Jon arrives for his shots

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    Jon Lane has been told by wife, Sara, that he is to report to to this address for a medical procedure.

    I know that we have been having issues with our sexual life but I don’t know if this is a solution I am comfortable with. Sara is right though, that I haven’t done much to rectify the situation.  I don’t feel like there is anything really “wrong with me but she claims there are medical professionals at this M&R Corp who will help to fix my”hormonal imbalance”.  We’ll just see if that’s even the case! I don’t want to lose Sara but I am also nervous about these people.  The little brochure here, also says I am signed up for “sexual acceptance therapy”, whatever that is. This seems like I could be here for a while.

    As I walk in the door, I feel that I am visiting a larger institution than I thought. Maybe I should have dressed a little nicer? Who am I kidding, cargo pants and flannel are as nice as I get.

    I don’t see any doctor names on the brochure. Or a map anywhere. Maybe the kind looking woman at the front desk can help me figure out where I am going before I am late!



    The kind looking lady at the front desk is dressed rather provocatively for the workplace.

    Her tight blouse defying gravity to hold in her ample cleavage and if you peer over the desk you will also notice her skirt more resembles a belt and her bare legs seem to go on forever.

    She asks how she can make your day better in a seductively low tone.


    Is there something wrong with her voice? She’s talking low. Maybe I can offer her a lozenge? Stop thinking and speak!

    “Uh, hi. My wife set up an appointment here. She didn’t mention a doctor’s name or anything but she gave me this pamphlet. I think it has a case number with it. Sorry I am not better prepared!” I laugh nervously.

    “Do you think you can get me on the right path?” I ask while gawking obliviously around the lobby.


    Taking the pamphlet from your hand she accidentally on purpose brushing up against you in the process, it’s hardly her fault though, she’s still new here and after the first 72 hours in chastity she’d even tried to hump the desk!

    She tells you that she’ll take good care of you, her voice an embarrassing reminder of  her new status.

    Looking at the sexual acceptance therapy pamphlet for a moment it appears that she wants to tell you something along the lines of run and never look back but instead she tells you to have a seat while you wait while she informs the appropriate person that your here.

    She goes on to offer you some refreshment and asks if your wife will be joining you for your appointment.

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    I am a little startled at the physical contact. I can’t help but notice now how she is dressed. I don’t know if I have ever seen such an outfit at a medical facility.

    “Oh, no she won’t be coming in. I think she mentioned meeting up with a colleague from work, Austin maybe? She says she doesn’t need to be here for the first few sessions, she would rather see ‘a finished products’ she says. As for a refreshment, I would love some coffee er.. ah, I didn’t catch your name?”

    Why am I so nervous here? It’s like my hairs are standing on end.



    Her mind wanders when you mention Austin, she can’t help but imagine how dreamy and well hung he must be even though it makes her sick to the stomach!

    She stands up, carefully smoothing down her tiny skirt to protect whatever little modesty she has before telling you her name is Mona, although the way she says it is more like Moan-ah.

    Tottering in skyscraper heels she barely manages to remain upright in the short walk to fetch you that hot cup of freshly brewed coffee.

    She’s so unsteady you probably think she’s going to spill it but somehow manages to get the cup safely to you, making a big show of bending at the waist when she does which causes her skirt to ride up high enough for you to see that she isn’t wearing any panties if you were to look.

    Without asking she then sits next to you, crossing her long bare legs when she does.

    She then places her hand on your thigh closest to her and asks if there’s anything else she can do to make your day better, her eyes lingering a little to long on your crotch area while speaking.



    Whoa, this lady is really friendly, I think to myself.

    “Is there’s anything else I can do to make your day better?”

    If I didn’t know any better I would think she was staring at my junk. That’s impossible though, she’s way out of my league. Maybe she’s just bored from sitting at the front desk.

    “Oh, thank you Mona but I think I am okay. Hopefully I don’t have to wait out here too long!” I say, while staring down at the floor. I am sort of daydreaming about how long of day this will end up being.



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    The poor girl, she’s so horny and desperate and is practically throwing herself at you but your such a nice guy. It’s just her luck that your married!

    She decides to go for broke, moving her hand from your thigh to your crotch while telling you that she can help you pass the time!

    Meanwhile I arrive in the lobby at that exact moment, hopefully your not to distracted?


    What kind of place is this? Why is she trying to touch me? Maybe this is part of my therapy? Should I have been more amorous to her advances? Crud, I never do these things right!!


    Luckily there seems to be someone here to set things right.


    The receptionist retreats at the sight of me and goes back her desk to resume humping her chair, it’s really not her fault, it’s the diabolical chastity belt which keeps her forever in heat.

    “You must be Mr. Lane here for the Sexual Acceptance Therapy” I smile as I introduce myself “I’m Bridgette”

    I’m not wearing a white coat nor do I call myself a doctor but it’s clear from my demeanor that I’m someone in charge “come with me and we’ll get you started”

    I lead you past the lobby into the rest of the complex, a short walk down a corridor to one of the examination rooms which looks pretty standard for a clinic.

    I shut the door behind us “alright, take of your clothes and get into the chair”

    I motion to the chair with the adjustable stirrups like one uses for gynecological exams and then just stand there watching you.


    This is more intense than I anticipated…

    “I recently had a physical.” I say as I unbutton my shirt, hoping that might save me from having to actually undress.

    Just in case though, I strip off my top layer of clothing.

    “Uh, how do you want me to sit in this?”


    I look at you as if you are an alien or something but I still answer in a normal way “sit there and put your legs in these” I point to the seat and stirrups.

    “Remove all your clothes” I remind you once it becomes obvious that your not going to do it.

    “If your shy around women it’s okay, I can ask one of my male colleagues exam you instead” I smile as the visual of you having your boi clitty examined by a real man with a huge bulge in his pants pops into my head.


    I think I would rather have her see me like this than some other  guy so I strip down and hop up into the seat and stirrups.

    “Ooh, chilly.” I say awkwardly.

    “So, what’s next doc?”


    Like I expected you chose the lesser of two evils and quickly strip naked and sit like your told.

    “Scooch your ass forward” I tell you to adjust your body so that your ass is closer to the edge of the chair and your feet can be spread wider if need be.

    I make a big show of snapping on a pair of rubber gloves before I pick up a rather terrifying looking speculum.

    “Have you ever had a rectal exam before?” I sit on my chair which I pivot so that I’m positioned right in front of you before I to indeed spread your legs wide by pushing the stirrups in opposite directions.

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    I bolt upright on the exam table!

    “Now, wait a minute here! I was pretty sure I was just coming here for some shots or some therapy or something! I didn’t agree to let anyone go spelunking on me!”

    I try to get up but with the stirrups being so wide, it’s like a baby foal trying to take its first steps and I end up spilling over and knocking my head on the floor pretty hard.

    I am seeing stars and fear I am losing consciousness.


    You panic and fall off the chair hitting your head before I can talk you down.

    “Oh dear” I sigh and shake my head, clearly more disappointed at not being able to use my toy then any concern for you.

    I hit the alarm for assistance and two members from our security team show up to find you alive but unconscious or semi conscious, doesn’t really matter which.

    Now I’m not a doctor but I know enough to tell that your not concussed so I take advantage of a situation and while your unable to resist I have the guards help me put the sissy link chastity device on you.

    It’s so easy, your flaccid little member going into the shaft without any resistance, no wonder your wife is so unhappy!

    Once that’s done you are put back on the chair, only this time your strapped down to keep you from falling out.

    I slap a ice pack on your head and wait for you to wake up.


    “ohhh… my head..”

    I try to raise my hand but find it is restrained.

    “What the..? Why am I tied up? What kind of nuthouse is this?”

    As I look around I notice some weird device on my… bits.

    “What the hell is that?”

    I don’t like how hysterical I sound but this is so weird!


    You finally wake up and as expected your less then thrilled about the changes so I attempt to pacify you by calmly stating the obvious “calm down Jon, you slipped and hurt your head before so we had to restrain you for your own protection”

    “If you continue to resist I’ll have no other choice but to administer a sedative” there’s a twinkle in my eye as I basically threaten you to make you comply.

    “Sara told us you might be a little reluctant”


    “A little reluctant? I would say so! What is this thing doing on me? How is this possibly going to help me improve my sex life?!”

    As my voice rises, I remember that Sara said this place was experimental and cutting edge. Maybe this really will help. Getting angry probably won’t do much to improve the scenario though. Deep breaths.

    “I am sorry for having an outburst. I don’t think you need to knock me out. You have to admit this is pretty weird right? Can you just walk me through what we’re doing here? Is this going to administer testosterone or something? How long do I have to wear it? A couple of hours? I did have some plans with Sara later tonight.”



    The initial shock over with you begin to come around once more, it’s all perfectly legit after all, a little weird sure but nothing that can’t be explained right?

    I smile at you sweetly, seemingly happy to explain everything to you now that your not only locked into the sissylink but basically incapacitated as well “the treatment itself is a little unusual but no not weird at all”

    I pause to touch the smooth front of the chastity belt where your cock would have been “this is a device we use to help stop premature ejaculation and chronic masturbation” I keep a straight face, making sure to use the technical terms but my hand lingers very unprofessionally.

    “It’s to early to discuss removal, we’ll have to conduct some tests to get to the root of your problem” I pick up the speculum once again.


    Too early to discuss removal? That sounds ominous… I can’t believe Sara thought this would be helpful. She knows how uncomfortable I am with all of these kinds of sexual things, why did she send me to place that would take my clothes, tie me up, and put a device one me? Plus, this doctor seems a bit excited for her duties. It’s strange to look down and see the shiny front of this belt on me. It’s so flat, it doesn’t seem like I have any man parts left. When I try to flex any muscles there I experience some odd sensations but it seems like nothing is missing exactly.

    “Doctor, you’re saying that if I allow you to examine me today then this device can be removed?” I say staring agape at the medical tool in your hand.

    “What would happen after this examination?”



    I like how you say if you allow me to, you still think you have a say in this.

    I continue to play along for now but my patience is wearing thin, I might just have to gag you soon if this keeps up “the examination will help me to determine the best way to treat you”

    “If the best way is to remove the device then sure I’ll remove it” I smile as I lube up the tool of terror while still talking “have you ever had anything inserted in your ass before?”


    “No, I haven’t… Sara asked once but I am not very interested in those sorts of things.”

    I’m embarrassed to admit that but hopefully I can talk my way out of this place. I am just going to have to let Bridgette do her job. I gird myself against the stirrups and scooch forward. I can’t help but get a glance down Bridgette’s shirt.

    “Let’s get this part over with. The sooner I proceed, the sooner I am a better man for my wife right?”



    Unable to keep fighting it you have no choice but to throw in the towel and hope for the best.

    “That’s the spirit” I smile at you as sweetly as someone who’s about to violate your anal cavity could “lets start with a couple of fingers first” I probe your rosebud gently in no rush “just relax” I begin to slide in one digit.

    You might say your not interested in this sort of thing but I have no doubt that once I hit your sweet spot you’ll be spewing like a fire hydrant!

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