Jonathan arrives at the Corporation

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    It took some effort from Valentine to coax me and calm me down, exhaustion soon overtaking me once more.

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     Diana Kennedy Leone 

    Valentine places a hand on her shoulder

    “There there its ok hon you just rest and everything will be just fine.”


    I start to stir, feeling as if I’ve been sleeping for days. As I get up from the bed, the new weight on my chest coupled with the long strands of hair reminded me of my current reality. I looked around the room, trying to take in my surroundings. I wonder what is going to happen now. My hand drifts down towards my chastity belt, try as I might to remove it, I could not figure out a way to do so. I needed to pee so badly. I slowly got up from the bed, my body feeling sore but not as bad as before, and slowly made my way towards the toilet. As I walked towards the toilet, I felt uncomfortable trying to place my feet flat on the ground. It felt unnatural. I tried to adjust my stride, my height, and only when my heels were off the ground did it feel better. “just how much changes did they make to my body!?” as I slowly hobbled into the toilet, another realization hit me, I couldn’t stand to pee. I had to sit down on the toilet bowl instead. Not having much of a choice, I did. I felt my pee trickle down my thighs. Feeling extremely humiliated by the current circumstances. Once I was done, I had to even use some toilet paper to wipe myself further reinforcing the idea that I was no longer a man…I walked out and headed back to the bed and sat down. “Now what is gonna happen now? What kind of mind games will they play on me now.”

     Diana Kennedy Leone 

    Valentine sits next to her on the bed


    “Hi sweetie, penny for your thoughts?” She asks seeing the look on her face as she prepared the final piece of the puzzle : the tracking chip and implanted it in her via an injection.


    I see Valentine return to the room, seeing that I was awake, she walked over and sat beside me.

    “Hi sweetie, penny for your thoughts?” she asks.

    “Hi…Valentine…I’m feeling overwhelmed…and lost and confused. Everything happened so fast… Why did all this happen? Why did you do these surgeries to me? Why change me into a woman? What’s going to happen now? What’s next, what about my school, my life…” as more and more questions started to spill out of me, a flurry of emotions started stirring. Once again, tears welled up in my eyes, and I couldn’t help it. I felt so lost, overwhelmed, feeling far too emotional than ever in my entire life. I placed my face into my hands, sobbing.



     Diana Kennedy Leone 

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>

    “Sweetheart I like to believe that I didn’t do this on purpose because I know I didnt. I merely am the facilitator for the corporation and I do what they say to do.</p>
    What is going to happen is that you will still have your opportunity to attend school because the corporation has a school for teaching new recruits like yourself gow to be a lady and because you are such a very special case for me I have decided that you will wear a collar of protection. you will be under my care and control during your lifetime spent here and if you EVER need anything you come to me and I will help you. anybody who messes with you will find themselves the next person on my operating table who will be in line for some major surgery and I won’t guarantee the end result will be a pleasant experience.”


    With that she pulls from her nurse’s bag a collar


    after placing it on her she consoles her with a big big hug and dries her tears before letting her know everything is going to be alright from now on.


    Despite her words, I continue to sob. I hear her, but my words fail me. I feel her hug me, consoling me throughout till my sobbing stops. Her presence was comforting to me and I hugged her back for support.

    “Thank you…” was all I could say. I wasn’t sure what she meant about the collar, but to know I had someone looking out for me, to have some form of protection was reassuring. She smiles, drying the tears on my face, before placing the collar around my neck, locking it into place with a resounding click.

     Diana Kennedy Leone 

    “You’re welcome dear… Take it easy and lay down awhile it’s going to be another few weeks before your body is fully healed and you’re ready to face the new world.” Valentine says to her as she brings her lunch.


    I felt tired after all that crying and I took Valentine’s words to heart. Lying down, Valentine left for a brief moment before returning with some lunch. It was some form of oatmeal, not exactly solid food, but considering how sore my throat felt and the lack of an appetite, I welcomed it. Valentine fed to me and it didn’t take long for me to finish the entire bowl. It was nice and hot, one could say I was comforted by it, it’s warmth filling my belly.

    ”thank you valentine.”

     Diana Kennedy Leone 

    “You’re welcome sweetheart though I suppose since now you are what the corporation deems to be a submissive under me it’s only best you call me by my proper title as Nurse Valentine from now on.” She tells her


    ” now I need to prepare the lab for more new recruits to come so it’s goodbye for right now and I’ll be back later but if you need me just press the nurse call on your bedside and I’ll be here.” She tells her.


    With that she leaves and closes the door behind her.


    “Alright nurse Valentine.” As she left the room, my eyes close once more, giving into my fatigue.

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