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    OOC:  I want to humbly apologize for my absence over the last nine months.  I needed a hiatus and a life reset.  Having a new baby is amazing (and exhausting, scary, joyful, terrifying, and completely life changing).  I am so grateful to see this place still has life.  I know it needs work.  I know it needs care.  I know there are frustrations and to be honest I’m not even sure where to start.  I have so many messages and emails and notifications that just wading through those would take months.  So I ask your patience and I ask that if you are one of the regulars around here… please reach out here first.  My messages and emails are going to take some time after all and I still do not have very much.  But I have missed this place and I have missed all of you.

    It has been a running joke for a while now that I have a tendency to appear, wreak big changes and havoc and then disappear.  You love me, don’t deny it.

    So this is an effort to get everyone prepared for hurricane season.  Let’s make it useful and cathartic and minimize frustration and damage.

    So with all of that being said… how are you my precious girls?  It has been quite some time and the world is a different place than it was nine months ago, isn’t it?  When last we talked this site was newly redesigned with infinite hope and optimism.  Now it’s been lived in and I don’t even begin to know how it is working or running…  and the world has changed.  Culture is changing… opinions are changing… life… is changing.

    How have you changed and how do you feel this community is still relevant in this era and climate?  Inquiring minds want to know.

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    Hi Melissa,

    It’s really good to see you. Welcome back. We’ve all been perfect angels. No really, we have been. Giggle.

    I think the site is doing well. We’ve lost some long time community members and we’ve gained many new ones. Many new players have been welcomed and helped to feel at home. Problems have been dealt with to the best of our abilities. One problem which I feel is major is the loss of the FAQ.

    Probably half, or more of the PM’s you need to wade through are mine. 😉 I tried not to bug you to much but with my extremely short memory, if I didn’t put a problem in writing, I would forget it.

    Both the corporation and the lacy place are inducting new girls and advancing stories, thanks to the hard work of those who accept the task of helping with the starting stories. The groups have grown greatly in number and offer a large number of opportunities to role play.

    So, relax, look around, have a cocktail or two, and take pride in what you’ve created.

    Big Hugs


    That is excellent to hear Jacqueline!  Thanks for keeping the ship afloat lo these many months.  I’ll make sure FAQs are top of the list.

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     Michelle Bubbles 

    So good to see you again mistress! the new site is overall really good I think, personally I would like posts to be able to be edited more or deleted (^example above…) but I understand why that change was put in place.


    I feel like in any case the site has given us some good tools to build our stories.


    I’m not sure I understand what you mean by being still relevant in this era and climate… so I will shut up until someone calmly explains to this bimbo, I don’t wanna end up saying something silly 😀


    Thanks Michelle!

    I will confess to not remembering how I setup the time frame for editing and deleting posts.  How does it currently operate and what would make it better?



    There is a 6 hour time limit on editing a post.

    Michelle, we mods can edit or delete posts for you if the deadline runs out. I’ll be happy to help if you need me to do that.

     Maddison Fours 

    I have not much to say.
    I believe the community is still relevant. It doesn’t matter how the world is changing, this place is beautiful and never loses relevance for the ones who are in. This site is a world aside 😉

    Thank you, Melissa and everyone who keeps this place running.


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     Alison Anderson 

    I’d like to give a different perspective. From even before I the changeover to the current version, I have been spending a lot less time on the site. A lot of it has to do with me. I have had a lot less time to spend, so have pretty much given up role playing. I have had opportunities to go out en femme, and it is far better than having to pretend in fictional stories. I have been exposed to some people without serious consequences. With all this, I have come to dislike much of the force when stepping over the gender line.

    So when it comes to this site, I am not spending a lot of time in either Lacy or the Corporation areas. The remaining areas I find hard to navigate. This is a combination of the wordpress design and the way we are using them.

    There are an awful lot of groups. When I look at a group, I see a number on them. I don’t know if this is the number of people joined, the number of posts, or something else. The default ordering of by activity is useful, except that “So-and-so joined the group” is not meaningful activity for sorting. I would think last post time might be a better sort order. Even most popular would be better in my opinion.

    Usually upon entering the group I get a message that the web page is slowing down the browser, so there must be a fair bit of javascript running. When I enter a group there are sub-tabs of Home, Forum, Members, Send Invites and Media. I find most people are posting in the Home area, and not in Forum or Media areas. And I have found Home is littered with “So-and-so joined the group” making it hard to find the few useful posts. The filter isn’t useful, because while I can select Group Membership, I can’t select everything but Group Membership (or any combination). With all the groups, I find little useful activity, at least in the couple of groups I have visited.

    I remember on a previous version of LiL you asked people to wait to get used to it before commenting. While I have had limited interaction with the site I still find it difficult to use effectively after all these months. It’s not unmanageable, just uncomfortable. I realize that not all these are under your control (for example people joining groups and not posting or posting things in home that would be better in the forum tab).

    I probably would not have said anything, except that you asked. I have tried to tell it as I see it without being too negative. And because time is my worst enemy (as it is for you), changing/not changing things will not make me spend any more or less time here either.

    Enjoy parenthood. For me, seeing the world anew through my child’s eyes was a reward that far exceeded any negative feelings.


    I haven’t been much of a regular around here lately, but I still tried to keep this place in mind and have recently begun to peek my head back in and try to get into the groove.

    Most of my recent life changes have been out side of LIL/ Job promotions, high stress, family members losing their own jobs and  eventually me just getting burned out at my work and leaving my self. heh.

    RP’ing has always been a great way to relieve stress and take a breather, so LIL still has a place for me in that regard. Especially lately! Just being someone else with other problems to deal with for a while is always a nice way to give your self some distance to your own.

    taunt and tease me to please me.

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    Hello and welcome back! So happy you and your family are doing well.

    I find myself on the site less but it’s still a wonderful place for like minded people to share and be accepted. Im so very excited to see you have plans for the future. The interactive story is what brought me here and I hope there is more in the future.

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