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     Princess Lexi 

    Was here ages ago under this name, but I’m guessing the place got massively restructured and my original account deleted. Oh well, I was barely around. Hopefully I can stick around this time!


    Welcome back Lexi. The site has changed. And most of the old content is gone. But this site has some new and exciting features, as well as the same wonderful community of people. It’s good to have you back.

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     Princess Lexi 

    Good to be back!

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    Nice to hear that, Lacy is still a fantastic place and I do hope you enjoy yourself.

    I feel that this can still apply.

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     Princess Lexi 

    Thank you kindly!

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    I, too, just returned.  Was here before under LadyBlueHair.  I used to really enjoy the fictional stories and the motivational posters.



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    I was here under a similar name many (8? longer?) years ago and had much fun. Because there were so few dominant players, I also created a male dominant ‘alter ego’ character, but that never really got going.

    The site looks great and it did not take me long to get (back) into the groove. The links to many pages do not work, sadly. Not even the link to the ‘Donate’ page works, which is awful for you running the site. I would like to make a small donation (and later more). It should be a priority to get this page, at least, working again as soon as possible.

    Maybe a suggestions box group / page, where people can suggest features / pages / areas they would like to see at LiL (everyone will say ‘chat rooms’!!!) and all site members can vote which of these should have priority. Maybe votes from paying members can have more ‘weight’ than those from the non-paying in a fair ratio (2 to 1?, 3 to 1?, 10 to 1?). Maybe even set a ‘donations target’ for certain new features, so that it is absolutely transparent what the development of specific new features would cost and how much has so far been donated towards the implementation of this new feature.

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