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    I have 2 open friends requests from the same person, that I cannot do anything with, I have tried accepting and deleting but keep getting the message “There was a problem accepting(or deleting) that request. Please try again.”  Is there any way the requests can be deleted so we can try again?


    Well I see your dilemma


    What works for me is reopening the locked in lace page

    After reloading the page


    The other way you could do is reboot your device


    You putting restart ..hope that helps



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    Thanks, but unfortunately the requests are still there 🙁

    Mistress Kitana

    Have you tried reloading the page to see if that solves the problem

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    @kathy  I have the same problem. I don’t think it is one that a reload or clearing the cache can fix. I’m not sure there is an answer other than ignoring it. The only thing that might work is going to your friends list and unfriending that person to then see if you can then accept the request. I haven’t tried it because I do not know if it will work and I might not be able to re-friend them.

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    Alison Anderson

    I’m in the same situation.  If someone friend requests you, and they don’t get a quick response, they may try a second time and you get the two requests.

    The problem is that you are already a friend, so can’t accept them again, nor can you ignore the request.  It’s a bug somewhere in the software.

    Someone suggested unfriending the person.  Then you should be able to refriend them with the second pending request.

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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