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    Patric looked at the huge building, seemingly going to the sky, then down at himself, clutching a piece of paper  in his hand, an invite to a job interview.

    Gulping he lets out a sigh and takes a few deep breaths before heading towards it. Walking inside he looks around a little, even the lobby is huge. Finally finding something that resembles a reception he walks up to it, too tense to notice at first how beautiful the woman sitting there is until he opens his mouth to speak up but closes it quickly. Blushing a bit he opens it again, starting to speak in a thin and trembling voice.

    “I… I had a… j..job interview…t..today… h..here…”

    He hands her the slit of paper and stands still, blushing a bit, trying to pull down on his suit a bit to make it more straight, so nervous he starts fondling and wrinkling the bottom of his jacket.


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    The secretary is one of those posh snooty hot girl types.

    Her outfit screams sex with her blouse unbuttoned enough to give you an eye full of her lacy push up bra and her skirt so short her long bare tanned legs seem to stretch on forever under the desk.

    Her face is less welcoming, her red pouty lips pursed and her brilliant blue eyes conveying the fact that she’d rather be anywhere else.

    If only you knew that her attitude has less to do with you or this job and more to do to the fact that yesterday at this time she was standing exactly where you were now.

    She takes the paper and barely glances at it, or you as she points to the chairs in the lobby with her well manicured finger nail and tells you to wait.


    Blushing as he eyes the woman in the reception, dressed especially as if to make men uncomfortable. The wide open blouse giving him a very good look at the cleavage and the short dress giving him a hard time to stare the woman in the face. And even then, he couldn’t keep himself from growing red as she was the perfect beauty.

    The whole char however quickly faded as she took the slit of paper without saying anything, good morning or hello, leaving him standing in front of her yet she never gave him a glance at all. Was she even trying? He gulped as he felt a little bit of anger well up inside of him when she pointed to the chairs over in the other side of the hallway and shoo’s him away with a simple direction to wait.

    Not wanting to deal with her any more, even though a beauty she was clearly not happy to be working nor to have such an easy job. She could’ve put at least a bit of effort… he’d do a lot to get such a cozy job with nothing much to do…

    He made his way to the chair and noticed that because of the reception he didn’t felt so tense and nervous anymore. His hands resting on his thighs as he waited, not really sure what for.


    I arrive in reception fashionably late for the latest interview, with the economy what it is on some days it seems like half the men in the world are showing up to work at M&R.

    I see you sitting in a suit that’s ill fitting, your so scrawny and effeminate you’d have been better off borrowing one of your Mom’s suits rather then one belonging to your Dad.

    Still it makes my job so much more easier.

    The sound of my heels on the hardwood floor announce my arrival “are you Patric?” I smile and offer my hand “I’m Bridgette, head of HR here at the M&R corporation”


    With time Patric became more and more nervous, the waiting time well over 5 minutes by now. With his eyes staring down onto the floor he jumped a little when someone started talking to him, startling him and making him look up to see another beautiful lady. It seemed like those were all over the place and he started to worry how will he be able to break his mild panic attack each time he talks to a girl.

    Gulping heavily he reached out and grabbed the woman’s hand, shaking it softly as he stood up.

    “Y-yes, that would be me… I-I am pleased to meet You Miss Bridgette…”


    Your even timider then you look.

    I don’t bother to make excuses for keeping you waiting and jump straight into it “come right this way” My smile becomes softer but the glint in my eye remains, I could eat you for breakfast if I wanted and we both know it as I lead you across the lobby like a lamb to the slaughterhouse.

    “How did you hear about M&R?” I make some small talk as we wait for the elevator to arrive.

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