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Glenda's How To Become A Permanent 24/7 Sissy Slave

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    Alison Anderson

    The following is a recreation of Glenda’s post, How To Become A Permanent 24/7 Sissy Slave. A version can be found on the internet archive (also known as the wayback machine) at


    An eager sissy

    I want to be a 24/7 sissy slave for the rest of my life! I’ll do anything! I need this so badly!

    Ah, if we had a dollar for every time a sissy’s said that, we could build the Lacy Place and the M&R Corporation for real. 🙂

    It is a wonderful fantasy. But that’s the point – it’s fantasy. And that’s VERY different from reality. Being a 24/7 sissy slave is NOT very likely to happen in reality at all. If it were easy, we’d all be doing it. So you need to manage your expectations on that front. If a random stranger on the internet is offering to make you their 24/7 slave, DON’T do it – they’re probably lying and just after your money, or worse. Take a look at my fake mistress discussion to understand that side of things.

    But even if it were possible, it’s NOT something you would enjoy anyway, I guarantee it. If you think otherwise, then you clearly haven’t thought it through. And in this post, I’ll explain why (as do other experienced users in the replies to this post, so don’t just read my ramblings, look at the comments too).

    Your better bet is to find somebody who can play with you sometimes. Not all the time, just sometimes. If you do it less often, in moderation, you’ll enjoy your play all the more, and you can still be a normal person away from it. It’s all about keeping the balance.

    So please don’t let your sexual urges cloud your judgement. If you can’t separate fantasy from reality and think in a sensible, practical way, then you’re heading for trouble, and you’ll be extremely vulnerable. Trying to indulge your sexual fantasies is not worth giving up the rest of your life for.

    But why is it so bad?

    Well, for one thing, it’s an addiction. If the idea of becoming a 24/7 sissy slave has taken over your life, then there’s a problem, much like a drug addict always looking for their next ‘fix’. And, like any addiction, the novelty doesn’t last forever. It may be really great to start with, but then reality and self-doubt will set in. There will be feelings of guilt and shame, and you’ll question why you’re doing it. And those feelings never go away.

    That’s why most crossdressers have ‘purged’ at some point, ditching all of their lovely things, because they feel guilty about what they’re doing. They thought it was going to be wonderful, but it’s not that simple. It feels wrong to do this kind of thing sometimes, because it’s not ‘normal’. It’s not what society expects of you, and you know that. If you’ve felt guilty after masturbating to porn and sissy material sometimes, then you know the feeling in a small way. And the more intense the situation, the more intense the shame that comes with it. So if you were a 24/7 slave, you’d have to deal with that.

    But let’s assume you could deal with all that. That’s not the only problem to consider.

    There’s also life in general. It’s not a bed of roses, and it has a habit of throwing curve balls that you don’t expect or want. Things will go wrong. People will get upset. People can get hurt, physically or mentally. Unexpected changes will happen, for better or worse, because life is the harshest mistress of them all.

    And think about everything you’d have to give up – your family, friends, career, home, possessions, money, etc. Is it really worth all that? Is it worth giving up all the friendships you’ve had, and may have in future? Is it worth throwing away career opportunities that can earn you good money and respect? Is it worth giving up the chance to get married and have kids, or to go traveling to great places? When you get old and look back at your life, would you be happy knowing that all you’ve done is act like a sissy slave all the time? This isn’t a video game – you only get one life to play with.

    Once you’ve entered into a life of sissy slavery, it would be very difficult to go back to your old, ordinary life, because it is such a major change. And yet, it’s very likely that you would want to go back, certainly sometimes:

    • What if you feel so guilty and upset, as discussed above, that you change your mind and want to stop, and your owner won’t let you?
    • What if your owner got fed up with things, or had a major change in their life, which meant they no longer needed or wanted you? What if they kicked you out on the streets with no money, ID or possessions as a result?
    • What if your owner found they enjoyed abusing you so much that, even if you hated it, they just focused on abuse regardless of the sissy slave aspect of things, and regardless of how you felt?
    • What if your owner had a horrible accident that left them with a severe disability or killed them, effectively leaving you to fend for yourself?
    • What happens when you and/or your owner get old, and need a lot more looking after, with assistance from doctors and social services?

    How would you deal with those things? Don’t just say “that would never happen to me”, because it could.Still keen to go for it? Ok, well, the next step is to find someone to serve…

    You need to find someone who you get on well with and trust 110%. After all, you wouldn’t get married to a complete stranger you didn’t know anything about – or I’d hope not – and the same applies here. It would need to be someone you’ve spent a great deal of time with – in person – and have got to know extremely well.

    But here’s the danger. There are people out there who will prey on people like you, trying to take advantage of your horny, vulnerable state for their own greedy and perverted needs. We’ve seen it here, with numerous instances of fake mistresses approaching subs offering real life training, when it’s blatantly obvious they’re frauds, who are just after money without any care for your safety.

    So, even though it will be tempting to meet someone online, it’s also very risky. Fraudsters will say and claim anything, happily ‘grooming’ you for many months if that’s what it takes, to try and persuade you they’re safe. It’s far too easy to tell lies and create fake pictures online. So the only way to be sure that someone online is safe is to – eventually – meet them in real life, and spend considerable time getting to know them extremely well before you actually get into any slave agreements with them.

    There are professional mistresses online too, sure. But, again, the same still applies. There are fakes (as discussed in this thread). And of those who are genuine, most don’t actually want or need live-in slaves. They’re just doing a job where they dominate people, but they still have a normal life, with a partner, family and friends, maybe even another job, outside of their work. And even if a mistress did want a live-in slave, they would still want to get to know you and trust you extremely well first before even considering taking you on.

    Or, if you were to meet a regular person in real life and became really good friends with them, maybe even entering into a loving relationship, then you might be able to bring up the subject with them somehow. But there’s no guarantee they would be happy finding out about your sissy side of course, nor would they necessarily want to make you their slave either.

    So finding the right person is really tricky and full of risks. You have to be prepared to put in a lot of time, research and effort to find them, and make sure you feel truly safe with them. It could take months or even years. But if you’re not prepared to do that… if you’re just after a quick fix… you won’t ever succeed.

    If you’re still prepared to go for it, then there’s one more important thing.

    It’s very dangerous and thoughtless to say “I’ll do anything”. For a start, it’s a lie. Everyone has limits, without exception. There will always be things that you don’t enjoy, or are not capable of doing. And allowing someone to do anything at all to you, without careful thought as to what your limits and capabilities are, is asking for trouble. Do you really want to live a life doing lots of things you hate? For instance…

    • What if they were into hard physical abuse, like beating you black and blue?
    • What if they enjoyed cutting your skin with knives and scissors?
    • What if they and their friends wanted to use you as a toilet slave every day?
    • What if they gave you hormones and other pills without proper medical advice and supervision? That’s a whole topic in itself really – NEVER take any medication, hormones, etc without seeing a doctor first. Period, no matter what your owner tells you.
    • What if they tattooed permanent makeup on you, and other permanent tattoos all over your body?
    • What if you could only eat horrible stuff like dog food all the time?
    • What if you were sent out to have sex with lots of random men, without any care if they use protection or have diseases or not?
    • What if you were in pain or discomfort and were protesting but, because you didn’t have a safeword, your owner refused to stop it?

    All extreme questions, but it’s no more extreme than the 24/7 slave fantasy. There are people out there who will treat you in those ways regardless of how you feel about it, and regardless of whether it’s safe or not. If you’re going to transform your body, for instance, with hormones and surgery, you’ll need to have professional doctors and plenty of money involved. If the other person isn’t prepared to get medical professionals involved, or claims to be one without any proof, then you’re in serious danger.All in all, there’s lots to think about. It may not be what you wanted to hear, but you really do need to think realistically about it. If it were a simple and safe thing to achieve, we’d all be doing it and I wouldn’t be sitting here typing this. And it’s not really how many of us would want to live our entire life.

    So think about it very carefully. Wonderful though a 24/7 slave fantasy is, it’s really not practical or sensible. In theory, yes, if you were to find the right person and everything worked out perfectly, it could happen. But I wouldn’t get your hopes up. You’ll have a lot more chance of success and happiness if you focus on more realistic and safe goals, which allow you to play sometimes and in a safe way without disrupting the rest of your life.

    Still, there will always be those who don’t heed warnings. So, if after reading all that, you’re still desperate to be a 24/7 slave forever, and if you really are prepared to put in the time, thought and effort to try and make it happen, and you don’t mind your entire life being overhauled in such a major way, then that’s great – I wish you luck! But if you are that desperate to pursue it, please just make sure you’re really, really safe and certain about it. It really isn’t worth taking silly risks and chances just to satisfy your kinky desires. Play safely. 🙂


    The following are some replies to this post. First from Misty: As Misty is not a native English speaker I (Alison) tried to edit this with spelling fixes to help others read it.

    I might as well add my 2 cents in this as well

    WELL spoken Glenda (standing up and applaud)

    As Glenda says Sissy life (in ALL its different branches) was NEVER, WILL NEVER EVER be designed for 24/7 on the simple basics as NO ONE and I do mean NO ONE can or even WANT to live the Sissy life 24/7. It’s JUST designed for SHORTER stays in this VERY EXTREME Forced fem life dear; THAT’S what Sissy life is designed for from the beginning, and TRUST me on this SO far I haven’t met or talked to ANY Sissy (all different branches of Sissy life) that lives Sissy life 24/7 NOT even those that claim to do so i might add (and in most cases this goes for the so called “professional” Sissy’s on different web sites claiming to live 24/7)

    If we take a look:

    sissy slave : in reality you’re a prostitute dear (ask ANY one of the Sissies on the streets if they do want to live that way and the answer will usually be NO

    Sissy maid : Well in reality you go back to the Victorian, Edwardian (think Downton Abby S 1 ) and I ASSURE you that was NOT an easy life and we talk more or less work 5 am -11 PM EVERY day YEAR round. So again name ONE Sissy maid who would like this even with all the bells and whistles of frilly clothing.

    Sissy Adult baby & and LG (Little girl ) , School girl : That’s pretty much self explainable (BUT there are also volunteers HOWEVER those do NOT live it 24/7 either I might add)

    Sissy secretary : Well that’s actually easy; get dressed up, apply for the job and there you have it, detract the sexy part and add strictly administrative work and Voila Sissy secretary

    Lastly 24/7 Sissy life is a myth : NO ONE, not even those sissies that claim to live it (including different Sissy sites, blogs, etc….) does it 24/7 on the simple basis that it CAN NOT be done in reality

    And I’m talking of the Traditional Sissy life NOT become a woman or transition etc…..

    And also regarding you’re willingness to go on hormones etc…..
    I don’t want to scare you Gurls BUT again I do know at least two in here that did take HRT WITHOUT doctors who check up and from the net (usually POOR quality and not to unfamiliar animal hormones) and things went VERY wrong so might I humbly suggest you all read of the risks with hormones, and also its NOT a magic potion that transform your body all fem dear. And it’s all VERY individual how much that happens, not to mention at what age and so on


    Although I (Alison) know of two people who do live as sissies 24/7 (although not forced), they are very unique individuals.

    Next is from MJ Honeydove:

    For a rather short example, for those who don’t like reading a whole lot. Think about being a Sissy Slave in terms of jerking it. Sure it starts out slow and builds up speed really fast usually, it’s really intense and you just love it. However the longer it lasts the more and more it starts hurting and the less and less it feels good. You don’t want that, if you need proof, go ahead and cum wait 2 minutes for the shame to set in a bit, consider it again. I bet you don’t want to live that way when you’re like that now do you?

    A better goal would be to find someone who has a vested interest in BDSM and whatever other kinks you really want in someone, one who will indulge you with temporary play, at home, on the weekends, what-have-you, but that they still let you be a productive member of society as well. Sex is great and wonderful and live your fantasies, but do so in moderation and with the knowledge that if you try to keep it going to too long you will burn out and it won’t be fun.


    Next is from Shannon (or as she was known on the previous site, Erica Jo).

    Excellent advice from all. Here’s another perspective.

    We’ve all had instances in the past where we really really REALLY REALLY looked forward to something. It was all we could think about, all-consuming and the countdown to the event/thing was interminable. And then, FINALLY, the blessed event is upon us…..and…..and…..


    The buildup, the anticipation, the want/need….these are SO often much much better than the reality. And a full time sissy slave existence would get really old really fast, methinks. When you can control things in your imagination, they go exactly how you want them to and everything is shang-ri-la-de-da. However, once someone else enters that fantasy and puts their spin on it, even if it’s slightly deviant from yours, the returns are diminished.


    This reply is from Renae Christine.

    Excellent thoughts, One also needs to consider who they are exposing themselves to. how many bodies are out there buried in unknown places, we hear stories so often about serial killers, rapists….. And what IF this special someone is a slave dealer, you could get sold into slavery and sent to some other country never to be found again, dead or alive. 24/7 Sissy slave? Make every move carefully. You are better off jerking in your own private corner by yourself, then maybe living a life of hell.


    This reply is from Johana Silfver.

    I really want to be a sissy slave for all eternity.
    Really! Please…

    Of course, I have thought the thought more than once. And it is a truly exciting, tantalizing and incentive thought. Really.

    But. Eternity ends, when the play stops. And, in my humble opinion, it is all a game, no matter if played alone or together with one or more persons. No matter if it lasts an hour, a day, a whole weekend or more. It is an orchestrated drama, and I am (one of) the scriptwriter, the director, the actress.
    My limits apply. My wishes are fulfilled. My dreams come true.
    In a perfect world, my co-actress (or actor) aka partner feels the same.

    Being a sissy slave is a pleasure and letting go completely is relieving, rewarding and relaxing. Relieving from the everyday life’s stress and circumstances, rewarding because it fulfills my inner fantasies and relaxing because my active mind enters hibernation mode.

    Being a sissy slave forever means there is no everyday life’s stress. But there is neither the need for a relieve. No rewarding, because the inner fantasies are the eternal sissy’s normal life. And no relaxing needed because the mind is already in hibernation mode. Forever.

    I totally agree with Glenda’s well-written and comprehensive essay. The warnings expressed there are perfectly relevant.

    Live your life. Live your dream. But do not give up your life for a dream.

    A sissy forever. Really?


    A reply from Alyssadoll:

    Love the advice…

    That said it can be a reality and for some it is not a game. My wife knows of my desperate need for control and has found a Domme that she works with to ensure I am controlled very tightly by them. They are both kind, but also very strong in their beliefs in female supremacy. Now I will say I am allowed to be male for work and social occasions, but I am always in chastity and kept in my leotards underneath my clothes.

    Having been in this lifestyle for over 15 years, I have experienced many of the downfalls noted, but have always had the craving to be controlled. Feminization is not a favorite of mine but it is highly effective and when used in conjunction with chastity and women who are sane and caring, the “Fantasy” can be a reality.

    Nice post!

    Humbly submitted,



    A reply by kpendar:

    This is all really good advice. I used to be looking down this road but when I found someone willing it really pushed my limits and almost ruined my life. Now in my case my mistress was very caring and understanding and didn’t want it to ruin my life. It was my fault not hers. I didn’t consider anything outside of what she was telling me even though she repeatedly told me to be careful about what i do and when.

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    Thank you for this. I do think it is a reality check for many here. That is because it highlights something I feel is very important. As soon as you mention D/s whether it is FemDom, sissies or anything else, most only think of what is probably best described as “bedroom games”. If not as that then they think of it as an activity rather than a state of mind or emotion. For me at any rate, D/s is almost solely about a relationship. It is about how two people interact and how they regard each. Everything else is just different ways of enhancing that relationship.

    Again it is only my view but it is about deferring to the other person’s wishes. (At least as the sub). So if she is tired or fed up, it is about caring for them. It is being able to do what you are asked without question even if it is the washing up or washing the car. It is not just 24/7 which is a fantasy to so many, it is there concept of D/s. How many want this or that or it to be done this way etc? I also give up on the number of times I hear the question “How can I make my partner more Dominant or do this or that”. Immediately any submission is ruled out. The person wants to control things to please them and not their partner. To me the answer to that question is that you do everything she wants. If that is watching TV then that is what happens. Why don’t you go and do something useful while she does? And not just useful to you, useful to her.

    If you want decide what erotic games you play and  when and how you play them, then don’t think of it as submission or serving that person. Accept it for what it is “mutual erotic fun”. And if you do chose to submit, any erotic fun that happens will be for their pleasure, not yours.


     "'Will you walk into my parlour?' said the Spider to the Fly."

    i am baby blue and i am proud to be owned by Sapphire Storm

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    Sissy Chrissy

    I am willing to take a gamble if an offer to make me a real sissy without a worry except when I will be able to suck more cock. I will surrender myself to that master but he/she will need to keep me in bonds while I transition from the forced hormones injected each week. I will submit to a completley new life as a sexy sissy so I can have my female body. So to any willing to train and transform me please contact me ASAP.

    Alison Anderson

    Anyone who thinks hormones are a magic bullet should do a lot of research.  Hormones are a form of steroid, and anyone taking hormones without medical supervision is playing with their own life!  Hormones can be very dangerous because everybody responds differently.  Blood levels must be monitored regularly by a doctor.  This goes for so-called natural, over-the-counter, internet, or even phytoestrogens.  And remember it will take months before you start to see anything, and over a year before you start to see big results.

    If you really want to transition, see a doctor and make a plan.  Please! remember to separate reality from fantasy.


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    <p style=”text-align: justify;”><!–more–>Thanks for abundant information</p>



    Anyone who thinks hormones are a magic bullet should do a lot of research. Hormones are a form of steroid, and anyone taking hormones without medical supervision is playing with their own life! Hormones can be very dangerous because everybody responds differently. Blood levels must be monitored regularly by a doctor. This goes for so-called natural, over-the-counter, internet, or even phytoestrogens. And remember it will take months before you start to see anything, and over a year before you start to see big results.

    If you really want to transition, see a doctor and make a plan. Please! remember to separate reality from fantasy.

    Thanks for all the information miss

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    This is just what I needed

    Evy yorke

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