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    Never wanting to dissatisfy his superiors, Jäck arrived 2 hours early just to make an excellent impression. Jäck has been a wanderer for far too long, wandering from job to job, country to country, boss to boss. Jäck has only recently begun to settle down when he was terminated due to a personal disagreement with his old boss. Jäck was really looking forward to his job at the Corporation, which his scheming sister had told him about, so he could get to use his foreign language and culture skills effectively. Jäck was captivated by the bubbliness of the receptionist, she seemed to be enthusiastic to do whatever any one of the employees Jäck observed wanted her to do, even if they were rude. A nagging thought inter back of his mind told him that he wanted to be like her, serving eagerly but he pushed it away and dismissed it as curiosity. After signing in, he diligently waiterd in the reception area, just watching people.

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