Journey to the East

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    The nurse explains to the trainee.


    “The patient is right-handed. Therefore this is a left-handed glove that we will put on the patient. We always put the glove on the weaker hand. Now we turn the glove inside out and slide the glove down the fingers until the glove reaches the palm and is stop between the fingers. Slowly roll the glove down the hand. Stop at midway because now we have to insert the I V needle into the vein. The needle must always go into the vein pointing toward the elbow. This is the natural direction of the blood flow. Plus the patient blood flow helps sucking the I V solution into the bloodstream. Take an alcohol gauze and wipe the needle and the area where you are going to put the needle in. Okay Mary holds still.”


    The nurse slips the needle into the back off the hand right on top of the vein. She slides it in where the needle is in the vein and laying flat on the skin.


    “There now have these strips from the needle flat on the back of the hand. Roll the glove all the way down pressing the glove down on those strips. Glove goes all the way down to the wrist. Take this strap and wrap it and use tle Velcro to secure it. The glove is in place. Undo the patch on thop of the glove and you see the I V connection. Uncap it and use the alcohol needle to clean inside and dry gauze to remove the liquid. Check the I V bag. Doctor it is sixty forty. She connects the Iv to the connection on the glove. She unclamps the clip on the hose and let the solution flow down to the glove. That is the instillation of the I V glove. When the I V is done. Disconnect from glove. Alcohol clean the connection again and cap. Put connection back in the pouch. The patient will also have a glove to put over the I V glove to wear not not in use. The patient can take off the glove when they take a shower. And that is it.”


    She turns to Mary.


    “How do you feel Mary? Does anybody here have any questions?”

     T Sakura 

    Matthew made a small exhalation when the needle pierced his skin, an uncomfortable feeling permeating his hand as the solutin began to enter his blood stream. he shook his haed as one of the nurses applied the glove, the cool Latex was a little sticky but it did the job of keeping the needle in place.

    Tina looked like she was about to ask the doctor a question


    “You are lucky Mary, they did not have the glove when I went in for my treatments. I got poke every time I came in here.”


    Tina goes over to a nice chair in the corner and sits down. Doctor Liden goes behind Mary and starts the treatment on her hair. The I V continue to drip in Mary as the doctor works on her head.

     T Sakura 

    Matthew’s scalp began to burn as Linden got further into his work. He grew distracted from the pages of the book and asked “Um, Doctor Linden, what exactly are you doing to my hair? it’s curley and brown now but…i guess i want to know what it’s going to look like.”


    “Yes Mary, your father wants you to have jet black hair long and straight hair. It should be long and down way over your shoulders. It is the normal Japanese way that their women should look like. But having the needle in your hand is worse than this treatment. It may tingle a little bit but it is better than a needle put into your body, an I V needle or injection.”


    The doctor works until the nurse returns. The doctor looks at the I V bag and it is almost empty. The doctor stops her treatmen and moves away from behind Mary. The doctor watches the nurses disconnect the I V from the bag. They clean her connection and put it away inside her glove.


    “Mary, you are for today. I will see you on Wednesday. Do you have any question.?”

     T Sakura 

    “No, Sir”


    We leave the room and the medical department. I look at the time and see luch will be serve in thirty minutes. I advise Mary that we should go to her room for lunch. After lunch over to my office where you study, and I get some work done. We eat our lunch and go to my office. Mary goes to her spot to study. I go to my desk and turn on my system. I notice n email from Doctor Harris I look it over.


    “Oh good, Doctor Harris has given me a rough time line on the major medical procedures that you are schedule for Mary. Now, I can work on your training schedule a little bit more. Also if you finish your casual books by Wednesday we can stop by the library after your session there. It will be faster since they do not have to put the glove on you.”


    I get to work to start Mary spreadsheet of medical and training ideas.

     T Sakura 

    Matthew did as he was asked


    Everything is going smoothly. Mary is doing her studies on Japanese culture. Lot of it is the traditional culture and some on present time culture.




    It is eight thirty and we enter the I V Room. The nurse does the normal blood draw through the I V glove and when done connect her I V bag so it can start. Everything was going fine but instead of the nurse coming in five minutes before the bag is empty. Doctor Liden comes in and states.


    “Good news Mary, you have an appointment with me in my office at eight thirty tomorrow. We can start on your breasts. The last blood test has your levels at the right levels. Therefore on Thursday in the ASC we will do your eyes to give them the Asian look.”


    The doctor turns to me.


    “Tina why is Mary name in the temporary space?”


    “Because her real name will be Mizuki when she is finish here. I gave her Mary so she can get use to be called by a female name. Her father has approved her final name.”


    “Mizuki, that is a pretty name. So, with that settle does anybody have any questions?”

     T Sakura 

    ‘Mizuki’ He thought almost blithely, the drugs having a rather dopey effect on his psyche. ‘beautiful moon…hehe, kawaii-desu.’




    We go to Doctor Liden office. Mary is dress in a nice short skirt and blouse. I had her wear that so for the procedure she can remove the blouse so the doctor can easily do the procedure giving Mary her breasts. The nurses and doctor has gloves on as the put the special adhesive on the bottom of the breast form.



    The doctor carefully places the breast form on her chest pressing down on it. She does the other breast on her chest. Quickly they put the special bra on her that is very tight and holding the breast forms tightly against her chest. It is lock on her.


    “We are done Mary and the bra must stay on for two weeks. You cannot take a shower for twenty-four hours. After that you can but the bra must stay on. Thursday we will do your eyes and face.”

     T Sakura 

    Returning to the room was a fraught experience full of emotion and confusion. looking at himself in the mirror, the drugged wonderland having pealed away from his eyes, he began to hyperventilate at what he was seeing


    I see Mary and tell her.


    “Lay down on the bed Mary and relax.”


    I help her to the bed.

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