Mak wakes up, unaware of his Bimbo future

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    Hey, get up we’re here!

    Ugh….. What’s that voice? Why is everything so groggy. Where am I?

    “I said get out of my cab! I’ve got other customers you know!”

    I open my eyes to see a man in front of me, in the drivers seat of a cab. I look around and notice the building we are parked in front of, which seems completely unfamiliar to me.

    “Huh? Wait where am I? This isn’t my apartment building.” I look at the man in confusion and alarm. How did I get here? What happened last night?

    “No it probably isn’t wiseass, I was just paid to drop you off here so get out… Now!” The man was incredibly impatient, and was getting more annoyed by the second.

    “Christ no need to yell… But in any case I don’t know where this place is, so can you just take me to my apartment?”

    “Have you got the money for the fare?” I feel my pockets and find nothing, no wallet, no phone, no money.

    “Shit, no I don’t…”

    “Then like I said, get the fuck outta my cab!” I hop out of the cab quickly, shutting the door behind me as the driver speeds away.

    “Shit… What the hell happened last night…” I stand there on the sidewalk straining my head, trying to remember. “Oh thats right, I went to get drinks with Caleb at his place. How the fuck did I end up here though?

    I put my hands in my pockets as I try to think what to do next, when my fingers brush against a small note. It reads:

    “These people will help you become who you were always meant to be. I’ll see you when you have blossomed. Signed CA”

    What the hell does that mean? Calebs been my best friend since middle school, we’ve been through a lot together. Did he send me here? Is this some kind of intervention for my weed smoking habits?? I really hope it’s not.

    Well either way, I’m stranded here, so I better head inside and see if they can help me get home.

    Entering the doors into the lobby, I see a sitting area and a desk, with an incredibly hot woman behind it.

    Hot lobby Secretary

    “Uh, Hello there. My names Mak, I’ve been sent here for some reason but I seem to have misplaced my wallet and phone, is there a phone here th-“

    “Oh you needn’t say anymore cutie, we’ve been expecting you.” She says with a devious smile spreading across her face.



    The office girl brings Mak over to my office. His friend paid a lot of money for Mak to be Mica, a complete female. Calebs, his best friend even wants it where Mica can get pregnant with their baby. Calebs also wants Mica to be a complete submissive, obedient Trophy Wife. The office girl and Mak enter my office.



    “Hello, my name is Tina. What is your name and date of birth for identification reason?”

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    “Oh, uh hi, My name is Mak Howell, and I’m 20 years old. But I’m really sorry, I’m not sure what I’m doing here. I was apparently sent here in a cab? Do you know if theres a way I can contact a friend to come pick me up?”

    Tina smiles and gestures to a chair.

    “Oh not to worry, please just take a seat and we will have things sorted out shortly.”


    I stand up and point to a chair for him to sit down. I tell him.


    “Oh not to worry, please just take a seat and we will have things sorted out shortly.”


    I sit down behind my desk.


    “Why do you think you were sent here to see me?”


    I look at him.


    OOC: In this role play yo should not speak for me. By you doing this you take away what I want to do. I am figuring this is your first time so I can handle that. I will not speak for you and you should not speak for anybody else unless it is multiple people involve and you are in control of that person., Tina.


    (OOC: Oh, sorry about that)

    I sit down in the chair, and as I do the secretary steps out.

    “I’m not sure what this place even is, let alone why I’m here. I think I had a but too much to drink last night cause I don’t really remember anything, but I don’t have a hangover which is a bit strange.”

    I look around the office, noting the decorations.


    Tina's Office

    “I assume you DO know why I’m here?” I say, getting a bit annoyed.


    I look at him and ask.


    “Do you smoke?”


    I frown.

    “Cigarettes? No, I don’t like the smell. If you mean weed, then fairly often. Is this some kind of rehab center? My drinking habits aren’t that bad either!”


    Dammit, did I get sent to rehab? That note was signed with Calebs initials, I wonder if any of my family are behind this as well. And what the hell did he mean by “I’ll see you when you blossom”? Whatever, he always did like sounding like a poet, ever since he inherited his money he loved to partake of higher class pass times. I really need to try and convince her that I don’t have a problem!

    “Really, I mean it! I know I drink even though I’m only 2o, and I get high like, 4 times a week, but honestly It’s not a problem.”

    I shift in my chair uncomfortably as I look around the room, then settling my eyes back on Tina and her piercing gaze.


    “I would not call us a rehab center but a training center to help people have a productive life. Getting high on beer or weed is not good. Weed is completely out but having a drink once in a while is fine. Just last night I had a few beers watching the NCAA championship game. That was fun You are lucky somebody who really cares about you is seeing you going the wrong way. And with you at a very young age start your trends and they are harder to break as you keep doing it getting older.”


    I pause after that speech hoping get him to agree.


    “Why do you like to get high?”


    Ah, so thats the case, damn it. I saw the guard in the lobby, so I guess my stay here is probably mandatory. Its probably for the best, weed did get me kicked out of college after all… Caleb will probably expect me to thank him for this, smug prick.

    “Well, I guess I like to get high just because it feels good. Life is pretty stressful, so its good for taking a load off.”


    “But Mak, I had a good feeling watching the basketball game last night. I did not care who won but it was a great game that even went into overtime. Weed is an easy way to get a cheap high but it is bad for your body. Smoke is still smoke and not good for your lungs. When you have your physical, I am going to recommend a lung test.”


    I write that down as I start to set him up with the physical.


    “Well, bring high is quite different from just watching a basketball game, but I guess thats neither here nor there… This physical though, I’m not in the best physical condition. I don’t think I’ve been within a hundred yards of a gym in 2 years. Are there going to be any other kinds of tests?”

    I lean back in my chair, relaxing a bit.

    Medical record


    “There is nothing physical that has to be done. Even if the doctor wants a stress test it is cone chemically. You don’t have run up and down steps anymore. But do you have and aches or pains that we can check out for you? And when was the last time you have eaten?”


    Almost done but I do put in to have a BAC blood test.


    Huh, done chemically… sounds like advanced medical stuff.

    “Well, no aches, but I do feel kinda… I dunno woozy? I don’t remember when I last ate, but it was definitely within 24 hours ago. Actually I don’t really remember a lot of yesterday evening…”

    Now that I think about it… was I drugged??? Caleb wouldn’t do that to me would he? He cares a lot about me but going that far to get me here?


    I pick up the phone and make a call.


    “Hello Doctor Harris, it is Tina. How soon can you see Mak?


    “Alright be there soon.”


    I hang yp the phone.


    “Ready to see the doctor?”


    “I suppose so.”

    I stand and wait for Tina to take the lead.


    I get up and take the file with me. A lot of it is in the computer. We walk to the doctor office. His door is open. We walk in.


    Image result for images of doctor office


    I walk in with Tina through the open door. There I spot Dr. Harris.

    “Oh, hello. I presume you are Dr. Harris?”


    “Yes, I am, and you are Mak. Please have a seat on the table her. I want to finish this up and get the vampires. Don’t worry that is the nickname for our blood lab that travels to the office. There I have send the request. They will prepare the tubes and be here shortly. Mak, can you strip down only the upper part so I can start?”


    “Ah, haha sure.”

    I take off my shirt, revealing no abs and weak muscles. I climb up and sit on the table as Dr. Harris readies the lung test and physical.

    “A bit chilly in here… So how long is this supposed to take? I mean not only this medical stuff, but my stay here?” I ask Tina.


    “We do not have a time limit like a lot of other places. You will be here until you are better. I have seen some people done in three weeks and some for three months. That is the normal range for most people.”


    The doctor checks out Mak. Listen to his heart. Listen on his breathing and lungs, and listen to his belly for digestive noises. At the door was a nurse with a tray of tuves. When the doctor was done listening she states.


    “Vampire is here.”


    “Sherry, hi. This is Mak.”


    She goes to Mak and has a needle that she slides into Mak elbow pit into a vein. At the other end is a tube sleeve that has a needle sticking up from it. The nurse takes a tube and slide it into the tube and pushes the tube where the needle pops inside the tube. Mak blood goes into the tube. She does this seven times and removes everything with a band aid on his arm. She leaves. The doctor said he is done but Mak need to have a chest x-ray. Tina responds.


    “We will get the x-ray and go to lunch afterwards. How does that sound Mak?”


    “Actually, now that you mention it, I’m starving. Let’s get this x-ray out of the way really quickly.” I say rubbing my elbow pit. I slide off the table and grab my shirt. Sherry grabs the vails of blood so she may perform the required tests on them.

    Nurse Sherry

    Damn, Sherry’s pretty attractive… I’ll have to get her number later.

    “See you round Sherry” I say with a wink and a grin.


    The doctor tells Mak.


    “Mak just put on your shirt and do only button. You have to take off your shirt again for the x-ray.”


    I wait for Mak.


    “Uh, okay…”

    I do as the Doctor says, before he leads me to the x-ray room. On the way, I see a few security guards… and a couple of really hot and sexy maids.

    Maid "Gurl"

    “Wow, Tina didn’t tell me there were maids here. Or how attractive they were…”

    Hmm, this might not be so bad after all… I might thank Caleb yet.


    The lab tech told Mak to take off his shirt. He told Mak to step up against the film, take a deep breath abd hold it.




    “Okay we are done. You can put your shirt back on. You are done.”


    I tell Mak.


    “When you are ready we will go eat.”


    I follow the lab tech’s instructions, and step into the x-ray machine. The machine makes a whirling sound as it does it’s job, before shutting off again.

    I look confused, expecting that to have taken longer.

    “That was quick… Alright, which way to the cafeteria? I’m famished.”

    I grab my shirt once more, and begin to put it on.


    I put my shirt on and we make our way towards the cafeteria.

    “By the way, Tina never did tell me what kind of training I’ll be doing here. Can you explain a bit more about that?” 

    I say, putting air quotes around training.


    “You have to think that every case we get is different. We do not put you in a program set training to fix everybody problem. This is done individually. That is why we never say you will only be here for X amount of time and will be better. That is my job to figure out what would be the best method to help you. Everybody problem or addiction to whatever is different. So I am srill finding out about you so we can figure out the best training for you.”


    I stop before we go in and tell him.


    “Let go in and eat and we can talk later. I do not want anybody else here to know why you are here. It is not there business.”


    “Ah, thats actually quite reassuring. Especially given the circumstances of my arrival.”

    Well, it seems this place is pretty legit then… I guess I’m in good hands.

    Tina, Dr. Harris and I step into the cafeteria. I go and order a nice looking cheeseburger before sitting down at a table in the corner of the area, away from most others in the room. I start eating the burger, practically scarfing it down.

    I finish eating with a satisfied expression.

    “Alright, now where to?”


    “We have two hours of more research as the staff is getting your room ready. I will show you your room and that will be the end of the day. Supper will be served, and you have the rest of your night to yourself. You can read or watch television. We start up again tomorrow after breakfast but just before breakfast the vampire must take two tubes of blood for your fasting tests. After breakfast we will go back to work.”

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