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    I needed money to fund my final year of university, and my girlfriend found this opportunity by chance. She and I applied and we both had an interview scheduled on separate days. This was the first company that replied and requested an interview and I immediately jumped at the chance. Even if I failed the interview, at least I would’ve gained some experience. Last night, in celebration for this upcoming interview, I brought her out for a nice dinner, followed by some action later that night. We would take turns to top each other, but I immensely enjoyed the times I was the bottom, especially when I was treated as Erika, my female persona. I woke up early in the morning, to get ready for today’s interview, I grabbed my best looking suit, grabbed my documents and left my home. Completely, forgetting the fact that I was wearing a pair of cotton blue panties from last night’s session.

    Exiting the cab, I look at the impressive building in front of me. Not having any experience in any formal job interviews before, I feel extremely nervous of what is to come. I did my best to find out what the Corporation did, I read their history from their website and their past achievements and it looked like a credible place to get a part time job here.

    Walking through the main doors, I notice how large the lobby was. I felt overwhelmed by the sheer size of the lobby and by the sheer amount of attractive women walking about. Nerves started to get the better of me and I started panicking, completely forgetting where I needed to go for my interview. I took out my phone to go and opened the email sent to me, and began making my way towards the front desk. The woman behind the counter was beautiful, and it took me a couple of seconds before I was able to gather my confidence to speak to her. I showed her my application and she made a couple of calls, before telling me to wait while a staff came down to collect me.

     Diana Kennedy Leone 

    Having been carefully watching the young man as he enters from my camera at the top of my office building and having pulled his file from my analysis…I smiled

    He will do.

    Pressing a button I alert Montenegro my “associate” to his arrival and ask that he be brought to office room 50
    Aka my office. He nods and goes down to do so.

    Minutes later

    Montenegro and Christiano his best friend arrive and ask that the young man follow them. The boss wishes to see him for a meeting.


    I see two smartly dressed, tall muscular men emerge from the elevator, approaching us at the front desk. “Too smartly dressed to be security guards, so that means….they are my interviewers? If so, they are look rather intimidating. A scare tactic perhaps? You’ve got this Jonathan.” I thought to myself as I watch the two men approach.

    With a deep breath, I smiled at the two of them, and promptly introduced myself.

    “Hello, my name is” before I could even introduce myself, one of the men cut me off. “You must be Jonathan, come with us, the boss is waiting for you.”

    Albeit shocked by the rudeness of the man, I shrugged it off and ignored it, wanting to make a good first impression, I just nodded my head in acknowledgement and followed them. Oddly enough, the two men split up, one chose to lead while the other walked behind me. I could feel his eye’s watching me intently like a hawk, as if he was prepared to catch me if I chose to run away.

    “Just a scare tactic, just a scare tactic.” I told myself as we walked into the elevator, heading up towards room 50.

     Diana Kennedy Leone 

    The two of them nodded to each other emotionless but knowing exactly what was to happen. They led him into my office where upon immediate arrival they put him on his knees by taking him by his shoulders. Suddenly, you hear an Italian song begin to play as a chilling wind blows. The lights suddenly turn black creating a haunting atmospheric presence. All of a sudden…. What was thought to be a joke suddenly became not so funny anymore but instead Much more surreal. Montenegro and Christiano both speak in unison: “Now comes before us All our exalted leader. Our most esteemed Godmother of La Famiglia Dei Leone. We present to you La Madrina: Signorina Diana Kennedy Leone.” My chair turns to face you from where previously I was looking out the window but now at you…. “buona sera giovanotto” “Come si chiama?” Montenegro translates for me “the boss bids you good Evening young man and asks for your name.” He says to you.


    Exiting the elevator, we walked through a hallway until we reached the office. The man in front knocked on the door before opening it, while the man behind urged me in. I walked into the office first, followed by the men behind me. Before I could get a good look of the room, I felt a weight on my shoulders.

    “Kneel” was all they said, as they pressed down on my shoulders. Knowing that I couldn’t stand a chance against these two men, I complied.

    Suddenly, I hear an Italian song play in the background, feeling a cold chill wind blow. In an instant, the lights turned off, and we were plunged into darkness. I feel chills down my spine and my anxiety levels spiked to new highs. I was starting to feel very afraid.

    The two men began speaking in unison, “Now comes before us All our exalted leader. Our most esteemed Godmother of La Famiglia Dei Leone. We present to you La Madrina: Signorina Diana Kennedy Leone.”

    At once, the lights turn on slightly, barely enough to see a chair turning around to face me. As I looked towards the woman seated in front of me, I felt her eyes stare at me intently. I tried to make eye contact, but somehow I could not. This woman was gorgeous and intimidating, it took all my entire willpower to make eye contact. The effort alone was too much, I could barely even speak.

    Stuttering, I introduced myself. “Good….evening…My…my name….is Jonathan, ma’am.”


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     Diana Kennedy Leone 

    “Jonathan” hmm I say uttering his name at I look at my file

    I then quietly show my computer to him displaying him “sei tu?” To which Christiano responds “the boss asks if this you?”I then quietly scroll further down and revealed something he may have overlooked when coming here

    The true reason he is here

    “stai cercando un lavoro per finire il tuo ultimo anno di università sì? che lavoro stai cercando esattamente? This time Christiano does the translation: “The boss says: that you are looking for a job to help you pay your last year at the University yes? and also wishes to know what job are you seeking exactly?”


    “Yes, that’s me. Forgive me if I was not clear earlier. Let me reintroduce myself again. My name is Jonathan, I’m looking for a job to pay for my final year of university. I don’t really know what I can offer in terms of skills since I have no work experience in a corporate setting.

    In my application, I applied for an open position as per the recruitment advertisement and they said training will be provided. They also said that this interview process will involve some tests that I have to do which will help identify potential skills or talents for the job. Being an undergrad student means I can only work on a part-time basis. Mostly on the weekends or nights on certain weekdays. However, I am willing to do anything to earn some money and experience regardless of where I go. I am willing to undergo the necessary training to get up to speed. It could be anything from janitorial work or data entry or even as a security guard.”

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     Diana Kennedy Leone 

    “Hmm” I say studying him

    trovare un lavoro per te dovrebbe essere abbastanza semplice e io sono positivo che possiamo essere … flessibili e fornir…

    Montenegro provides the translation:
    “The boss says
    finding a job for you should be simple enough and I am positive we can be… flexible as well as provide on the job training”

    I then produce a contract for employment and a pen and nod

    “The boss wishes that you should sign below and we can get started immediately”
    He says.

    what he fails to realize is that his contract will be the kind that will have him doing everything and ANYTHING for us indeed and what his part-time will consist of exactly…but he …or soon to be she will figure it out on her own …or else!


    Accepting the contract of employment, I took the pen and signed my name. Ready to begin any briefing and training today.

     Diana Kennedy Leone 

    Giving final instructions to Montenegro he says

    “If you’ll come with me we will begin with a health inspection by our nurse.” I say as they are lead down the elevator to her office.

    awaiting is Nurse Valentine

    “Well,hello young man. I am Nurse Valentine and I will be performing your employee physical A pleasure to meet you” she says as she draws you in with her handshake so you get a good look at her breasts.


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>”m

    I follow them down the elevator and stepped into the clinic.

    “Hi, I’m Jonathan,” I greeted her as I shook her hand. I blush a little as I notice her cleavage. I shift my gaze away from her and look around the room.</p>
    “I know the corporation is successful, but to be so well equipped with medical equipment and a clinic is just impressive. I didn’t bring any medical documents with it though as I wasn’t aware that I needed to. What do you need me to do?

    I smile at her and take a slight step back, silently waiting for instructions, feeling a little apprehension.

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     Diana Kennedy Leone 

    “Lets first have you strip naked for me.
    and dont worry everything we need on you the corporation has in file” Valentine says as she gets up to have a much closer inspection

    “Please stand with your arms out wide in wingspan position for me” she instructs as she takes a few laps around him and writes notes all the while noticing his cock is erect and at attention.

    “Hmm… Well, now this is a problem I’m afraid”… she says to him.

    “I’m sorry to tell you that having that wont do at all in this workplace as you’ll be working among very beautiful and sexy women such as yours truly” she says

    “Lucky you though… I have just the cure for what ails you dear young man.” She says as she produces a chastity belt and shows it to him as she stands behind him and smiles seductively through her mask at him as the two are suddenly more up close and personal so to speak.


    I look at Valentine in disbelief, “you want me to strip right now? Is there a room or anything?”

    She just stands there, “nope, don’t worry, it’s all standard procedure. Besides, you aren’t the first, nor the last man I’ve seen naked. Go on, we haven’t got all day,”
    <p style=”text-align: justify;”>Sighing, I began to strip in front of her. The more I strip, the more I feel embarrassed. Yet despite all that embarrassment, the curvy woman before and the way she watches me cause me to become aroused. The submissive nature within me starting to get excited at the prospect. I tried to hide my embarrassment and my raging hard on by turning around only to find her walking around me taking notes. I tried my best to cover with my hands, my face and ears turning red.</p>
    “I’m sorry about this…I just can’t help it…you’re just too attractive and all, and …and…I’ve never really done this before in front of a stranger other than my girlfriend.”

    In my embarrassment, I actively avoid eye contact. Too embarrassed by the situation, her words regarding the belt did not register as she goes close behind me.

     Diana Kennedy Leone 

    as he tries to avoid eye contact out of pure huniliation she with her skill while ignoring his yammering on quickly places the belt on him and immediately registers him… Soon to be her with SissyLink

    “Well, my work is done for now sweetheart but dont worry you wont miss me! You’ll be back in due time for a few more “appointments” she says as Montenegro proceeds to lead him out and Valentine then files her findings in his medical record noting that “she” will be a perfect candidate for some Major Surgery down the line.

    The next place the two enter. is to say the least not one of Montenegro’s favorite places to be as it tends to creep him out more than just a little. It is the beautification center with its overly barbie girl pink atmosphere and uber feminine girliness this place just oozes of a man’s worst nightmare’s all rolled into one.

    But thats only half of it….
    Montenegro Shudders as he leads you in and you both look around

    “Alright…where is she?” Montenegro says to himself almost as if anticipating a surprise from her out of almost nowhere.

    Suddenly before he knows what hit him

    “HELLOOOOOO THEEERE!!!” shouts a familiar bubbly girly voice from behind as Montenegro still holding your shoulder nearly jumps out of his skin! as she giggles at him hilariously.

    Montenegro finally calms down but looks at Gia angrily “y’know I really you’d quit doing that Gia!!!” He shouts “you tryna gimmie a heart attack or something? But thats just par for the course with you isn’t it? cause of course only YOU would find it funny scaring people outta their wits! Make’em wet themselves scared!” He lays a tirade into her because she does that to him everytime just for fun cause she finds him an easy target.

    “Oh calm down Monte! Good grief! You know its only me just having fun!” She admonishes him

    “So this is the new one huh? Great! I can’t wait to get started!”

    “Oh yeah? Well have fun! I’m outtahere! Gimmie a buzz when she’s done and we’ll be on our merry way!” He says still sore after that unwelcome surprise as he leaves just you and the Salon owner Gia alone.

    “Hi there cutiekins!” She says in her bubbly cute voice as she cocks her head to get a good view of you.

    “I’m Gia Di Marco and I’m gonna be giving you your employee Makeover so that you’ll look your best when you come work for us ”kay? So lets get started sweetie!”


    The moment the belt clicked shut, it was only then did I realized that I had made a huge mistake. This new job, whatever it was, wasn’t anything I was expecting. Nothing about what I read about the corporation mentioned anything regarding this. Yet, a small little part of me is excited. Those fantasies of feminization, were suddenly a very real thing. It was far too late to turn back now after he just signed his contract.

    “All right, now that I’ve got everything I need, you can leave now. He’ll bring you to your next stop. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll come to love this place. See you around.” Valentine winked at me, before ushering me off.

    “Wait, what about my clothes? What’s is this belt for? What does it even do?”Before I could get dressed or get an answer, the man placed his hands on my shoulder and led me out of the clinic. With nothing but a chastity belt on, I felt so humiliated and vulnerable. I had lost all control of the situation from the very beginning.

    We then entered what seemed to be a salon, the interior colored in so much pink that a little girl would’ve thought she was in heaven. As I took each step into the salon, what little resistance I had dissolved into thin air. I was feeling conflicted and overwhelmed, things were progressing far too fast for me to comprehend. The girl within me on the hand, was extremely excited and aroused.

    Suddenly, I was broken out of my thoughts when a woman appeared out of nowhere, completely scaring my escort. After a short rant, he left and I was left in the hands of this woman.

    “Hi…Gia, I’m Jonathan….though by the looks of things…I don’t think I’ll be known by that name very soon after you’re done with me right? Doesn’t seem like I have a choice in the matter, do I? I do like brunettes though…so if that’s possible that would be a plus?” I said, completely resigning to my fate of what was soon to come. I might as well try to enjoy it.

    “I’m practically naked with nothing but a chastity belt that identifies me as a sissy. It may not be what I expected, but maybe it will be fun,” I said to myself. “Wonder how I’ll turn out. I just hope Waynn knows about this.”


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     Diana Kennedy Leone 

    “Its nice to meet you sweetpea!” She says stroking his cheek lovingly

    true you wont be the same you when I get through. Buuut I think I can Do you a wee bit of a favor yep!

    She leads him into the chair and cuffs him in and as soon as he is seated the chastity belt activates edge mode.

    I begin to go to work putting in extensions and coloring to create brunette hair and finish with styling it extremely feminine. all while he looks in the mirror and sees the last moments of his old self.
    fading away.

    “Okay sweetie, time to say buh-bye to the old you cause it’s time for my favorite part…..Makeup!!!” I grin as The table reveals

    “Tada! now we’re REALLY gonna have some fun!” Hehehe!!


    As I sat down on the chair, Gia begins cuffing my hands and my legs. At the same time, the belt buzzed to life. The vibrations from the cage grew stronger and stronger, making me very aroused. I started to feel very hot and bothered, my breath quickened as I approach orgasm, but just as I was on the edge, it stopped. Leaving me wanting for more, feeling frustrated that it ended so soon. I watched as Gia did her magic, applying extensions to my short black hair and dying it a shade of brown, with her expert skills, she styled my now long brown hair in an extremely feminine style. Already, I looked like a woman, my male self a shadow of my current look. I look into the mirror, starting to feel aroused just at the sight of the woman in front of me, the belt buzzing to life and stopping just before I could cum every single time. I tried whatever I could to get me off, but with the restraints, I could barely move. I began to whimper in frustration as I saw less and less of my self in the mirror, trying to buck my hips and grind against the chair but to no avail. I really looked amazing and pretty.

    Gia looks at me and just giggles, “Someone seems to be enjoying herself, loving your new look aren’t you. Look at you moaning like a horny needy sissy girl.” She draws closer towards me, her lips just beside my ears, “we aren’t finished yet, this is just the beginning.” She giggles once more before drawing back to stand behind me, “Okay sweetie, time to say buh-bye to the old you cause it’s time for my favorite part…..Makeup!!!” she grins as the table reveals a dizzying array of makeup. “Tada! now we’re REALLY gonna have some fun! Hehehe!!”


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     Diana Kennedy Leone 

    Gia begins her makeup by moisturizing her face and giving her a beautifully seductive natural look and then go to work giving her nails my special spa treatment and pa pretty hot pink glittery coat on both hands and feet.

    She then finishes and show her off

    “All done sweetbun!” She says to her newly finished masterpiece as she lloks in the mirror.


    I watched myself transform from a pretty feminine brunette to a hot seductive brunette that I never thought possible as Gia applied layers after layers of makeup on my face.

    Image result for cat eye eyeliner

    For my lips, she used a beautiful shade of pink that matched my now glittery pink nails, a thin black eyeliner on my eyes, ending with a sexy cat-eye, making my eyes look bigger, reddish brown eyeshadow for the perfect smokey look, drawing attention to my eyes.

    “All done sweetbun!” Gia says to her newly finished masterpiece as she looks in the mirror.

    I was hot. If I had walked down the street and met this woman, I would’ve chosen to go out with her and get laid. I would totally fuck myself if I could right now. The feelings being reinforced by the lovely but frustrating vibrations from my chastity belt, edging me over and over again. I was taking short breaths, feeling so aroused just looking at my own reflection. “I’m….hot. I never thought….that…was possible…how….w…what….Gia….you certainly are….amazing….oh….” as the vibrations randomly turns on again, bringing close to the edge once more eliciting yet another moan from me. “Please make it stop…let me cum….I’ll do whatever you say…” I mumbled softly, but loud enough for Gia to hear me.

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     Diana Kennedy Leone 

    “Sorry sweetheart that is the one thing I cant do” Gia tells her as once she’s free of the chair the belt finally stops its torment.

    “Now normally I’d need to take you to get you all dressed up but I was informed by Monte that Valentine the nurse needs to see you for your next appointment but dont worry cause afterward then we’ll get you dressed and ready to start your new life! ‘Kay?”


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    “Sorry sweetheart that is the one thing I can’t do,” Gia tells me as once she’s free me off the chair.

    Thankfully the belt finally stops its torment. As I stood up, I could see small little stains on the chair caused by my precum, the belt feeling damp from all that torture.

    “Now normally I’d need to take you to get you all dressed up but I was informed by Monte that Valentine the nurse needs to see you for your next appointment but don’t worry cause afterward then we’ll get you dressed and ready to start your new life! ‘Kay?” as soon as she finished, Monte appeared out of nowhere. As we made eye contact, I could see a hint of surprise on his face. I could feel him staring for a very brief moment. Unlike the past few times, I didn’t need to be guided by him any longer, as I walk towards him. He turns around and orders me to follow him back into the elevator, heading back towards the lab.



     Diana Kennedy Leone 

    Back to the lab where awaiting them is Nurse Valentine

    “Hi there…. You must really have missed me if you’re back here so soon…I’m touched.”

    Montenegro mutters under his breath but Valentine already eyes him.

    “I heard that Monte!” She admonishes him.
    “I’ve been looking at your medical records y’know and guess who’s due for an appointment to get his annual vaccinations…” She taunts him cocking an eyebrow with a grin.

    Suddenly Monte starts eyeing the door “yeah…I think now might be a good time to exit stage right…bye!” He says as quickly does just that

    “Seeya soon Monte! Real soon!” She says still taunting him as she turns to you.

    “Now as for you… I asked you back here because unlike Monte you’re here for the major surgery that I told you about that will make your changes into a girl permanent

    These procedures include the following:

    Growing and enhancing your breasts with hormones and surgery

    Enhancing your lips and ass

    Shrinking your waist

    Altering your voice


    and conditioning your leg muscles for permanent heels

    I know it sounds like a whole lot but I promise you’ll come out of it better than ever before

    Ready to do this?” She asks as she takes you to her operating room and goes to scrub up then mask up as she then puts you on her table and then starts up the anesthesia.


    Upon hearing all these changes the corporation planned for me, I was shocked. “Permanent!? I didn’t want this to be permanent. I can’t just do that. What about my past, my university, my life!? I agreed to work here yes but nothing that requires me to make lifelong changes. I can’t change abandon my old life behind. I have so many things waiting for me. My girlfriend too!”

    I turn around, heading for the elevator.

     Diana Kennedy Leone 

    as she begins to make for the elevator Valentine quietly stands by and watches literally doing nothing

    The reason?

    As she makes for the elevator she gets as far as a few steps before her sissylink chastity belt stops her with a paralyzing and painful shock through her entire body


    this puts her out like a knockout punch in boxing as Valentine goes to collect her fallen victim. She then places her back onto the operating table and begins hooking her up to the I.V which she then begins the hormone infusion and puts her to sleep with the anesthesia.

    She then gloves up and gets her tools prepped.

    “Time to operate!” She says to herself as she begins.


    I tried running towards the elevator, but before I could reach it, a burst of electricity is released from the belt, the pain so strong and overwhelming that it knocks me out cold.

     Diana Kennedy Leone 

    The surgical procedures, each done one by one by one take several days to complete and when finally completed Valentine moves the patient into a recovery room draped in soft soothing pink

    Valentine being in charge of her care takes a seat next to her patient and waits for the anesthesia to wear off and for her to wake up.


    <p style=”text-align: justify;”>Opening my eyes, I find some in an unfamiliar pink room, my body feels sore all over and I feel different, I try to sit up and it takes a huge amount of effort just to do so.</p>
    I turn to look and I see Valentine seated beside me. With a smile on her face.

    “where…am I? What…happened?” I tried to speak but my voice sounded different. It was parched, tight and croaky as if I had a sore throat.

     Diana Kennedy Leone 

    Valentine gets some ice water for her as she answers

    “You had quite a bit of an accident sweetheart and Lucky you I was able to surgically patch you back up fully with afew changes needing to be made here and there but overall you’ll recover well.

    You’re going to be sore and hurting for quite some time still so take it really easy okay? if you need anyrhing that’s why I’m here 24/7.”


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I accept the glass of ice water from her, drinking it down, feeling the cool liquid slide down my throat, soothing it.</p>
    “My chest feels sore. Breathing hurts a little.” As I looked down, I see two small mounds on my chest. Then it hit me, I had boobs. Not huge DD size like I hated and fear, but nice perky boobs. A B cup perhaps.

    Tears started welling up in my eyes and start to sob quietly.

    “What am I’m going to do now…oh I’m so sorry Waynn…it’s too late for me.”

     Diana Kennedy Leone 

    Valentine quietly soothes her like a mother consoling her crying baby

    “There there now shh shh shh it’s ok sweetheart…I promise it is. I am going to be here for you throughout your time here and I promise its going to be just fine ok sweetie? Just calm down and take it easy and accept that this is your new life now ok? You’ll get used to it and see that its much more fun on our side just how the grass is always greener on the other side ok?” She says drying her tears and soothingly touching her arm.

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