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    Hi Stephanie. That’s a tough question and I really don’t have an answer as to which one is “best,” I use Firefox. With Firefox I have difficulty seeing certain things which show up light gray on a white background. But if I look close, I can see them. I’ll try Chrome again and see if that works better.

    Hopefully others will jump in on this question.


    Hiya ! Dumb little question, I’m trying to have a signature, I know how and where to add one, but each time I save, the site does say to me that it is saved; but I can’t see it on my posts.

    Do I have to activate signature somewhere ? Or is it another problem ?


    Hi Elea. Not a dumb question at all. I looked at your profile and I can see the text in the signature box there. I don’t know why it is not displaying in your posts. I have posted the question to the “Need Help” forum in the hope someone there has an answer.

    click here to see the question:

    Need Help? Ask here!

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    a question  If a person is deleted from the forums does the posts and groups also deleted? Of said person.

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    Image result for confused ginger womanSilly question, I know but I am curious.

    Sometimes it sez student under my avatar picture on my homepage. And sometimes it does not. What does this mean ?


    Anyone who signs up for a course is deemed a student. The messages under our avatar coming and going is a mystery.

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    The messages are created by posting an update on your personal homepage.



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    That solves that mystery. Giggle. Thank you Melissa. And Christine who also explained it to me.

     Satin Summer 

    Ok I get that you can post captions and stories on your own personal page. But how do you find other gurls captions and stories unless you visit each and everyone’s page? I don’t know who has a story or a caption I want to enjoy. And if I post a story how do others know it’s there?

    Sorry, so many questions.



    Hello Summer
    Perhaps you could start a new group called captions. Make it public, and create a topic so everyone who interested can post there captions. Be sure to include a notice for others not to include copy write protected material. If you need help just let me know. I’ll be happy to help.

    For your stories, you can send out invites to people you choose.
    I hope this helps.


    Hey, I was just wondering if The Office will be coming back soon or if the old one was available somewhere?  Thanks!


    Hello Ally, I don’t know the answer to your question. Melissa has been taking some well deserved personal time off, so the games are on hold until she returns. Hopefully they will be coming back soon.

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    I decided to help support the site, and gave a donation …?(at least I think I did) .. I don’t know how to find out if it was received here. it’s no big issue , I just wondered though.  🙂


    If you typed in your name for the donation, you will show up on the patrons list on the right side of the page. I looked and don’t see it. other than that I don’t know how to check. Click on – Become a patron for more information. And thank you for your support of the site.

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    Hi Jacqueline,

    what were the verses to the daily affirmation girls were required to say in the old Lil. academy?





    Hi Stephanie. I use Firefox now, and for a while I tried Chrome. I really didn’t notice much difference with those. Internet explorer and Edge seem very slow to me. Maybe others will weigh in with their opinions. I think you’re doing very well with your role playing. You write great posts, fun to read.


    Are the Stories from the Old Server gone for good?


    Hello Tasha. Some time ago a player managed to rescue most of the stories from the old site. I suggested he create a new group to place them in, but I can’t remember if it actually came about. I can’t seem to find them.

    I’ll keep looking to see if they are available somewhere here.

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