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    Welcome everyone. Getting started here is easy. It’s a little different that what we’re used to, but it’s not difficult. You’re going to love it.

    At the top of the page you’ll find the main menu. Click on each to get a feel for what’s here. On a phone, click the + icon to the right of the menu item.

    Clicking on your avatar (you did set an avatar right? If not, keep reading) shows another menu of your personal items. Click on your profile. Here you can set your name and edit your information. Add a avatar picture and also a background image on your home page. And a signature if you like. Be sure to accept the terms and conditions.

    Then look at “player” and “character.” These are fun to fill out. And of course they can be edited at any time. Be sure to fill out everything with “required” next to it or your information won’t be saved. Even those negative traits which don’t apply to any of us. Giggle. Have fun with it. Be sure to click save at the bottom. Then check to be sure it has been saved.

    There are also icons for notifications and personal messages. And icons for your friends, groups, forums, articles, media, and settings. Settings are for your password and email.

    Look around, try things out, say hello to others, and make yourself at home. There is a Need Help menu item. It contains the FAQ, Report a Bug, and a Need Help? forum for asking questions.

    Big Hugs

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    For those who wish to play on M & R The Corporation – click on Roll Playing Choose a forum.

    For those who wish to play on The Lacy Place – click on Community, then groups. Lacy is there.

    A good place to arrive at the Lacy Place is at the Front Desk. Lydia started up that group and it’s a great place for new players to get feminized and sissified. Scroll down to “Create a new topic” and create a topic for your entry into the hotel.

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    Perhaps this might help some understand the structure of the site:

    The structure of the site is arranged in groups and topics. M&R (the Corporation) has it’s own section called ‘Role Playing’ in the main menu. The site has what are called groups. The Lacy Place is a group. So is the Front Desk of the Lacy Place for getting started. Groups can be found by clicking Community and then Groups. Inside a group we see a menu item called ‘Forum’ clicking that will show the ‘Topics’ of the group. Topics are like threads.

    Anyone can start a group or a topic inside a group if it’s public. We can mark topics with ‘favorite’ and or ‘subscribe’ to them. We can subscribe to groups by clicking forum on the group’s home page. We then see the “Subscribe” option for the group.

    Clicking our own avatar on the top menu shows us a personal menu. On that menu we find our profile, our settings, notifications, messages, groups, and forums. And other things. Clicking “Forums” on our menu will show topics we are active in. I use the “Subscribed” section to see all the topics and groups I am subscribed to.

    On the top menu we also have live notifications of things we are involved in, and live messages for messages we have received. The easiest and best method I’ve found for keeping track of what I’m involved in is to use the email notifications. I then have a nice list of any messages and any new posts in my topics.

    I hope this helps. If you have questions, just PM me and I’ll help. Or see the “Need Help” topic in the main menu for asking questions.

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