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Jenni’s and Michelle’s review lesson

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    Michelle Bubbles

    I enter the class room with a few minuntes for spare for once, still eating the tasty addictive lollipop I earned in my earlier class as I look around. Standard affair, at least I don’t see any obvious strange equipment… I know there is, of course. Lily academy classrooms only look normal, but I know every drawer is filled with sex toys, every cabinet with slutty clothing and bondage gear. I sigh and shimmy my butt towards the center of the room, feeling the light skirt flick up with every step and my bouncing boobs threatening to pop out if I move with too much energy.


    As my eyes fall down on the 2 tiny desks, I permit myself to drop the smiling bimbo facade and grimace for just an instant. The two desks are bolted to the floor, and very close to each other, with the attached desk parts opposite. I already sat in one of these… a popular configuration for two sissies having a lesson together, the desks so close together will force us to be basically constantly hugging, our bodies close and rubbing against each other, our legs occupying the same space – which means constantly intertwining, rubbing against each other, soft skin or stockings gliding smoothly and tantalizingly… I shake my head and get to business, wiggling my generous bum in the tiny seat. No reason to get all worked up now, I will surely have more than enough time to be tortured during the lesson… yay… not to mention the hassle even getting up requires when you are basically knotted together with another sissy… I hope this class is not too physical…


    I sit there for a few minutes, enjoying and finishing my treat as it tingles my lips oh so delightfully, finally finishing it with a wet smack of my lips. I almost jump when the door opens and a handsome, muscular man in a suit enters, without even looking at me. I hurry to rise to my feet and curtsey, keeping my eyes low.


    “Good morning, master Grant!”


    The man, a renowned erotic stylist I had the displeasure of having a photoshoot with already, looks at me with his patentede understanding smile. A fake one, that sissies quickly recognize as such when they work with him even one time. He puts a suitcase on the desk and opens it, taking out a few pieces of papers and looking at them.


    “Good evening… aah… Miss Bubbles right? So, it is your classmate who is late… oh well, what a shame… someone has to take the fall for it, don’t you think?”


    His hand goes in his pocket, fishing out a small remote. My heart starts beating faster, silently cursing the mysterious late classmate.


    “I am in a good mood today… we will leave her 30 more seconds to show up, what do you think?”


    I shake slightly, silently praying to any god that might be listening that she hurry as the finger hovers over the punishment button…


    My name is Michelle Bubbles and I do what I am told

    "How may I serve you today, Master? Send me a message with your orders and I will obey!"

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    Jenni swallows

    I quickly open the door but carefully hold it next to my body as I peek in and see If I was the first to make it to the class or the last… In this crazy skimpy outfit with my ridicule pigtails hanging high off of my head, I couldn’t walk down the hallway without a single Master or Mistress trying their best to mock and humiliate me.


    I squeak in my high pitched voice, suppressing a frustrated scream as I push the door away and feel the color drain out of my face as both Michelle and the Teacher, a Man… Come into view. I hold my hands up by my face, My wrists limp, fingers slightly curled towards my palm, elbows pressed into my chest, causing my cleavage to push out and leave my self on display. I knock my knees together, toes pointed inward and high healed, light pink mary jane heels spread apart.

    “Oh, Good Mister Teacher Sir. I’m so sorry for being So late!”

    I drop the cutesy pose meant to accentuate how helpless I look in my tiny little outfit, mincing my way into the room with a quick pace that only causes my hair and B cup breasts to shake, bounce and shimmy with every step. In the past, I would’ve done all I could to minimize that, but after about 50 spankings to my bare ass and one caning session later, I walk like this nearly everywhere when I’m in a hurry.

    The outfit I was in barely hid a thing, the see-through blouse carefully placed over my nipples, yet still showing off my pastel pink bra. gone are the days of needing a training bra around here, the push-up bra helped put my Budding B cup’s front and center. Not to mention the ultra-short skirt helped to show off how plump my cheeks have got. The outfit, of course, was one of my teacher’s idea’s to help show off my “cute and tiny” figure… rewarding me in one of my classes with the outfit and hairstyle to help celebrate my 2 month anniversary. Though I swear I’ve been here longer than that…

    I stop in the middle of the room, Carefully grabbing the hem of my skirt and giving my teacher a respectful curtsy. Before it wouldn’t have had a single ounce of respect for this man overseeing us both… But now I have nothing but respect for him, he holds all of the power here and I am terrified in my tiny little school uniform here. Even though I am really a guy in drag, I feel completely femme and girly in his presence here and wouldn’t dare challenge him like I am.


    My name is Jenni and I do what I am told.


    taunt and tease me to please me.

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    Michelle Bubbles

    The door opens, and my initial willingness to get angry at whatever bitch dared to be late and make me get the fall for it, evaporates instantly at the bundle of familiar small, sweet cuteness coming in, short even in her sky high heels, red hair bobbing around her shoulders as it falls from two high ponytails, and whatever training they subjected her to, my gosh, she is even cuter in the way she moves now. And her outfit clearly shows off her new assets as well, the M&R hormones having made her far more feminine and curvy, even if she still did not hold a candle to me or most of the other girls around with a traditional bimbo body… part of me is disappointed by it, and I try to suppress the thought of the little thing with tits as big as her head, unable to suppress a small spurt of sissyjuice from my belt.


    “Well, so nice of you to join us Miss Swallows. Please take your seat besides Miss Bubbles, as soon as your punishment is done of course.”


    He changes a few settings on the remote and presses the button… Jenni’s squeal at the level 3 shock of pain are mirrored by my own, the bastard punished me as well even if she arrived. And yet, all I can think about is, how dare he hurt my little Jenni… Hm, is it disturbing that I started thinking about her as ‘mine’? I hope not… but she has that effect on me…


    When she approaches, I smile sweetly, it’s been so long! While my proportions did not change much, she can however notice a couple of conspicuous additions to my own body since last time, a small tattoo of a rose in a skeletal hand, above my cleavage, obviosu and attention-getting, and one on my back that she can’t see right now, often, like now, covered by my hair, of the same rose intertwined in a skeletal ribcage.



    I scoot over to let her slip in her seat with a happy smile and a wink, now delighted that we will have to share the space. Once sitting, she will be right at my side, forced to keep her back straight, turned slightly towards me and me towards her, our bodies pressing together, our legs intertwined in the same space… and well, because of the height difference, her chin probably just above the top of my breasts.


    “Come on girl, sit… now you two play with each other for a few minutes, while I prepare the lesson. Make sure to use this time to be productive, and practice your techniques by playing with each other.”


    He says smugly, leaning back as he takes out a laptop from his bag and turns it on, bringing his attention away from us but also glancing at us constantly to enjoy the show. Typical. Punishes us for being late, and we immediately learn he is not ready to start the lesson… or more accurately, having us wait on him is part of the lesson. Still, I find myself almost unable to get frustated or angry, my attention focused on little Jenni coming over to squeeze herself by my side and make out with me.


    “Oh my God, hiii! How are you Jenni, it’s been so long!”


    I whisper excitedly.


    My name is Michelle Bubbles and I do what I am told

    "How may I serve you today, Master? Send me a message with your orders and I will obey!"

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    Jenni swallows

    My hair dances around my face, hanging down to my pale, bare shoulders and doing nothing but to frame the blush on my cheeks as I hear the name ‘Swallows’. Unlike the past though, I keep looking the man in the eye as he says it, my face burning up, but my lips curled into a forced smile to show him some form of respect. even if I hate his guts and everything about this moment…

    I nod my head slightly, the flouncy pigtails tickling my fair skin just slightly before my body draws up and my knee’s twist together, knocking against one another as the belt shocks my waist and gives me a kick in my trapped nuts and frustrated member.

    “*Gasp!* Eguhnn… Iiee!”

    I try my best to keep my scream inside, but It all comes out as a gasping shrill of a shriek that fills me with more embarrassment than just letting my self yelp would ever have. My hands are balled up at my side, shaking, lip quivering just a moment before My body relaxes and I can grip my skirt to curtsy and thank the teacher for being such a sadistic asshole.

    “Oh, Thank you So much, Sir… I am so very sorry for my Mistake. Thank you!”

    I’ve tried to keep my eyes off of Bubbles since I came in here, knowing that seeing her like this.. letting her see ME like this… after everything they have put me through would just cause my stomach to do so many twists and turns it would be hard to kowtow to this prick. But now…

    “Come on girl, sit… now you two play with each other for a few minutes, while I prepare the lesson. Make sure to use this time to be productive, and practice your techniques by playing with each other.”

    I have to look her in the eye with my new mindset, thanks to all of my daily training at the hands of Melissa and my ‘lovely’ sponsor…

    “Oh my goodness, yes Sir! I just love playing with Miss Bubbles! *Giggles*”

    outgoing… flirty, playful, high spirited little sissy persona. That’s me, remember it… Do it! Do it! Let Bubbles see it, even if it sucks to fall so far into this training one of your friends… my shameful crush.. would see me like this. and what’s worse, I would get so horny from it!

    ‘Hey, Bubbles! It’s so good to see you girl!’

    I hold my hands back up, one of them gripping the tip of my pigtails and twisting it around my long painted nails, the other dainty tucking my nails into the palm of my hand and held up by my head.

    I click my pretty, pink heels with the cute little bowtie flourish on the strap around my ankle on over to the chair, my eyes fighting not to stare into Michele’s ample bosom. The Tattoo on her cleavage making it extra hard, till I realize… any warm-blooded male would love to see to girls checking each other out.

    “Oh my goodness! You got a tattoo!”

    I say as I curtsy real quick, letting my eyes just peer into her chest, letting my self surrender to every naughty wet dream I tried so desperately to avoid becoming.

    ”That’s too Hot! *giggle* I would be soooo embarrassed if I had one of those over my tits. “

    I say as I bend over, letting my tiny skirt raise up and show off the teeny thong I am wearing underneath, before scooting on in and seeing that we both as crammed into the tiny desk, and I am just perfectly placed to get a face full of her boobs. I felt like dying right now, imagine how big of a boner the teacher behind the desk must be getting right now. There’s no way this guy doesn’t know mine and Michelle’s history. I am just thankful he didn’t make us both bend over his desk to spank our behinds when he punished us.

    I place my hands down on the desk, one hand reaching for Michelles, remembering to be a touchy feelie with my sissy Sisters and not be so afraid to interact with them. It’s only awkward if we were guys, but we aren’t… We are sissies… I’m a sissy… A simpering, flirty Sissy. I grab her hand, gently holding it with my tiny, pastel-painted fingers.

    “It feels like we have SO much to catch up on, It looks like they gave us both bigger boobs even! *snicker* Cute huh?” 

    I know she can tell how embarrassed I am, even when I scrunch up my nose and press my cleavage together to show off the two extra cup sizes I’ve got since Coming here. I look down for a moment, glancing at my cleavage for just a while. Before I would have lingered, but now I play it up for the act. It’s all a show… a sexy little show for the guy with his wood pressing into the desk…

    “But the real man in the room wants us to play, so… want to suck face?”

    I ask, tilting my head to the side and jerking my body enough to let my perky, B Cup breasts jiggle in their tiny top.

    My name is Jenni and I do what I am told.

    taunt and tease me to please me.

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