Journey to the East

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     T Sakura 

    How did it come to this?’ Matthew thought as he looked out of the window of the moving car and the streets that passed by like so many little arteries in the pumping heart that was this unknown city. His Heterochomatic eyes blinked idly as he turned to look at the man sitting to his right, blue and brown eyes running over the tall man that sat there. compared to Matthew’s 5’6 and somewhat androgynous body sat the 6’3 bulk of tall refined Japanese grace that was known to the world as Hayo Shinten.

    He was certainly well dressed in and Armani suit tailored to fit in Savile Rowe London, but no one could deny that the man’s almond shaped eyes and cropped black hair were undoubtedly of Samurai pedigree. Hayo was the premiere shareholder in the Abura Oil corporation that operated out of Japan and the South China Sea which had netted the oriental businessman a net worth that ranked in the billions. He also happened to be Matthew’s stepfather.

    Matthew was the son of a relatively shallow mother and a deceased father with whom he shared a strained bond leading him to have a screwed view of both men and women in relation to how they are supposed to act. but he did love his biological father, the loss of him a contributing factor in his timid disposition. Hayo had married his mother after the two had dated when Matthew turned 15.

    While Matthew gave the man some level of respect it was not mutual as the Hayo had long since mentioned that a love of books and a timid disposition were traits of a woman, not a man and Matthew was far better off if he had been born a woman. When he had turned 17, Hayo had taken him aside and told him of “The Corporation” and how it took “useless boys and other detritus” to be turned into things “useful in a mans world”

    When Matthew could not bring himself to reply as the implication had terrified him Hayo had continued that upon turning 18 he would be placed into the hands of the corporation to be turned into a “Yamato Nadeshiko” or Japenese Housewife, a holdover from Hayo’s homeland of Edo Japan, his body twisted and turned as he learned the ways of women and being what “the westerners called a Sissy”. The following year had been filled with the horrid realization that his life as a man was coming to an end before it ever began, even if he escaped his step father there was nowhere that he could hide from a man with billions of dollars at his disposal.

    and so it was two days after a rather lackluster 18th birthday party that he found himself here.

    “We’re getting close now.” Said Hayo in perfect if heavily accented English, he looked down into his step son’s eyes and sneered, “Those eyes are far to beautiful for a man, but soon enough you will be more feminine than any Geisha in Kyoto.”

    Matthew simply looked down to his feet, once again reminded of his fate and seething at his own cowardis and submissiveness.

    “I can see it now, once you have been changed and crafted into a far more correct Japenese woman, not that silly British facade you ware, you will get a proper education at one of the corporation’s academies where you can put those book smarts of yours to good use, aren’t I a gracious father?”

    “Yes, father” Matthew replied in a quiet voice as the car began to slow, coming to a stop before a large building.

    Hayo pulled out a folder and placed it in his step son’s hands. “I have been investing a lot in this corporation as of late, which has given me a few more freedoms in designing how you will turn out, give that folder over to the receptionists and they will see the work done.”

    Matthew looked at the black folder before opening the door to leave, however was stopped when Hayo’s hand locked around his wrist. He looked back to bulk when Hayo got into his personal space and whispered in his ear. “I have a Very specific image in mind for you musume” he used the Japanese word for daughter. “A beautiful, if big titted, Japenese woman in a floor length Kimono, teetering around her little wooden house with a tea set, and black hair in a Shimada so tight it looks painful,  but beneath that you are wearing another Kimono, this one a rich black latex for only your partner to see. That woman in my minds eye loves bondage and being a woman.

    That’s going to be you, next time we meet I’m sure the corporation will have given my musume a fitting Japenese name? Understand?”

    “Yes Fat-” he is cut off by the dangerous look in the man’s eye before switching to his limited knowledge of Japanese. “Hai, Otou-sama.”


    and with that the 18 year old British kid with different coloured eyes walked towards the building with nothing more than a folder under his arm before pushing the door open, closing behind him with a clang of finality.  He saw that sat behind the desk was a drop dead gorgeous secretary. he swallowed deeply and approached her.



    Susan sits at the receptionist desk. She sees a man wondering in the front room. She also notice two men watching him from the outside. She turns and asks him.


    “Can I help you?”

     T Sakura 

    Matthew nearly jumped, broken from his depressing reverie.

    “I’m..Matthew Sun…I was told that Hayo Shinten called ahead about my…arrangements”


    Susan turns to her system and puts in the information. After a few seconds she responds.


    “Oh yes, everything is in here and your trainer is Tina. She is an expert on this type of transformation.”


    She gets up from her desk and goes to the cabinet. She gets some papers.


    She tells him.


    “Follow me.”


    They go into a hall and walks down it. They get to the door and she opens it.


    “Miss Tina your new client is here for you.”


    She curtsies to Tina and let him in. Tina is there standing.

     T Sakura 

    Matthew handed her the folder, “I was asked by my…father, to give this to you.”


    The folder contained data and explanations of what Hayo wanted done to his musume

    the top line of the document (which Matthew hadn’t read)

    She should be a beautiful Yamato Nadeshiko on the outside, speaking broken English in an almost hilariously heavy accent. but she should also be shown to be a vixen under her Kimono, make her bound to bondage and latex.


    the document was extensive and went into vivid detail but two photo’s had been included of what Matthew was to espire to be


    I look at him and yell.




    I stare at him.

     T Sakura 

    Matthew bulked at the sexy woman’s dominant preance, quickly bowing to her at the waist in fear. he turned and bowed to Susan at the waist. “Thank you very much for helping me Miss Susan!” he parroted in fear. turning on his heel back to Tina he bowed once again before sinking to his knees, eyes directed towards the floor so only the tips of Tina’s fishnet clad toes enters his vision. Matthew was smart, far more of an academic and enjoyer of written work so his knowledge and fear quickly cobbled together something for him to say.


    “I’m so sorry Miss Tina for my mistake, please exact any punishment you need on this silly boy, they are words to guide me to be the…” he almost gagged the next bit “woman i want to be.”


    his words reverberated off the walls with a horrid sound, damning and taunting him all at once


    “Stay on you knees and strip. You can sit on the floor taking off your pants. When done get back on your knees and beg again to be punish as the woman you want to be..”


    I take all the paperwork to my desk and sit down reviewing everything.

     T Sakura 

    Not wanting to incur the woman’s wrath further, Matthew did as he was asked by first removing his jacket and shirt until his wiery frame was exposed. he did not have to worry about the anything in his pockets aa Hayo had taken away all of his possessions and ID before he came here. Shoes and socks were next, though he wobbled on his knees while removing the shoes, he had been told that he could sit to remove his trousers, nothing more. best not anger her. One thing he did notice was that Susan had yet to exit the room, though he did not bring it up, choosing to sit and take off his trousers and pants.

    his clothing placed in a neat pile before him, Matthew rose back to his knees, and began thinking of more things to say in the hope it would appease his “teacher’s” anger.

    “Please punish me for my transgression mistress, let your hand be firm as to guide my development, beat away at the male persona so you can shape it into a real woman.”



    Susan is much higher than you. Susan take his clothes out of here. This woman only wanted to wear women clothes.”


    Susan grabs his clothes and leave the room closing the door. I get up and go over to her. I have a flat ruler in my hand.


    “Kneel straight up and spread your legs like a woman. Put your hands behind your back and keep them there. After every swat you will thank me and beg to be a woman.”


    I lower my hand with the ruler and flicj the ruler right on his cock.

     T Sakura 

    Slowly, he does as she asks, though twitching lightly as the wooden measuring implement taps at his cock. soon enough his legs were spread with a strait back. he put his hands behind his back and waited before his eyes widened. she had hit him just then


    “Thank you Miss Tina, please take care of me in any way you see fit, i want to be a woman.”


    He doesn’t, he really doesn’t but he did not let any of that bleed into his voice.


    I give her another four swats I get a message from Susan as she tells me his female size. I grab a panty that will be tight on her. I flip it to the ground.



    “Crawl to it and put it on and tell me how much you like wearing your panty like a girl.”

     T Sakura 

    Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

    four times did that ruler clap lightly against his foreskin, four times did he twitch at the light pain and four times did he bite out a thank you to the dominatrix trainer. He breathed heavily from shame and pain when he heard the telltale sound of fabric hitting the floor. looking up, he sor a pair of black french cut panties that were so sheer he could practically see through them. adorned with a little bow as they were.

    “Crawl to it and put it on and tell me how much you like wearing your panty like a girl.” he heared her say in sadistic amusement


    A small part of him wanted to simply bolt up, takle the woman and get out of this crazy place, but the larger and far more rational part of his brain told him that he couldn’t do it. that he was a coward. so with a bowed head he crawled to the panties and looped them through his legs, drawing them upwards towards his ass. he cringed when he felt the light downy hair on his legs brush the panty but evenitually seated them.


    they were tight, cramming his average cock against the front of the panty and slipping between his asscheeks.

    “They make me feel…” he was already getting more distressed by the minute. “Light, Miss Tina, and cool. the lace tickles my bottom.”



    “Yes, and when we remove all your body hair you feel them more like a woman does. But the waist band of the panty must always be above your waist bones. Make them tighter on your body girlie.”


    The door opens and Susan slips in and put a dress on the sofa.

    image 0


    Susan leave quickly.


    “Go put on your dress and when you are done stand there before me.”

     T Sakura 

    “Miss. Tina, may i ask a question?”



     T Sakura 

    He gulped. “I know of what my end goal is to eventually become.” he cast a glance over to the still open folder and the pictures of the Kimono clad women within before looking back to Tina. “And it would put my mind at ease to know how far that stage of dress is away from now. If you don’t want to answer then i will respect it, you are the teacher here and I am…” he finished in a self hating tone. “A little girl being turned into a woman by her wise teacher.”


    “I know the final goal for you is to be a Japanese woman. But to put you in a Japanese dress would be wrong right now. You do not even look like an Asian man. BUT, you are not a man her any more. Your are a girl to become a woman, here. Your father left very strict things he wants you to learn as a woman. That is my job to get you there. But, it will take time. Any more questions?”

     T Sakura 

    He shook his head before rising to his feet and lifting the dress over his head, following her earlier instruction, running his arms through the puffy sllevs until the dress sat correctly on his body. it was short the edge flaring out just enough to cover his panty clad ass but if he bent over he would show them. he came to stand before TIna and noted internally that she was about an inch taller than him. his blue and brown eyes met her coal black orbs


    While she was dressing, she notice the alert on her system. Tina finishes the speech for her and prints it. Tina waits a little bit as she stand there in her dress. She gives the paper to her.


    “Read this a couple of times because you are going to give this speech.”


    My name was Matthew. But Matthew was a very big disappointment to my father. Therefore, I stand here dress as a girl. My name is now Mary. I will will being Mary as I am train and change to be a Japanese woman. When that is done I will take a female Japanese name. My training will include to train me to be a Japanese Trophy Wife. That is my main goal and when my father tells me which man to marry, I will. I will be his submissive Japanese wife to obey hin at all times.

     T Sakura 

    He took the paper in his hands,noting that it was high quality before reading along the words there a few times. To be perfectly honest they made him sick to his stomach and if he were any less tiered he would have put up some fight. But alas after half a minute he found himself saying.


    “My name was Matthew. But Matthew was a very big disappointment to my father. Therefore, I stand here dress as a girl. My name is now Mary. I will will being Mary as I am train and change to be a Japanese woman. When that is done I will take a female Japanese name. My training will include to train me to be a Japanese Trophy Wife. That is my main goal and when my father tells me which man to marry, I will. I will be his submissive Japanese wife to obey hin at all times.”



    “Very good Mary, now follow me because you have to say that one more time.”


    They leave that room and go down the hall to another room. At the door Tina explain.


    “Mary you walk into this room and go to the X on the floor. Turn and face the person sitting there. You read your part. If the person ask you a question you answer. If it is a yes or no question you answer with the part of the question. Like you want to be called Mary from now on. Your answer should be ‘Yes I will only answer to Mary until I get my female Japanese name. If you are ask a question you cannot answer you can ask me for I will be in the room with room. Failure to do this will result you will get five swat with the ruler I have on the front of your panty. Understand?”

     T Sakura 

    “Yes Miss Tina, thank you Miss Tina”


    This going better than I thought which is good for Mary. I open the door and let Mary walk in. It is a small room with only the X on the floor and one comfortable chair in there. Nobody else is in the room. The guards are standing outside the room by the front door as we enter the back door. Sitting in the chair is Mary’s father. Smiling at her because the way she looks. I slip in and close the door.

     T Sakura 

    Upon seeing Hayo’s form reclining relaxed on the chair with one leg crossed over the other, Matthew’s eyes widened to drastic preportians.  He wasn’t ready for this yet!


    He fealt the muscles in his legs tense in preperation to run but something in his peripheral vision stayed his hand. Tina, he quickly realized, was on station in case he did try to bolt and her dementia spoke of someone who had done this a thousand times before.


    He was trapped both figuratively and literally, with every escape scenario playing out in his mind the exact same way…failure.


    So it was with robotic legs that he walked barefoot to the X on the floor and turned to face the man he equelly hated and feared. He became keenly aware of how exposed his bare legs were and the desire for them to be covered to avoid embarrassment reared it’s head.

    My name was… Matthew.” He sputterd out slowly as his step father’s eyes bored into his. “But Matthew was a very big disappointment to my father. Therefore, I stand here dressed as a girl.”

    Hayo’s cocked an eyebrow and made the mocking gesture for him to continue l.

    “My name is now Mary. I will will enjoy being Mary as I am trained and change to be a Japanese woman. When that is done I will take a female Japanese name.”

    Hayo pulled a pad of paper from his pocket and wrote a quick note, likely trying to think of a name that would suit his eventual museum. 

    “My training will include much to train me to be a Japanese Trophy Wife. That is my main goal and when my father tells me which man to marry, I will. I will be his submissive Japanese wife to obey hin at all times.”

    He finished, what had been only half a minute felt like half an hour. Hayo’s simply stared at him in silance for a time while jotting down notes. Matthew had to seriously clamp down on the urge to fidget.


    Eventually Hayo chose to speak.



    “So Mary, you look so pretty. Do you have a sexy panty on underneath your dress and did you dress yourself as a girl?”

     T Sakura 

    The English is heavily accented as he remembers but Matthew detected a certain distain for the name Mary, likely because it was english. A modicum of smugness wormed it’s way into Matthew’s heart. ‘He must have wanted the name to be changed to a Japenese one from the start but The Corporation likely wouldn’t let that happen.’ He thought  to himself

    Hayo’s eye bore an odd glint to them, sort of a possessive pride when he looked at the dress and him in it.


    “Yes, father, I hAve a (sigh) sexy black lace panty on under my…dress and I dressed myself.”


    He smiles at the response.


    “So, Mary how soon will you be a complete woman with a pussy and tits?”


    I jump in quickly.


    “I am sorry sir. But mary and even myself does not know that. Mary will remain in women’s clothes. But, she has to have a medical exam, which is schedule for tomorrow morning. The medical staff will do all the decisions of her transformation to be a woman as you requested.”


    Again he smiles but turns to Mary.


    “Mary lift your dress up high and show me your pretty panty you are wearing as you tell me how excited you are to be a submissive Japanese Trophy Wife.”

     T Sakura 

    Shaky hands decended to the hem of the skirt, locking around the silky yet crinkly material before pulling upwards to reveal the sheer black panty gripping tightly to his crotch and flacid cock.


    “I’m so very… happy to be pushed into this life by your firm hand fa-” he saw a angry look in his step father’s eye. “Otou-San.” He corrected to the japenese address for father. Hayo smiled so he continued

    “I c-can’t wait till I s-serve my husband and for his happiness to be mine”


    He smiles looking at Mary humiliating herself in front of her father.


    “Stay that way Mary. Continue to show me the panty you put on yourself.”


    He turns to me.


    “I am happy seeing Mary as this new person wanting to be a woman. Please continue Mary training to learn to be a very submissive Japanese Trophy Wife as I requested. And punish her because I want her to be perfect in her new role.”


    He looks at Mary again standing there showing off her panty. He gets up and leaves out the front door.


    I tell Mary quickly.


    “You can let your hem down Mary. It is over but use your hands to settle your dress down.”

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