It started with an interview

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     Miss Luzette 

    You are now in a large elevator, thankfully only filled with your Korean pals. The car goes up a long way, then stop and slowly descends before exiting onto an elegant corridor. Half way down you are turned and enter a huge, ornate and hyacinth perfumed room.

    Then you are turned and are brought into a smaller room where you are placed on your feet and the sack removed:


    My girls remove your restraints, wipe you down with alcohol and gently sit you in the chair facing the desk. You are offered iced water but have a soldier standing behind you with her hands on your shoulders.

    You take in your surrounding for a few minutes before I come in from behind you, tap your nose playfully as I pass by and take a seat behind my desk: Then I dismiss my soldiers so that only the two of us are in the room:

    “Welcome to my home, Jim. The Korea Society occupies a floor about the 18th here at Melandren but below the 19th: Invisible yet also close at hand. Get up and walk around if you like. Ask me any questions that may come to mind. Look out the window over there to see the city below and then we can get down to business, yes?”

    I look you over very carefully and serenely smile as I contemplate my options.

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     Sissy Jessica 

    The sack is finally remove from my head, and I look around the small room plain room. The soldiers remove my restraints and wipe me down before sitting me at the table. I look around the small room, behind me is a window looking out over the city. I realize I am still naked as a cool breeze makes my nipples perk up. I wait for what feels like forever before Nooky appears and taps me on the nose. I giggle in response. The guards leave us, and I am invited to walk and look around.

    I get up, and look out over the city. The sun is starting to set. My cock hangs flaccid in front of me. I am happy that we are so high up, and no one can get a good look at me. I can’t believe the day I’ve had. I feel a tinge of embarrassment as I see my reflection in the glass. I look like someone completely different. I start getting hard just looking at my reflection. I return to Nooky and have a couple questions for her. I sit across the table and look her in the eyes. “Mi… I mean Nooky, what are you going to do with me? What role do I have to play at the Korea Society?” I take a sip from the glass of ice water sitting in front of me.

     Miss Luzette 


    I purr when you come back to sit opposite me and coolly ask:“Mi… I mean Nooky, what are you going to do with me? What role do I have to play at the Korea Society?” I reply with: “Focus on me Jim; do not be distracted.”

    I motion with my hand, a door opens and high heels are heard behind you. I walk around from my desk and squat a bit in front of you as I retrieve a very used tampon, waving it under your nose.

    Your limp dick straightens to semi-erectness as an unseen woman’s hands touch your shoulders from behind. I then straddle you pushing your dick inside me which stiffens readily. I pull your jaw down and place the tampon on your tongue:

    “Close your mouth gently Jim and hold the string with your teeth so that we can see that tasty tampon stay in place, hai. Understand that you are not truly girl, never mind Korea girl and certainly not Korea Society girl. You are freak: You are talking dog who belong to us, little more.”
    “Your goal is to survive with boy parts intact, maybe or maybe not. Success depends on control of your man-urge. Success means writing your expose articles. Success means not being shipped to Pyongyang as eco-friendly fertilizer, hai.”

    The unseen girl behind you blows on the back of your neck. You can also speak if you wish but through your teeth.

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     Sissy Jessica 

    I watch with curiosity as Nooky walks around the desk and then squats slightly. To my horror, she pulls out a used tampon from between her legs. She approaches me, and wafts it under my nose. An acrid scent comes from the tampon, making it known that it wasn’t something I wanted near me. I feel hands on my shoulders from someone else. They’re soft and sensual. My manhood stiffens again slightly from the touch. The ‘Pink’ drug keeps me compliant and focused on Nooky. Nooky straddles me, and lowers herself onto me. My cock easily slides into her warm, wet pussy where it becomes full. She pulls down my jaw firm, but gently, and then places the used tampon on my tongue.

    I want to resist, I don’t want that tampon in my mouth. I want to refuse, but the ever-present ‘Pink’ drug keeps me compliant. I don’t resist. Instead, I do exactly as Nooky says, and gently take the string in between my teeth. The string protrudes from my mouth. The tampon tastes exactly as it smells. It’s bitter, sour, and slightly metallic. I want to spit it out, but I will not do so until told otherwise. I will be compliant.

    I am told to concentrate on Nooky, and what she says. I really want to rock my hips, to get some pleasure out of this. She tells me my success depends on how I am able to suppress my ‘man-urges.’ I must not rock my hips. I feel someone blowing gently on the back of my neck. My eyes roll back, as intensifies the  pleasure I feel. I try to concentrate, to stay focused on what Nooky is telling me. The ‘Pink’ further heightens the feelings of pleasure I receive.

    Unconsciously, my hands rise from my sides, and gently hold Nooky’s hips. I really want to rock my hips under hers. I take a deep breath and snap back to reality. I realize what I was about to do, to give in. Even though my hands remain on her hips, I stave off the urge to rock my hips and gain any sort of pleasure from being inside Nooky. I then ask with the tampon string remaining between my teeth: “What will you do with this talking dog? What is my first assignment?”

     Miss Luzette 

    I smile as you turn your nose in anticipated revulsion of my offering but comply nonetheless. Once in place however, your reaction changes as I stroke your cheek:

    “I am not in my menstrual cycle Jim; I am past that phase by choice in some part. What you taste is the essence of the first bloom of womanhood, the thoroughly erotic taste of female power that flows from the virgin.”
    “I have it administered to me daily in a very pleasant procedure I might add and its purpose is to tantalize and control the male. Specifically my juices should allow you to ejaculate but in that climactic act you may lose your manhood, your soul and perhaps your life.”

    I wave my hand and a monitor behind my desk lights up displaying the scene from that perspective. You see my back, your face and the face of the Korean girl behind you:

    “That is Harriet, your guide and you are my sexually frustrated spy. She will send you back to Luzette as a chastened and remorseful sissy. You will perform as she wishes to the extent that you can and report back to Harriet and me.”

    I rise up from you and pull a large, silken panty from my bosom:

    “You will wear this over your large buttocks: Its gusset is padded so that stains can be detected. Harriet will direct you and remove or replace the tampon as she desires.”

    Harriet removes your chair, forcing you to stand as I slide the panty into place with a giggle.

     Sissy Jessica 

    I listen intently as Nooky explains what could happen to me if I ejaculate now, and I feel a bit horrified. The drugs from the tampon enter my system quickly, and by the time I’m standing the tampon becomes flavorless. I understand my new assignment as was explained by Nooky; to be her spy. With the tampon string between my teeth I tell Nooky as much with a small smile: “I will do my best job for you.” 

    Shortly after being introduced to Harriet, I find myself standing again. Nooky slides the full cut panty up my legs, their silky softness covers my manhood, a bulge forms in the front. I gasp, as I cannot believe how wonderful they feel against my smooth skin. I blush, embarrassed by enjoying the feeling of the silky, sissy panties.

    I give a small curtsy to Nooky, “Thank you for the cute panties.” I turn around to face Harriet, giving her a curtsy too: “And it’s nice to meet you. I’m ready to go back, and start my work.”

     Miss Luzette 

    I sneer when you turn and affect a sense of comraderies with me: “Thank you for the cute panties. And it’s nice to meet you. I’m ready to go back, and start my work.”

    With Nooky gone I pull out my stun gun and zap you in the belly. When you crumble in pain and surprise to the floor, I place the toe of my pump on your balls: In unaccented English, I coolly snap:

    I did not grow up in the old country so I know how Western men retain your dickishness even in extreme circumstances like the one you’re in right now. You’re not my friend or even my colleague Jim:”
    “You’re my dog, my property, nothing more. Dogs in Asia have no rights: I can torture, mutilate and even kill a dog in front of Asian police and not be arrested. You’re no different. You bolted from Miss Luzette after all the work they gave you to succeed as a girl: What makes me think you will change? Nothing!

    I pull out my 4 shot derringer and briefly point it at you before returning it to my purse: “The bullets have been marinated in onion juice to increase their pain. A full blast will kill you eventually but not before much suffering. This is Korea: Here we are serious. Questions?

    I step back and photo you on your back with only your tented panties as cover. What I am really memorializing is whether your face reflect fear or aggression.

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     Sissy Jessica 

    I crumple to floor convulsing after I was hit with the stun gun. The pain is overwhelming as I have lost all control over my muscles. All I can do is lie on the ground as Harriet tells me that I am her property and nothing more than that. As she explains what that means, she pulls out a pistol from her purse, and aims it at my body. I am frightened for my life. This is my new life. There is no escaping from this, and there is no story to be written.

    Tears well up in my eyes, as I lay on the floor looking up at this dominating woman with her foot on my panties. She puts the gun back into her purse while asking if I had any questions. Being too afraid to speak, all I do is shake my head. She pulls out her phone and snaps a picture of me. My face shows fright. All I want to do is serve, this is my new life.

    It takes several minutes for the convulsions to stop. My body is sore, and my joints ache. I take deep breaths to try to soothe the pain. I manage to sit up, and then reposition myself onto my knees, waiting to serve my new mistress.

     Miss Luzette 

    As I see you straighten up and kneel in front of me, I wave a pink rhinestone collar and leash in your face:

    “Gawd you Anglo boys are such natural pussys, hai. Our SoonYee said that she had you walking like bitch dog from a leash like this after a mere douche. Sissy girl Jim is learning to survive here, huh?  Let’s go for a walk bitch and I show you around.”

    I hook the collar and leash and walk you on all fours, making sure you heel at my left hip as I walk you through several room until we enter a large, 50 foot square, sitting room with windows overlooking the city.


    I walk you along some of the windows to show you how far up we are before sliding the leash between my legs and take a seat. You are now staring under my dress as I prop my feet on your bare back and begin to gently squeeze your head between my thighs:

    With your head now covered by my skirt, I add: “You need to learn the atmosphere here and come to grips with the pretty ‘suit’ the generous Corporation gave you, otherwise you will be salvaged for parts, Jim. ~giggle! ~giggle! Now how much of a Jessie girl are you now and how much of a Jim?”

    Although your senses are severely restricted and otherwise occupied, you can still tell that several people are entering the same, large room.

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     Sissy Jessica 

    Harriet talks down to me, calling me a pussy. I hold back my tongue, not wanting to get stunned again, and allow her to collar me. She tells me we are going for a walk, and my jaw drops. I’m still not even dressed, except for the white silk panties. Harriet starts her walk, tugging on the leash. Regardless if I moved or not, she was walking or dragging me behind. The collar digs in and I start choking, so I crawl to catch up.

    I look out over the city below, wondering if this is my life from now on. Being walked like a dog, but looking like a girl. My tits swing back and forth as I crawl alongside Harriet. She stops ever couple minutes, and forcefully yanks on the leash any time I am not in line with her hip. After a three or four times, I finally get the hint.

    Eventually, we make our way to the large room. Harriet walks me around before stopping at a couch. She goes to sit, and then pulls me between her legs. My head goes between her thighs, and I am only mere inches from her panties. I hear her talking to me, but the sound is muffled between her thighs. I’ve got to be on my best behavior now. But one little whiff wouldn’t hurt would it? I take a deep breath, taking in Harriet’s womanly aroma. I feel my cock stir in the panties. I reach down to adjust it, hoping Harriet doesn’t see that.

    As I am preoccupied with Harriet, I feel vibrations along the floor. It seems like we are no longer alone. I can’t tell who or what has joined us or how many has joined us. I try to ask Harriet, “Is there anything I could do for you down here?” I’m not sure if she heard me or not. I spread my legs out to my sides a little, making access to my genitals a little easier.

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