel when you come down from your high?”

    “Usually pretty groggy. Theres a fog that tends to stick around that makes it a lot harder to focus on things, and it sticks around for most of the rest of the day. If your asking do I feel bad, then no not really. Just… slow I guess.”


    “So, you get high for a little bit but afterword’s you feel like shit. Is that really worth it?”


    We sit in my office.


    I sit down in the chair across from Tina’s desk.

    “I mean… I guess not. Look I understand you’re trying to get me to see that weed is bad for me, but I already understand that.” 

    I shift uncomfortably in my seat.

    “Truth is, weed is what got me kicked out of college. I guess I just kept doing it because I didn’t really have anything better to look forward too… Except maybe hanging out with Caleb. He was always able to cheer me up whenever I felt down.”


    “Do you like Caleb? He cares about you. He probable don’t want to see you get hurt or even worse start using harder drugs. What do you think about that?”


    “Wh-Wa I-…”

    Caleb? Like me? I know he’s Bi… but come on. I’m his best friend, not his crush… and besides… I’m not Bi.

    I think.

    “No, thats definitely not the case… I mean about him liking me. I could definitely see him caring about my well being though. He’s like a big bro… I guess. I would probably do the same for him if I saw him going down a bad path. Though I’d probably get him help in a more subtle way than how I got here.”


    “Well it sounds like he is a good friend. You say he is bi, but does he push for you to join him?


    Just then a knock on the door and the door opens.



    “Miss Tina the room is ready, and his luggage is in the room. A man brought it over while you two were in the medical. So, we took care of it.”


    She turns and leave the room. I look at Mak.


    Oh thank god, this conversation will be over soon. Tina is making me think about Caleb in a way I haven’t thought about him before… Maybe thats not a bad thing, but it’s still weird to think about none the less.

    “He’s been a bit… overt I guess once or twice when we were alone and drunk, but he does that to other guys and girls as well.”

    I mean… he probably does.


    “So, he does not force his bi on you. He is just friendly to everybody. That is not a problem then. Let’s end this here for today. I will take you to your room. For tomorrow since I know the doctor will not have a report for us, we will go swimming and get some exercise. Have lunch and we will be back here for an afternoon session. How does that sound, Mak?”


    “Sounds good I guess…”

    …This has left me with a lot to think about…

    “Will you show me to my room, or will one of these maids?”


    “No, that is my job. Let’s go.”


    I walk to the room that my system stated he had. I open the door and let him in.


    Image result for images of hotel rooms


    I wait for him to enter and I follow.


    “Well, this is definitely very luxurious.”

    It seems like my stay here is getting better by the hour. I walk over and sit on the bed.

    “A lot more cozy than what I’m used to thats for sure… Well I guess if there was nothing else you needed from me, I’ll see you tomorrow?”



    “Yes, and I will be in my bathing suit. I want you the same way after breakfast. We can swim laps to help get you in shape a little more.”


    I leave and go to the cafeteria. Doctor Hariis is there. We talk about Mak. The good thing is his blood type is very common. Mak is not having a SRS but he is having a sexual transplant. A woman that has died with her female sexual organs in tack and it must be the sme blood type in all three categories. The doctor will be transplanting the vagina, womb, overies, and even include her breasts so when she does get pregnant her breasts can breast feed the baby. Caleb has not told us if he want Mak to be a blonde or Asian female. But first, we have to get his blood levels correct and they have to be better than a SRS change.


    It is tomorrow morning and I go into Mak room.



    “Are you ready Mak?”


    {OOC: Blonde Female}

    I wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and relaxed. I spend about an hour watching TV before going into the wardrobe to retrieve my swimming suit. I put it on along with a plain white T-shirt.

    Mak swim suit

    I wait a little while longer before I hear a knock at my door, opening it, I see Tina.

    “Are you ready Mak?”

    “Yeah, lead the way.”


    We go to the pool. We swim laps and take breaks. We only drink orange juice. We go in and out of the pool three times but swim ten laps each time. After the last time I tell Mak.


    “I will take you back to your room. You can clean up and I will at my place. I will come back here we will go to lunch, After lunch to my office for another session. When we are done with that. We will end that night and you can stay in your room and have dinner.”


    I leave to take a shower and come back so we can go to lunch.


    After doing the exercise in the pool I go back to my room, take a shower, and get changed. All my muscles are sore by the time I step in the door.

    Who knew swimming could be so intense???

    I finish quickly and wait for Tina before departing for lunch. We eat and make small talk until we are finished.


    “How do you feel after out easy going swim? And what have you been thinking about our discussion from yesterday?”


    “…Which part? The weed part, or… the other part?” I say with reluctance, still confused on my own stance of the matter.


    “First question was the swimming and the other is how you fell about Caleb?”


    “Well, the swimming wasn’t that easy… I really need to get into better shape. As for Caleb… I’m not sure what you mean? He’s a great friend, almost like a brother to me. I’d hate anything to happen to him.”

    What does she mean my feelings for him? I don’t have any feelings for Caleb… just… brotherly love… yeah, thats it.

    “I’m grateful to him, and I suppose anyone else, who sent me here. He’s always looking out for me, ya know?”


    “That is good. But my normal morning swin is twenty-five laps three times. But, the relationship between you and Caleb is good. You guys are good friends. Maybe even buddies but I don’t think you two are that close currently. He does not try to be sexual or force it on you. Caleb being bi is a problem but I think both of you handle it very well. What do you think of my conclusions?”


    “What do you mean his bisexuality is a problem? It doesn’t really feel like a problem… except for those couple of times he hit on me while we were drunk, but still, I’m fine with that. We are also quite close, very good friends. I could tell Caleb anything. I mean, I’ve known him since middle school. I know him like the back of my hand, and he knows me the same way… thats normal for close friends… right?”


    “Yes and I see the sexual differences are not a problem with both of you. Mak that is good.”


    My system beeps at me and I see the email from the doctor. I take a look at it.


    Research done and the other question is a blonde. Meeting tomorrow morning at nine in my office with Mak.


    “Well that was the doctor he has all the information and we have a meeting at nine for what is going to happen. So, let’s end this here and I will take you to your room.”


    “Ah… okay.”

    I stand up and follow Tina out of the room and into the hall. I follow just a step behind, contemplating Caleb, and our relationship. We arrive at my room and I say goodbye to Tina. While alone to my thoughts I think about him before falling asleep.


    I come over to Mak room after breakfast. I knock on the door and enter. It is eight forty-five.



    “Hi Mak, are you to go see the doctor?”


    “Oh, hey Tina. Nice dress… form fitting. Yeah I’m ready.”

    I get up and follow you out the door.


    Tina and I make small talk as we make our way to the doctors office. Once we arrive, for some reason I hesitate outside the door. Somwhere deep in my subconscious I know something important is about to happen, and that entering that door is the point of no return. I shake off the feeling and enter anyways.


    We enter the doctors office and there is a nurse with him. Doctor Harris ask Mak immediately.


    “Mak, have you been taking vitamin D? Your level is extremely low.”


    That is Doctor Harris straight to the point.


    “Oh, was I supposed to? Because no I havent.”

    Oh boy, hope Im not in trouble.

    “Is that a problem?”

    I stand awkwardly, not knowing what to do next.

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