Flexibility training for new sissies (Open)

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     Michelle Bubbles 

    (OOC: This is meant as a one time training session for at most 3 other sissies. They should be very fresh ‘recruits’, so be prepared to play a sissy that hasn’t been in M&R more than a few weeks. The trainer will play up the forced aspects of the corporation and will be ready to use all the tools at his disposal-including the pain setting of the sissylink belt! Joining means you are ok wiht everything he might do to your character. You have been warned! message me for questions and clarifications. Thread will be closed after 3 people have joined, or on the 18th if only 1 or 2 join.)


    NPC Matthew Robinson:


    Whistling happily, I unlock the doors to the gym, lighting up the place, as well as starting up the various machinery I might need. Watching the various electronics come to life, I grab a clipboard from a nearby file cabinet, looking on satisfied as the place comes alive, all the machines similar only in appearance to normal aerobic devices. A closer look, would reveal dildos on almost all of them, as well as strong steel restraints, support for VR, everything needed to help with the training of our delicious sissies. Man I love my job! I move to the more open, simple (at least in appearance) space for ballet practice, where we will start, as I take a look at the clipboard.



    I read the names of the new sissies I will be training today, chuckling. The first training session is my favourite, I hope they all have that newbie rebellious spunk! I enjoy punishing these sissies far too much… I prepare the first special surprise I will be administering to them right away in a drawer, before indulging myself in re-reading the instructions the sissies have been given. I know them by heart, of course, but it’s always fun to look at them.


    “Attendance to the training sessions is mandatory. present yourself at exactly 9:00 AM at the assigned M&R training facility. Mandatory outfit includes:

    Comfortable, stretchy gym clothing. Support/exercise bra if needed.

    High heels, at least 4 inches.

    Sissytech buttplug model 4541 ‘incursor’

    Failure to arrive with the required equipment will be met with punishment, then you will be sold the missing items with a 100% markup.”


    I smile, looking up at the clock. 8:53… Sadly I was told I can’t punish them for being early, not this soon in their training, but often times someone is late… I can only cross my fingers! Sadly, I hear the door opening slowly, and a soft girly voice calling out.


    “…H-hello? Is the training session here..?”


    I turn toward the small, blonde sissy entering through the main door.


    “Silence! Speak only when spoken to, sissy! In front of the mirror, submissive position, NOW! And stay there until I say otherwise!”


    I bark, watching delighted as she jumps and hurries to comply. Now we just wait for the rest…

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     Michelle Bubbles 

    I squeak as he immediately shouts at me, hurrying to comply. As I move to the dance space and assume the position in front of the mirror, chest out, shoulders back, butt out, I can’t do much except look at my reflection… God I knew I looked ridicolous but I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it. The perfectly made-up face staring back at me has been alien and strange enough these past few days, framed by almost ass-length blonde locks… but this attire is new. The heels are a joke, I’m certain of it, and I still have no idea how I am supposed to be trained while wearing these…



    The leotard is so skin tight, it does not do anything to hide my body. And because I haven’t been given implants but they are allowing my breasts to slowly grow with hormones, I did not get to wear any bra, my nipples clearly visible on top of the small bee-stings on my chest. The thing is so tight I can see the outline of the sissylink chastity belt…



    And I don’t see how I can move around effectively with… that… In my ass. Well, it beats the ridicolous tail plugs I was given in the past few days, but… this plug they made me buy is weird. It seems normal enough, but the silicon covering it seems incredibly stretchy… plus it is surprisingly heavy, as if it was filled with metal. And it’s not small either, I can feel it constantly pressing against my ‘sissy g-spot’, as they call my prostate… ugh…



    i can only hope this will not take too long…


    Thid is an anouncement that sissy to attend a morning gym lesson,

    Am i a sissy?  NO, i do never be a sissy.  Yet,  Mr.  OHHIO, my Sponsor says i am!!! i hesistate to attend but a Mistress comes into dorm and says i am not flexianle enough to please my Sponsor,  The lesson is my necessary lesson to please Other as a sissy.


    i never have chance to say i am. Not sissy here.  This always be interrupted by the pain of. Sissylink.  i do not have choice but quickly change the silly pink gym. Clothes and follow Mistress.  When i walk through the corridor,.i am pussle. What the model 4541 is as i never learn or. Be. Given this model.

    Mistress finally stop and evil wink with ordering me going into gym room.  Once i enter,  i find another sissy here and ….wow,  a Man,  a strong. Man. Here! i am so embarassing and fearly move my left arm to cover my perkly breasts and my right hand to cover my gorin.  i totally forget to give curtsy!


     Michelle Bubbles 

    (OOC:  Hatsue will not actually join because of language barrier, 3 spaces still open. So sorry 🙁 )

     Michelle Bubbles 

    (OOC: for obvious reason, deadline extended until someone joins ^^’)


    I was told to come to this gym for some flexility training. Whatever. I just need to get through this and move on. I dont foresee this as a big deal as i was a pretty good athlete and in very good fitness before i was forced to become some freaky shemale. Oh well. Maybe I’ll meet some cute real girls who want to have some fun with me.

    Supposed to be there around 9. I show up at quarter after, ready to workout a bit and work up a sweat.

    I walk in looking for this trainer who is supposed to help set me up for my workout plan for these assholes who forced me to be a shemale or sissy.

    Collared by Miss Phoenix.

    I love to play. I am a switch and a slut.

     Maddison Fours 

    I enter the gym discreetly. At least I move discreetly. Different from the loud sound of my heels and from the color of the sports leggings my sponsor (wife) required me to wear.


    I’m wearing a black sports bra and a really, really bright lime green legging. My sponsor insists that I can’t pass unseen and I must be noticed everywhere, so I have to dress this scandalous way. She says I must learn to deal with it, but that makes me terribly ashamed. I hate to be exposed. On my feet, high heeled ankle boots. At the gym? What the hell???


    I’m in this place it’s been only a couple of days and I don’t understand most of the logic of the things that are happening to me, but heels at the gym? That just doesn’t make any sense. Anyway, making sense doesn’t seem to be a rule in this place. Being compliant, in the other hand, is a good rule not to making things worse.


    To complete the pack, I have a butt plug inside me, my sponsor said she choose that model just to match my leggings. A butt plug is not a new thing to me, but this one has a strange shape.


    I keep walking through the gym and I see a… a man?… I shiver in fear. I move slowly towards him while I feel that butt plug torturing me, moving inside me with every step I take.


    “-Excuse me Sir. I’m Maddison Fours, or Maddie…” – I look down, trying not to face him – “or whatever you want… I… I was told to present myself here for a training… Sir. Can I have the honor to participate, please?”


    I deliver him a writen message from my sponsor, telling that I could be forgiven for getting a little late this time, if I present myself in an enough submissive way.

     Michelle Bubbles 

    I stand there, in silence, as we wait. He starts off whistling happily, preparing something, I don’t know what… but as the minutes go by, his demeanor seems to go darker and darker. I shift my weight on my feet, and he shouts at me to stand still and keep my position… I freeze, swallowing in fear. Seems like the other sissies are late…

     Michelle Bubbles 

    NPC Matthew Robinson:


    I slap the blonde’s ass as she shifts her weight, taking out some of my annoyance on her. At first I was delighted when I realized the other two would be late, but this is starting to be a bit much… finally, 15 minutes after the programmed lesson start, the first one arrives, an unusual sight. A bald sissy, still cute of course, nice lean body, C cup breasts (a little small for my tastes, but oh well) and decently tall for a sissy. I step up and bark at her:


    “You’re late! Move here, right now, in front of the mirror, submissive position! MOVE IT, SLUT!”


    I watch as she complies, taking note of how she behaves. as she walks, the last one arrives at the door, this one a bit more of a conventional beauty: long brunette hair, green eyes, bigger breasts and a little more curvy figure, clearly wearing the required plug and not used to it by the way she walks. I glare at her as she moves forward and gives a half decent introduction, while handing me a message. Squinting my eyes, I snatch it roughly from her hands and read it quickly. A large grin spreads on my face.


    “…But of course, welcome to the lesson little Miss. I think you’ll be called Fuckdoll for now, until you earn your name back again by being a good, obedient little girl. Now, what to do with this… I guess you did present yourself submissively enough, but your delay can’t very well go unpunished, right? I guess I will punish someone else for it, then.”


    I say, casually typing something on my phone and then pressing a button. My smile does not leave my face as behind me, the blondie Michelle yells and crumbles to the floor, taking the 5 second level 3 pain that I was going to inflict to Fuckdoll here. As she is still writhing and gasping on the floor, I spank Fuckdoll hard, pushing her forward.


    “Help her up and get in position! In a line, submissive pose, face the mirror!”


    I bark, preparing to examine them. I look over Bubbles’ getup once she has gotten back to her feet, using the phone app to check her sissylink and plug. I nod as I see everything in order, before moving on to Fuckdoll. Everything in order too, but… I shake my head as I look at her shoes.


    “Mph, those shoes are not good for gym, you stupid bimbo. What were you planning on doing with them?! here…”


    I say, rummaging in a nearby locker… and delighting myself as I hopefully make her think that maybe she won’t have to wear high heels… only to toss her a new pair of shoes, matching her green leggings.



    “Leather won’t let your skin breathe, and your ankles need to be free to move! Put these on!”


    I chuckle as I see her realize these heels are even higher and more difficult to balance on. Then I move over to the bald one, looking over her file and equipment… my brow furrows deeply, as I lean in near her ear.


    “So… Michy. Care to explain why you think you’re too good to come here properly equipped as was asked? Where are your belt and plug, for once?”


    I whisper angrily in her ear, as I look over her gym clothes and pay special attention to her shoes, looking at what she is wearing.


    (OOC: What shoes you have on, Michy?)


    I enter an area with several machines. Once there i see a tall and beautiful blonde who is all pink with high heel workout shoes.
    “Hi i am Michy. Umm how are you going to workout in those heels?”

    I turn and see a brunnette in a green out fit who says her name is Madison Fours.

    “Hi I’m….”

    “You’re late! Move here, right now, in front of the mirror, submissive position! MOVE IT, SLUT!”

    I turn and see a large bodybuilder asshole yelling at me.

    “Excuse me. What did you call me?”

    I see his forehead veins throbbing and decide not to push it as i walk to the mirror near the other girls. I whisper
    “What is the deal with this muscle head asshole?”

    Suddenly the blonde falls down in pain.

    I help her up as the asshole yells at me.
    “Help her up and get in position! In a line, submissive pose, face the mirror!”

    Not sure what he meant i stand her up by a mirror.
    “What gives?”

    After he looks over the other two girls, or are the forced sissies or shemales like me? He looks over me as i turn away.

    He sweats and reaks….
    “So… Michy. Care to explain why you think you’re too good to come here properly equipped as was asked? Where are your belt and plug, for once?”

    Ass hole. I look back at him standing straight and tall.
    “I was told to come here for training and a workout. I am wearing workout clothes that would be appropriate for any girl or sissy. And i didnt come here reaking of cheap cologne and sweat.”

    I dont need this shit. Only here because i was told to come here if i wanted to workout….

    Collared by Miss Phoenix.

    I love to play. I am a switch and a slut.

     Maddison Fours 

    As the man reads the message my sponsor wrote, he humiliates me calling me Fuckdoll and then he punishes the lovely blonde girl with a painfull electroshock. She falls on the floor. And then I see: absolutely everything can get worse than already is. She has nothing to do with the fact that I got late.

    I’m told to help her up, “motivated” by a hard spank on my ass, what I do immediately. I’m drowning in guilt. I say hello to the bald pretty sissy who is waiting in front of the mirror and start to help the blondie.

    “Michelle, right? I’m so sorry, really. I’m sure my sponsor didn’t imagine this man would punish someone else in my place. I’m so ashamed. Let me help you. Please don’t be mad at me, I’ll be a good friend, I promise you. Damn, I feel so guilty.”

    I assume position in line with the other sissies. I’m humiliated again, this time because my shoes were considered inadequate. What the hell? They said I needed heels, they didn’t specified the kind of shoes. First “fuckdoll”, now “stupid bimbo”? Why? I just did the best I could.

    I get down to change my shoes while that terrible man moves to the bald sissy, hopping that he gets a little busy with her and forget me for a while. But at the same time expecting he won’t be cruel to her as he was to Michelle.

    I put myself back in line again. Not knowing what to do with the wrong boots, I hold them and just wait, very apprehensive.

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     Michelle Bubbles 

    (OOC: Michy told me that here she actually has a full head of hair, my bad! Will adjust moving forward.)


    I gasp as the two new girls help me up, the trainer’s attention focused on the girl with red hair and blue eyes. I shake my head as Maddison apologizes profusely, hushing her quickly and whispering back, taking advantage of how the trainer is busy elsewhere.


    “I-it’s ok, I know it’s not your fault… that’s what they do, but we’re not supposed to talk! Quickly, stand in front of the mirror, they taught you the submissive position right?”


    I say before quickly assuming it, chest forward, butt out, shoulders back, eyes low, hands behind my back, facing the mirror. I silently grimace at the other girl talking back to the trainer… oh boy he is gonna get mad!

     Michelle Bubbles 

    NPC Matthew Robinson:


    I stare at the redhead, a grin spreading on my face.


    “Oh, I love it so much when someone as new as you arrives. I love being one of the first to break that rebellious spirit… so, listen here, honey buns: you no longer have human rights, you are no longer a person. You are property of the corporation. Well, if your file is correct…”


    And I make a show of looking at my phone.


    “…You are property of Miss Phoenix first, who ordered you here in the first place. So, since I am feeling generous… I think I will give you one last chance to fix your introduction…”


    As I talk, I walk back towards storage, opening a cabinet and calmly start taking some items out.


    “You are one of the lucky sissies, you don’t have to wear a sissylink 24/7. We get few like you… mostly from wives who want to feminize their husband but still want to ride their dicks. I don’t get it personally, but hey who am I to judge? In any case, despite your luck missy, the belt is not optional for this lesson, as is the case for the incursor buttplug. You are lucky We have spares here… But still, I’m pretty sure some punishment is in order.”


    Having gotten what I needed, I walk back, throwing the items at her feet. The most humiliating sissylink belt I could find, and incursor buttplug, and some sissy exercise shoes.



    “You’re gonna wear these. You are NOT gonna put your pants back on… I want everyone to see this pretty little belt on you. And then you are gonna get your punishment, during our lesson. And if you even think about not doing it right away, silently, and respectfully like a good slut… the other two are gonna pay for it.”


    I motion with my head towards Maddison and Michelle, sending a half a second level 1 jolt through their belts, letting their surprised yelps underline my point. Without waiting for an answer, I turn and finish preparing the start of the ‘lesson’… oh, there’s no need to call it that anymore now that the sissies are here and can’t run away, but I still like the sound. Sure beats ‘Motion capability readjustement’. With the serum ready, I bring the syringe gun out of its drawer and do a few quick tests.



    Gun in hand, I walk back with my phone still out to link up with Michy’s new belt… and of course, ensure she did eveything I asked. I roll my eyes as I approach the three, seeing Maddison holding her old boots.


    “Oh just throw those to the sides for now Fuckdoll, I promise you will get them back later. So Slut, let me see how pretty you look…”


    I say, making a beeline towards Michy.

     Maddison Fours 

    Michelle Bubbles accepts my apologies and quickly warns me about the submissive position required and advices me not to talk. I listen and observe what she does and try to do the same. I say “thank you” without a sound, just moving my lips.

    The trainer tells me to throw my old boots to the sides. I get down and silently put it back on the ground, coming back to the submissive position as quick as I can on those giant heels.

    I think about: fuckdoll??? Why? This is so degrading! At least he is the only one to call me that. And as I already seen, things can get worse. Better be quiet for now. Damn, he’s like a bully in the school.


    As i stand up to this muscle headed bully, he methodically puts me in my place. One which lets me know i should never have come here.
    “Property? I am not some owned peice of meat. I am collared by Miss Phoenix, but i am not property.”

    He grabs some things from a cabinet and tells me i have to wear them.
    “You expect me to wear that. You must be joking….”
    But then he does something that causes the other girls pain and threatens more of the same.

    Fuck i have no choice and this will look ridiculous. I look at the clothes….’spank me’…. i need to text Miss Phoenix….. i grab my phone and see a text from her.
    *follow their instructions to a T. I expect a better behaved gurl when they are done. Any infractions or items you have to buy will be paid for in services they deem capable of doing and providing. Dont dissappoint. *

    And it had a couple of other numbers in the text. I hope this meathead isnt one of them.

    I look up at him. Seeing no choice.
    “How do i put these on… i have not used these before…..”

    He approaches me with some sort of syringe gun that scares the crap out of me. Shit no pants either… this royally sucks as i try to figure out the damn belt and what to use to stick this oversized plug up my hole.

    Collared by Miss Phoenix.

    I love to play. I am a switch and a slut.

     Michelle Bubbles 

    NPC Matthew Robinson:


    Seeing she hasn’t even started yet, I groan, sending a 1 second level 1 jolt through Michelle and  Maddison before putting my phone away. Their pained yelps manages to catch Michy’s attention again.


    “That was for taking too long, slut. We don’t have all day! Just take off your pants and underwear, now!”


    I tell her, putting away the syringe for a moment and grabbing the belt from her hands. As soonas she has complied, I kneel down and expertly slip the thong-like device up her silky smooth legs, before grabbing her clitty and shoving it in the appropriate slot. I then yank up the belt, making her sissy balls slide up inside her body out of sight, and immediately, the two digital locks click shut, and a red light above the writing flashes with a beep, as it starts the sync-up.


    Immediately, I take the buttplug and stand up, as the belt starts calibrating. Waves of helpless, immense, inescapable pleasure assault the poor sissy, as the light flashes orange five times, and as most sissies do, she falls to her knees a moaning mess. I take the opportunity to shove the plug in her mouth, grabbing her hair to prevent her from moving away, letting her drool all over it.


    “Come on slut, lick it good. You want it nice and lubed up don’t you?”


    I grin, watching her as she writhes in helpless pleasure under my hands, and take the plug out only when I know the next phase is about to start… and Michy sure enough doubles over as the pain sensor calibrates, giving her in rapid succession five short but extreme shocks. I take the chance to move to the side the elastic band over her hole and shove the plug in quickly, she probably barely felt that while she was dealing with the pain from the belt. I let the band snap into the place, failing to completely cover the jeweled end of this plug. As the shocks finish and she pants on the floor, I take her pants and panties away, before throwing her the exercise heels.


    “There, was that so hard? I will come back soon with your punishment, but for now just put them on and get in position.”


    I say dispassionately, taking my phone back out. A few commands, and suddenly the mirror loses its reflectivity. Instead it becomes a screen, and a smiling, happy sissy appears in front of them, wearing similar attire with a simple slutty leotard and high heel sneakers. I enjoy their confusion, before they realize this is a paused video.


    “Let’s begin sissies. Follow the instructions to the best of your ability, we need to know your current capabilities. If you don’t give it your all… I will know.”


    I say menacingly, before playing the video. The blonde sissy on the screen unfreezes and starts talking in a chipper, happy tone.



    “Hello, and welcome to your first and most important lesson of flexibility training at M&R! Today you will learn how to bend, twist and move to ensure you are up to our standards of being able to follow through with every request from our esteemed clients. Remember, we have to be able to bend over backwards… literally! *giggle* This training will ensure you are able to assume any sexual positions your partners may require, making you match the flexibility of a trained master ballet dancer in ALL your muscles… but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”


    The mischievous grin on her face betrays how she is one of the sissies who have been completely and utterly dominated by M&R, and has come to fully accept and enjoy her lot in life. Then again, those are the only sissies fit to star in these instructional videos.


    “First, your trainer needs to evaluate your existing abilities. So, follow my lead, try to assume the positions I assume, and then we will work on expanding your capabilities to match mine before the lesson has ended. No need to worry your pretty little heads on how. Ready?!”


    And with that, she bends forward all the way, touching her forehead to her legs without apparent strain. The camera moves to her side to display the position, and as she turns her head towards it she flashes her smile once again, now upside down.



    “How low can you go?”

     Michelle Bubbles 

    I watch as the trainer… ‘helps’ Michy, glancing through the mirror as the poor girl is put in a sissylink. I feel some very strong pangs of jealousy knowing she does not have to wear it outside of this training, and it does lessen my symphaty a little bit… nevertheless the sissylink is awful for everyone, and especially as the pain sensor syncing up, I wince with empathy as the buttplug is shoved in her ass. That will be sore for a bit…


    When that is done, and the instructional video starts, I watch carefully, and pale as I see the pose we have to assume. They are kidding right?! I bend forward, as much as I can, and the back of my legs is already hurting as I reach my hands to my knees… in the end I stop just short of my calves, a pathetic display. I never worried about my flexibility as a man… I stealthily glance to my side, to see how the other two girls are doing.


    My smart ass stalling fails on two counts. He hits some app as the other two, Michelle and Madison jump and cry in pain.

    I take off my panties and pants standing there naked.

    As i start to grab the belt he pulls it away from me and forcefully slides it up. Forcing my cock into a sleeve and as he pulls it up, it smashes my balls up…. and inside me?

    Asshole. As it clicks and i assume locks, it happens.

    “Come on slut, lick it good. You want it nice and lubed up don’t you?”

    oh gawd , i fall to the ground moaning as i feel some major pleasure. He shoves the plug in my mouth as my mouth waters and I cant help but suck it. I am in some sort of sissy heaven which i hope never ends.

    He abruptly pulls the plug out of my mouth….

    i keel over in pain as this switches to a hard gut wrenching pain as i curl up. Please make this stop. Instead he jams that plug in my ass quickly and painfully as I scream….

    He then throws the high healed sneakers at me as the pain subsides.
    “There, was that so hard? I will come back soon with your punishment, but for now just put them on and get in position.”

    I have tears in my eyes as i uncomfortably and slowly put these loud sissy heels on and slowly stand with the other two.

    We are then told to watch a video as i see a beautiful blonde…. sissy? Oh fuck. I look at the other two other girls…. sissies? After a minute she bends forward putting he head to her legs…. oh shit. I thought i was flexible when i could touch the floor, but this is crazy flecible. I reach forward and stretching barely reach the floor with my hands as the plug tries to slide out…..

    Collared by Miss Phoenix.

    I love to play. I am a switch and a slut.

     Maddison Fours 

    After that horror show that the bully provided at Michy’s expense, he plays an instructional video. I was afraid and almost in shock, but I had to pay attention: a very, very beautiful blonde start to teach us the first steps on flexibility, and demands us to do the first position.

    I always liked sports and used to exercise every day until a few days, when I was left here, so have good flexibility for a man. But what that girl does on the video is insane. I know women are far more flexible than men, but anyway, that is too much. But what if she is not a real “she”. Is she one of us?

    I try to get to the position required, I do what I can, a good stretch for a regular person and I hope to satisfy as a begginer, but I feel too insecure. Plus, the heels difficult a lot my body balance, making my move weird and uneasy.

     Michelle Bubbles 

    I give a little “Nnngh!” As both Maddie and Michy do better than me, fearing repercussions, but I really can’t stretch more… soon enough, the blonde in the video has moved on, switching positions and encouraging us to follow.


    “Come on, girls! remember, this is just an evaluation, so don’t worry if you can’t copy me, and don’t hurt yourselves! You’ll get to do it just as I am doing it, that’s what this training is for!”



    She says as she straightens up, pointing a leg straight up alongside the side of her body. I straighten and boggle my eyes at her pose. No way I can do that! I just lift my leg as high to the side as it can go, pathetically barely above a 60° angle. She keeps the position for a bit, before letting it go and dropping to the ground… I hastily follow suit, and watch as she assumes a new position.



    Ok that does not look too bad… however as I get on my knees and lean back I simply lose my balance and fall flat on my back with a squeak. Ok, that does not LOOK hard… but it is! I just lay there uselessly trying to arch my back, before she switches again, sitting down and…



    …Oh, you’ve GOT to be kidding me! I slump down on my ass, disheartened, not even trying to do this one. Are they crazy?! Moreover, I’m starting to get worried… how in the Hell are we going to learn to do THAt in 1 DAY?! I glance sideways at the trainer, nervously… and he sees me!


    “Eyes on the video, doll… even if you are useless. God, I swear I’ve seen bodybuilders more limber than you, and you don’t even have any muscles!”


    I blush and look forward, watching as the blonde bimbo assumes one last position…



    Wow. Of course. Geeze, wonder why they want us to be able to do that? I shiver with dread as unbidden images of a man laying on top of me in that position flood my mind… I lean back and give a token attempt at doing that, but my legs stop halfway up to my head, bent, and I look more like a dead spider.

     Michelle Bubbles 

    NPC Matthew Robinson:



    As the video comes to an end, the blonde in the video stands back up straight, smiling in a perfect submissive position, so still you can barely tell when I pause the image. Ah, I remember training her too… Candy Apple, the name we gave her I think. A bit clichè, but it worked for her, she struggled so much and then turned out so obedient. I quickly bring my attention back to the sissies here and now, not much time to go down memory lane.


    “All right dolls, good show. I was sarcastic of course, that was terrible, especially the blondie. But don’t worry, you are here just for that… now that’s out of the way, I think it’s time for Slut’s punishment first.”


    I march forward, syring in one hand and phone in the other, as I open Michy’s control panel. I smirk down at her.


    “I bet you know what I am going to do right? I can tell you are bracing for impact… you know you messed up, you know you are gonna be punished, and you know the pain is coming…”


    i slowly over my finger over the button, making a show of almost pressing it.


    “Here’s the thing, little slut… I have done this job for years. I know what you sissies are like. I know all KINDS of sissies like you… and you are one of the strong ones, right? I bet you are thinking right now how a little pain will not break you, how if i punish you with that, you will ride it out and come out stronger, more determined? Well, let me tell you something, slut…”


    And I press the button with a smug grin.


    “You are right.”


    And with that, Michy is hit with a constant prolonged stimulation at level 4 pleasure, instantly bringing her to the edge of orgasm and keeping her there, without hope of release. The plug suddenly becomes 10 times more intense, the feeling of her nipples against the top alone seems it should be enough to cum, but she can’t, and she will probably be ready to do anything to have an orgasm, or even a temporary, unsatisfying sissygasm in a few minutes. I step back to blondie, at the start of the line.


    “Arms out, now!”


    I say, preparing the syringe.

     Maddison Fours 

    Ok… I’m done. I thought I could do something at least acceptable by seeing the first move of the girl in the video, but after that things turned ridiculous. Impossible moves. I tried the best I could, but my best was clearly far, far away from good.

    I looked at the other sissies, Michelle was having a hard time and Michy was not comfortable either.

    The video ends and the trainer starts to complain. He punishes Michy (again) and threatens Michelle with a syringe. God knows what he has inside that syringe. Still feeling guilty for the pain that Michelle suffered for me when I entered the gym, I try to politely interfere.

    “What is going on? Is this really necessary?… Ahmm… Sir.”

     Michelle Bubbles 

    NPC Matthew Robinson:



    The blondie obediently puts forward her arm,I ignore Maddison, and Michelle simply trembles as I press the gun to her bicep and trigger it. A little ‘pshh’ can be heard as a dose of the serum is injected, almost painlessly, and I raise an eyebrow at Maddison who tried to interfere. I move over to her methodically, and the gun switches to the next dose, whirring for a moment as it prepares while I tower over the brunette.


    “Did I ask you to speak, Fuckdoll? You don’t get to make those questions here, but I am a kind, gentle soul, and I will answer anyway. Yes, it is. And even if it wasn’t, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret… i could do it anyway.”


    i say calmly, and like it was normal and expected, I slip my left hand under her top to grope and squeeze one of her delightful D cup tits, making sure to pinch and roll the nipple between my fingers.


    “Your wife sent you here for this, Fuckdoll. So you better get used to it… you will become her secreatry, correct? Oh don’t act so surprised and shocked, don’t tell me it’s the first time someone feels you up, but don’t worry, it gets better… you will learn to like it.”


    I say with a final grin as I squeeze the soft supple flesh a little bit more, before lifting the top and with my other hand shoot the dose right into her tit. It’s a bit more painful in such a sensitive area, but the important thing is that it got in her bloodstream.


    “Next time, hold your arm out when I say so, Fuckdoll.”


    I say coldly, not bothering to put her top back down to cover her breasts before I move towards Michy…

     Maddison Fours 

    My attempt to interfere failed. At first, that enormous man just ignored me, but after he ended up with Michelle, he came to me, accessed my boobs (recently genetically enhanced) from under my top and squeezed them.

    Exactly as I was told by the woman who was in charge of me in the corporation, my boobs and nipples are now extremely sensitive. As the man started to play with them, I instantly got horny and just forgot what I was doing. I was so angry, but I just couldn’t ignore the pleasure I felt. It was stronger than me and made me feel weak. My legs’ got unstable. I feel like I shut down for a second (I think). When I recovered I realized my top was lifted up, my boobs exposed and I had a needle prick on one of them. I didn’t feel anything, but now I feel a little heat on it.

    “What was that? Any kind of drug?” – I asked just for curiosity, still feeling like pleasure drunk, forgetting to cover my boobs. I was totally disoriented.


    As i get up from my lame bendover stretch, the girl goes into the next move. WTF. She lifts her foot over her head on her toe. I attempt, but end up falling.

    Thens she stretches backwards, in ungodly amount. I make an attempt.

    I cand do this shit! She then does the splits as i look on.
    “No way….. i cand do that.”

    I try, but my split is more like a ‘V’.

    She then bends and crosses her legs behind her head.

    “There is no way i can do that.”
    I just laid back and waited til the rest was done.

    The muscle head comes back holding the syringe gun.
    “All right dolls, good show. I was sarcastic of course, that was terrible, especially the blondie. But don’t worry, you are here just for that… now that’s out of the way, I think it’s time for Slut’s punishment first.”

    Great more pain. I tense my self as holds his phone out. Playing a psychological game telling me how much its going to hurt. Years of physical training should make better than most at this. I get ready for the worst.

    When i see him tap his screen it happened.
    “MMMMFFFFFF….Oh Gawd….. Mmmmhmmmm….”

    I slowly fall to the floor with pursed and open lips.

    Grabbing my head and hair as my butt plug goes off in me. Squirming in the floor everything in me is in pleasure and i am about to cum. I reach for my cock, but it is behind that damn sheild and i cant feel or touch it.

    “Mmmmhmmmm…. please…. let …me …. cum….”

    I pull off me top as my nipples sensitivity went through the roof. I want to cum and i cant.

    I have no idea what is going around me anymore. I just do t care. I just need to cum….

    Collared by Miss Phoenix.

    I love to play. I am a switch and a slut.

     Michelle Bubbles 

    NPC Matthew Robinson:



    I smirk as I approach Michy moaning on the floor. Good lord, that was a strong reaction… I lower the pleasure setting of the belt to level 3, should be enough to let her function. I snap my fingers in front of her face, calling her attention while I knject the serum into her arm too.


    “Focus slut, be a good girl, follow the instructions, and I might let you cum at the end. Stand up and face the mirror… but good idea nevertheless, I do think your skin needs to breathe.”


    I chuckle as I pick up and take away her top, leaving her breasts bare.


    “You too dolls, follow the example of Slut and let me see your tits. Fuckdoll, take the top off, Blondie… oh, you’re wearing a leotard hm? I guess you’ll have to be naked then.”


    I say with a hearty laugh, extending my hand to collect their clothes. Once I do that, I press play again and let the video roll once more…

     Michelle Bubbles 

    Blushing heavily at the request, I know better than to protest in any case. Slowly, squirming, I slip down the pink leotard, now basically naked as I show the world my small, hormone-growing breasts and my sissylink belt, the jewel in the plug easily seen from behind.



    I glance to my side and see both Maddison and Michy, now standing up, with their tits out, both much bigger than mine… is that what will happen to me, too? A wave of heat spreads through my body as I get myself turned on staring at their figure, the permanent curse of us sissies, forever aroused at the slightest stimulation… God they are beautiful…


    I shake my head and turn my attention back forward, where the bimbo in the screen has unfrozen, and has resumed talking.



    “Your trainer should have injected you with a dose of the wonderful, patented ‘Elastigirl’ serum. Did you thank them, sissies? remember, they are taking time out of their busy schedule to help YOU become better sissy girls! You might want to consider sucking their cock or eating their pussy by the end, it will ensure they know just how grateful you are!”


    She winks.


    “Now you are probably starting to feel the effects of the serum. Feel that weird tingle that is building in your whole body? If you don’t, please advise your trainer now, as you may be resistant to it.”


    There’s a moment of silence as she gives us a bit of time to say so, if we aren’t feeling it. I have definitely started feeling it! A growing weird sort of tingle and… weakness, of some sort, like when your leg muscles feel like jelly from too much exercise… but all over my body, and focused around my joint… all of them! I squirm a little as it builds, resisting the urge to scrath at my hips, knees, armpits and elbows where it seems to be stronger.


    “Do not be alarmed, as it is all perfectly natural and it’s just helping you achieve your true potential! The serum is loosening your muscles, overstimulating the creation of elastic collagen, loosening muscle fibers, and promoting the growth of your muscle cells in length, with the overall effect of making your limbs and joints super flexible straight away! We will need to stretch them the old fashioned way too, in a moment, so be ready for a lot more stretches! Another great thing the serum does, is that it will weaken your muscles considerably and permanently, ensuring you will be weak as a kitten pretty much for the rest of your life. Imagine how easily your master or mistress will be able to pin you down and have their way with you, doesn’t that make you just so excited?!”


    She giggles and claps her hands excitedly, and my eyes go wide for a moment. What did she just say?!

     Maddison Fours 

    My top was already lifted so I took it off in a quick move, as soon as the trainer requested, trying to avoid conflict.


    My legs were still unstable as the serum started to act, making me lose strength. The girl on the video started to explain what was going on. That answered my question from before. As the effect got a little stronger I fell on my knees and used my hands to avoid hitting my face on the ground.


    The trainer must have eased the setting as i am still gasping and wnting to cum, but i can focus on him and the other girls as well. He gets my attention by shooting my with the syringe gun.

    “Owwww… mmmmffffff….”

    I am still rubbing and pinching myself looking for something to send me over however as i uneasily stand.

    “Please let me cum”
    I plead with him. I watch as he tosses my top leaving my breasts which were surgically enhansed and sensitized. I punch and rub my nipples as he has the other girls remove there tops and in Michelle’s case, her whole outfit.

    And now he is calling me ‘Slut’? That asshole. But with this thing on me, i really need to get off. Have to find a way.

    I look at the other two. They may be sissies like i am being forced to be but they are more than passable. They are beautiful.
    “Please help me cum. I need to cum. Ill do anything. ”

    The video ztarts playing ase i continue to rub myself…but unable to touch myself.

    As i listen and watch the horror becomes much worse. We will become flexible and limber sissies. And worst of all weak as our muscles will make us weak so that anyone can overpower us.


    But as i rub myself, i feel the tingling as i am now trying to get off and fight what is happening to me. But i can already feel a sore and jelly feel to my legs….

    Collared by Miss Phoenix.

    I love to play. I am a switch and a slut.

     Michelle Bubbles 

    NPC Matthew Robinson:



    I chuckle as I watch the sissies react to their new strength, this brings a smile to my face every time. The reaction is actually a side effect, the serum was originally developed for atheletes in an attempt to help with limbering up, as well as the treatment of some muscular diseases… but degeneration of muscle tissue was clearly a no from athletes, and people that already had medical conditions. Perfect for our process in any case!


    “Get up, Fuckdoll… I know you’re not THAT weak! Slut, stop chatting, your friends can’t help you cum, and get your head back on the training! If you are good and follow the instructions of the nice pretty bimbo in the mirror, I may let you cum, how does that sound?”


    I say with my arms crossed, that should be enough to get them to go along with the training. Alright, now the least fun part starts… well, let’s just get out of the way… I start walking behind the sissies, carefully watching them as the video continues.

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