Kurt and the Mysterious Club

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    If this would be a normal saturday, Kurt would be running his five miles, sweeting in his tracksuit.
    But it isn’t a normal saturday, so, dressed with his tuxedo despite being only early afternoon, but Elizabeth has been adamantine: if he wanted to experience something really blowminding, he has to reach The Corporation and being accepted in the exclusive club.
    She’ll be waiting inside.

    With a little grunt, he steps out the taxi and looks up at the brick building and shiny glasses: he fixes his tie and smooth the dress and, finally, walks in the hall.
    Immediately he arches an eyebrow: the hall looks so similar to the one in his company and the enviroment isn’t screaming sex and lust like he would have expected.
    Then he shrugs, wondering that this is probably just to decieve the real scope of this place and, looking around once more, he finally notice the sexy beauty at the reception.

    With his usual sly smile, he walks toward her and leans on the counter, checking all the flesh exposed for good.
    Finally a glimpse of what lays behind the appareance! he thinks, but, instead, he hints a bow with his head and says with a flashing smile “Good afternoon, Miss: I’m Kurt Lessner and I’m here under Mrs Elizabeth Moongrove’s invitation”.

     Miss Luzette 

    It’s a dull Saturday afternoon with nothing much going on. The massive lobby is almost bare and I am relegated to clock-watching and playing Sudoku on my monitor.


    Then the sun flashes from the entranceway as the glass doors open. In strolls a lone man wearing a tuxedo; you don’t see that every day! As you stroll confidently towards me I apply a fresh coat of lipstick, open a button on my blouse, dab perfume oil between by breasts and rub them together as you reach my station.

    “Good afternoon, Miss: I’m Kurt Lessner and I’m here under Mrs Elizabeth Moongrove’s invitation”.

    I lick my lips and giggle lightly: “Well hi there Kurt: My we’re looking sharp this afternoon, aren’t we? ~giggle Welcome to the Melandren Corporation: I’m Carol. You have an invitation and Mrs. Elizabeth is your sponsor perhaps? Let me check our listings.”

    I look down at my terminal but keep a close eye on your reactions.

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    I look at Carol and cannot avoid to let my gaze falling on her exposed bosom: my sly smile becomes wider while I nod, slowly, before I put both my arms on the counter and bend over towards the girl ”Oh Carol, thanks for the welcome” he says ”And yes Elizabeth… “ he shakes his head a bit like to excuse himself ”… I mean, Mrs Moongrove, she’s my sponsor”.
    With a great effort, he looks around and opens his mouth like to ask something, then just grunts a bit and keep smiling ”Is Mrs Moongrave already here?” he asks, feeling the usual, beastly desire to begin boiling in his guts.

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     Miss Luzette 


    I see where you’re staring so I rise and lean over a bit myself. With the raised floor on my side of the desk, you are staring at the top of my breasts and exposed to my fragrance:


    “Are you enjoying the view Kurt? ~giggle ~giggle Yes, my breasts are all natural and would fill a ‘C’ cup bra if I were wearing one, a bra that is. My fragrance is from Chanel and my lipstick is a creamy pink and strawberry-scented Guerlain brand; very expensive. Thank you for noticing.” ~giggle
    “Melandren celebrates feminine beauty in all its forms so feel free to ask any questions in that regard. We will also not be offended if you stare or even sniff but we do have a firm rule here: Patrons may not touch staff but staff may touch patrons; we call it ambience.”

    I stroke your cheek with the back of my fingers before placing an elegant clutch purse on the counter between us and sitting back down to my terminal: “Please empty your pockets including wallet, phone and other ID into the handbag in front of you. Do not be concerned that it already contains a lipstick and other feminine necessities; it’s all part of the ambience.”
    “Now to complete your identification form, would you tell me if you have a functioning penis and if so, what is its size both flaccid and erect?  Estimates are fine and metric or American measures are acceptable. Could you also describe what Elizabeth looks like? Your response confirms your personal knowledge of the sponsor and details are important.”
    “Is it getting warm in here yet, Kurt?” ~giggle ~giggle

    I look up and playfully grin at your reaction.

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    Damn! She caught me!
    I keep my bold smile on and I slowly nod, while I give another look at her ”Ah, yes… I see!” I say, with a little shrug, like nothing as happened.
    I shiver when she caresses my cheek and my guts tingle with an hot wave rushing thru my veins: I raise my hand to grab her wirst then I stop with a sigh ”Right, not touching the staff, uh?” and let my arm to fall at my side, my hand snuggles into the pocket.

    The questions are quite strange, so I start from the easiest ”Ah, Elizabeth! She’s tall like me, with black raven hair and a really knowing smile” I take out my phone and flip the screen ”Here a picture of her” and show the phone to Carol.
    Elizabeth Moongrove
    While she studies the pic, I study her again, my mind crazily pictures the lines of her bare breasts under the blouse, imagining how her nipples are rubbing against the fabric.

    Damn again!
    I gulp a bit and take out all the stuff i’m bearing with me and drop it into the basket as required, wondering if that’s Elizabeth’s lipstick.
    ”Nice shade of red” I comment, casually, before I lean to the counter again.
    ”Why do you want to know my cock size? Are you a little nymphette?”

     Miss Luzette 

    ”Nice shade of red. Why do you want to know my cock size? Are you a little nymphette?” When I hear your oily remark I pull out a bottle of our house perfume and spray you with it:

    ~Spritz! ~Spritz!

    “That’s what we call being dickish: Loutish, male bravado intending to coerce control of the situation. You will find that to be counterproductive here and frequently painful. Now with just a simple sniff, Melandren staff will know who they’re dealing with.”
    “To address your concerns, I don’t know why the information is needed: I’m only part of induction, not training and development. The dimensions of your manhood are also of no interest to me except to complete this application. I can only imagine that Miss Luzette our manager may have different sized ….”

    I drop the comment mid sentence, grab your black clutch and drop it next to me and out of your reach, replacing it with a daintier alternative:

    “There you go sweetie; it goes nicely with your fragrance. Don’t worry I made sure that there is a deep red lipstick inside too:  I know how some boys get all stiff over the deep reds, if they can that is. Your Elizabeth must really have you by the marbles if that’s the first thing you noticed.” ~hee ~hee
    “Oh and a nymph is already a girl spirit Kurt; no need to add diminutives.”
    I hold my finger up to you to indicate I’ll be through in a minute as I return to entering data on my terminal.

    OOC: My 9th anniversary here is in May!

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    He coughs a bit when the perfume wraps my face, making my eyes to cry and burn, little tears roll down along his cheeks.
    ”Ehy..” coughs ”What..what…” coughs more ”What are you doing?”
    He rubs his eyes and blinks them a lot, trying to focus, his nose wrinkles at the smell and, finally, he notices the pink purse.
    ”My stuff! What are you doing?” he grunts ”And it’s me and he pats his chest ”holding her by…” he shakes his head and shurgs ”well, hair i could say!”
    He crosses his arms in front of his chest, then he tilts his head to the left, checking the girl ”So… Am i admitted?”

     Miss Luzette 


    I approach the Front Desk and stand next to you as you finish your rant: “Hi there sweetie: You smell like you’ve been a problem or at least had a dickishness issue. I’m Katherine by the way and I’ve been asked to escort you further inside.”
    “Let’s see: You’re wearing an elegant tuxedo and Carol gave you a teenage girl’s purse. The purse goes either over the right shoulder or is carried in two hands in front of you for the younger look. So what’s missing Kurt? Have you looked inside your pretty purse yet; maybe you should, huh?”

    I press the purse into your chest and run a manicured finger over your lower lip: “Most boys love the reds, you know like the shade I’m wearing. A creamy red lipstick would set off your tux too. I’d be glad to share mine with you.”

    I pop my lips at you as I touch your erection with the back of my fingers: “Oh and you are certainly admitted to the Club, full and complete membership courtesy of the lovely Elizabeth.”

    I pop open my lipstick and lazily run it over my lower lip as I stare at your reaction.

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