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    I sit behind the desk, waiting for them both to arrive.  I’m a little annoyed that I’m the one waiting.  All I will say is that they better arrive soon.


     Felicia Wood 

    The nightmare of M & R continues!

    I do not know what happened, but I’ve been summoned to see a Miss Daniels. Worse, I had to dress like a school girl. Not that I have much choice in the matter. In addition to making me look like a girl, I have to act like a girl.

    Or else.

    I walked out of the changing room to find myself alone. Mistress Dyvia must have gone on ahead… or left me here to be tormented further. I find the room number, and a chill goes through me as I see the words PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCE on the door. Could it be Laura is coming? And will she see me… like this?!?

    I enter the room, and instinctively curtsey, my cheeks flushed with shame…

    My name is... Felicia... and, um... I'm not supposed to... (biting lower lip)… play... with BOYS!

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    “Well hello, Felicia.  Look how adorable you are turning out.”

    I smile at her, watching her awkwardly curtsey, uncomfortable on all accounts.

    “My name is Miss Daniels, and we’re going to spend a little bit of time today talking with your Sponsor.  A lot of time and energy has been spent arranging for you to be here, so we want to make sure you know just why you’re here and what is expected of you.  Does that make sense, Princess?”

    I smile sweetly at her, not waiting for an answer.  Standing up I click over to her personal space.

    “Before your Sponsor gets here, we should review your uniform though.  I know you are still new, but I’m afraid you are in some pretty serious trouble already.”

    I slowly stalk around her, a predator circling prey.  I keep my phone in my hand, my predator claws for taking down the weak.  I tap a button and order her chastity belt to start arousing the little thing trapped between her legs.  I chose the slow edge… a gentle tickle that is going to increment a tiny amount every minute.  An inch that the girl will not be able to scratch.  While the belts have an instant edging option, the slow method is much more intense and torturous.  Every minute until the setting is turned off, the arousal will grow just a little more.  By keeping the setting slow, it allows for a much more intense edging, one that doesn’t end until it is turned off.

    “So let’s see… your skirt is not pulled up high enough.  Your blouse is buttoned too high.  Your midriff is not exposed.  Your lips are not shiny.  And that’s just for starters…”

    From behind, I yank her skirt higher, exposing the very top of her thighs.  Even the slightest breeze would now show her panties.  As I move around to her front, I yank her blouse causing the top button to pop off, exposing that bra that is pushing up her tiny glued on breasts.  I tug the shirt out of her skirt and tie a quick knot in it, just a little too tight so it hugs her stomach, exposing her smooth midriff.  Leaning into her, I let my hand slide down between her legs, feeling the wetness.  I bring the hand up to her lips and lightly trace them with her own arousal.

    “There.  That at least puts you up to a bare minimum.  Please bend over the desk.  We’ll get your punishment over with.  If you hurry, we might be done before your Sponsor comes and watches.”

    I push her towards the desk, watching her stagger in the heels.  My hand grabs the yardstick by the board, and I do a quick swish through the air.  It makes her back arch and her knees week.

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     Felicia Wood 

    It’s as if I’m in a trance. Miss Daniels pulls and tugs on my uniform (no, not my uniform – this was hanging on the wall, and I put it on. it is not mine!), and it feels so wonderful (i’m so horny and I want to cum… but I can’t…). I look into her eyes, and reflected back in the black iris, I see myself. A very slutty schoolgirl version of myself.

    My guard is dropping as she teases me. My mind races back to all the TG erotica I read before. This was a favorite fantasy of mine, being all dolled up like a girl and sent to school. I close my eyes as I feel her fingers on my thighs. I remember the naughty sensations I would feel envisioning myself as a target for all those big, rough men who wanted me to satisfy their desires. I lose myself in the daydream of being the kind of slut that, deep down, I’ve always longed to be.

    I lose track of reality, imagining myself on my knees in front of a large athletic male, slurping and sucking on his cock like a pro…

    I come to and find Miss Daniels tracing my lips with something salty and slippery… oh God, please tell me that it’s mine. I feel the slickness on my lips, and it drives me crazier than before. If it wasn’t for this belt, I’d be doing everything I could to make myself cum. I let out a low moan and pout when she makes me stagger over to the desk in these impossible heels.

    This horniness is making my body far more sensitive than ever before. I can feel the tightness of my clothes, especially my shirt pressing into my breasts. I can feel the breeze on my long legs ticking my skirt as the hem dances around my panties. I can feel my breasts and bottom wiggle and heave as I teeter over the desk. She pushes me over as she talks of punishment… and my sponsor. I hear the air whistle sharply…


    I bit my lip and try to stifle a scream as she smacks my panty covered bottom with a yardstick. In this position, my little plaid skirt has ridden up, offering only my silky panties as protection against being spanked. The second sound is followed by a much harder strike, and I cry out in pain. I try to block out the sensation, but I cannot. Again. Again. Tears roll down my eyes as I cry out like a naughty girl being punished, praying that Laura will not see me.

    Not because I’m dressed like this, and not because I’m being spanked as a girl gets spanked… but because deep down, in spite of the pain, I am aroused by being treated like this…

    My name is... Felicia... and, um... I'm not supposed to... (biting lower lip)… play... with BOYS!


    Five quick slices is all it takes.  Her smooth, pale flesh welts red beneath her barely-there school girl panties.  Tears are rolling down her cheeks and her breath hitches.  Nothing makes Sissies more adorable than when they bawl like little girls.

    “Pull yourself together Felicia,” I say, pulling her upright by the scruff of her neck, “Your Sponsor is on their way up.”

    I watch her wipe her nose with the back of her hand and try to pull the tears streaming down her cheeks back into her eyes.  She admirably stops sobbing, but the tracks of her eye makeup and the runny sniffles of her nose leave little doubt that she has been weeping.  The perfect look for her to meet her Sponsor.

    There is a knock on the door.

    “Am I in the right room?”

    The deep male voice causes the sissy to spin around with a yelp of horror.  The large, black man in the doorway is easily twice my size, his physique clearly alpha and masculine.

    “Come right in, Mr. Parker.  We’ve been expecting you.”

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     Felicia Wood 

    “Am I in the right room?”

    The sound of a man’s voice causes me to gasp loudly and spin around towards the door. I spin so fast that I twirl my skirt, exposing my white lacy panties. My hand goes to my mouth and my eyes widen with horror…

    All this talk of my sponsor had me expecting Laura to come into the room. I have been trying for days now to prepare for her seeing me like this. She knows of the sissy captions and erotica, the images, and even the few items I stole from her and hid away. Yet, I was unsure of how she would react seeing me living out my hidden desires.

    But now, I am looking at this large muscular man with a deep voice. I am scared. Truly scared. I look at Miss Daniels for comfort, but her smile gives me none at all. I look back at this man, Mr. Parker. Even if I were dressed like a man, even if they had never done a single thing to me, he would still be an alpha to my beta. But now, in front of a large muscular black man as I tremble in a school girl outfit… there is no doubt as to what a real man he is. Strong. Powerful. And VERY male!

    With short, panting breaths, I curtsey before him out of instinct…

    My name is... Felicia... and, um... I'm not supposed to... (biting lower lip)… play... with BOYS!


    ‘You must be Ms Daniels’

    I’m shaking her hand but my eyes have not left the crying cocktease in the schoolgirl uniform.  There is no way that chick is a guy.  It had to be a bait and switch.

    Ms Daniels sees my doubt and nods.

    I walk over to the sissy slut and check her out.  I grab her cheeks with my hand turning her face left and right.  She sure as shit don’t look like a guy.

    I spin her around grabbing a handful of her ass under her skirt.  Her flesh is smooth and soft in my hand.

    I look at Ms Daniel and nod back.

    ’She’ll do’



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     Felicia Wood 

    I am terrified as he comes over towards me. He is so close to me that I can smell his cologne. He takes my face in his hands and handles me roughly. He leans in so close that he could… kiss me! Nothing could stop him. In his hands, I feel such raw power…

    Worse, the tingling under my belt seems to be getting stronger. Oh no, this man is turning me on!

    He spins me around, and I am thankful. I could never have broken away from his gaze. So strong, so powerful, so…


    I let out a girly squeal as I feel his hand on my ass! My little bottom is so sore and tender, and he is so strong and rough. And yet, his hand rubbing my little cheeks feels so good…

    I close my eyes, and begin to pant. This can’t be happening…

    My name is... Felicia... and, um... I'm not supposed to... (biting lower lip)… play... with BOYS!


    I watch with a smile as the man inspects the merchandise.  The whimper the sissy gives when he grabs her ass, still welted red from the beating I just administered, makes my smile grow.

    ”I’m glad you approve, Mr. Parker,” I say moving back over to my chair behind the desk.

    “Please have a seat,” I gesture to the chair on the other side of the desk.  “Felicia…please go stand in the corner while Mr. Parker and I discuss your studies.”

    I point to the corner behind my desk, knowing that the Sissy will be in direct eye sight of the man for the entire conversation.  As he sits, I watch his eyes drift back to her.  That’s a good sign.  We want him infatuated.

    ”So as you know, Mr. Parker, this Sissy was sent here by her fiancé…a Miss…” I check the file, “Miss Laura Wood.”

    I hear a shuffle from behind me.  Whether it is from hearing her fiancés name, from the increasing edging of her belt, or from the fear of the situation, the cause is uncertain.

    “Stop fidgeting Felicia,” I say calmly but sternly.  With a swish of the yardstick, I harshly tap her thigh bringing another little red welt to her pale skin.

    ”So while this Sissy has a Sponsor, she is unfortunately not financially able to maintain the cost of keeping Felicia here for the duration of her training.”

    The man listens, but his eyes are on the whimpering sissy in the corner.

    ”Which brings us to you, Mr. Parker.  With your financial commitment to our organization, I would like for you to consider being a donor and providing a scholarship for Felicia here.  We call the program the Daddy/Daughter Sponsorship and I think it might be something you find very…” I smile hearing another whimper behind me, “…rewarding…”


     Felicia Wood 

    I stand in the corner, trying very hard not to squirm or fidget. I keep my legs clamped together, to both sooth the dull ache between my legs, and to keep Mr. Parker from seeing my panties. I try to fight the image I know he’s seeing, but looking in the mirror, I can see my own reflection.

    Black Mary Jane Heels… knee length socks… a tiny little plaid skirt barely covering white lace panties… a white shirt tied savagely tight, making lace covered breasts pop up… long hair tied into a ponytail with a red ribbon… bright red lips… and eyes that look sexy even through the running mascara…

    But before that, Mr. Parker staring at me with a look of pure lust in his eyes.

    Lost in his eyes, I hear her name. Laura Wood.

    I shudder, hoping that Miss Daniels has called her in the room so she could save me. I want to cry out, I want to run to her. Oh save me, please! Take me away from this awful place…


    A sharp blow to my thigh makes me wince and tear up again. I bite my lower lip to keep from sobbing, but all that does is make me look sexier in this man’s eyes. I try to block all of this out, but when I hear Daddy/Daughter, my knees buckle, and I feel like I’m going to faint…

    My name is... Felicia... and, um... I'm not supposed to... (biting lower lip)… play... with BOYS!


    ‘I ain’t looking for a daughter Ms Daniels’

    I look at the sissy in the corner.  Her red ass is exposed under her slutty short skirt.

    ‘You told me this a rent to own thing.  So how do I rent her.’

    God her ass is hot.  I can’t stop picturing her bent over the desk, my cock balls deep in her slutty hole.  Just thinking about it has me rock hard.



    “That is, in essence, what the Daddy/Daughter scholarship provides.  By assuming the ‘parental’ role of Felicia here, you would be in control of what classes she takes, how she dresses, how she …” I clear my throat, “…develops…” I cup my hands in front of my chest to make the point clear.

    “You would essentially help us design Felicia from the ground up.”

    Another whimper behind me causes the yardstick to swish through the air again.  It hits her thighs with a satisfying crack.

    “In addition to that, you would be entitled to twenty five percent of any revenue she might bring in while working here.  Should she work as a maid, that would not be much, but this also includes any of the streaming revenue from the security footage in her room at night, as well as any revenue made should you choose to time-share her.  There are a lot of lucrative ways that Sissies can earn back their investment.”

    I smile, getting ready to make the sale…

    ”…and of course by being her “Daddy”, you can make her do anything you want at any hour, provided you do not violate the permanent damage clause.  Want her mouth at your disposal every morning, we build it into her routine.  Want to dress her like a Playboy bunny?  All you have to do is request it.  Want to give a friend a birthday present he won’t forget… that’s what your “daughter” is for.”

    I lean forward making the conversation more intimate.

    ”Rent to own comes into play should the woman who sent her here choose not to take her back.  Becoming her Daddy would then give you first right.  You can then choose to keep or auction her.  You gave to look at this as an investment…with benefits…”

    I slide a piece of paper across the table to him.

    ”As you can see, almost every Daddy has more than made their money back through this investment.  Best of all, you’re free to stop at anytime, or upgrade to a newer model.  It’s really a win, win.”

    I lean back, watching him watch the sissy in the corner.

    ”So what do you say, Mr. Parker?  Are you interested?”

    OOC:  Tyrone… If you keep donating to the site, I might really sell her to you.  :D.

    Just kidding.  Just a reminder that this is a consensual thing for a Felicia to play, but she can always say no in real life.

     Felicia Wood 

    I’m trying to think, to speak. I’m so horny in my schoolgirl uniform (no longer a costume?) that I have trouble concentrating…

    The conversation is only coming to me in pieces. As a businessman, I should have immediately focused on the words “streaming revenue” and “contract”… but as a horny little schoolgirl, I instead let my imagination run wild when Miss Daniels suggests I become a French Maid…

    or a Playboy Bunny…

    And then of course, there’s Mr. Parker. The way he looks at me… and image in my mind of sitting on his lap and calling him Daddy…


    I jump and scamper a little as Miss Daniels corrects me on my thigh. That one really hurt and I turn my body away from her. My body faces the corner, and I look at them over my shoulder. Fresh tears rolls down my eyes as my lower lip trembles. I don’t want her to hit my thighs anymore. I’m smart enough not to leave my corner, and stay right where they want me…

    But not smart enough to know to put my skirt down…

    My name is... Felicia... and, um... I'm not supposed to... (biting lower lip)… play... with BOYS!


    My mind starts picturing the slut in the corner in all kinds of outfits and positions.  Am I interested?  Fuck yeah.  But you don’t take the first car your shown without a test drive.

    ‘Why this one?  I like blondes.  Cmere slut.  Lay across my lap and let me take a look at ya.’

    OOC:  I understand and will only do what she really wants.



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     Felicia Wood 

    I don’t even need to see Miss Daniels stare to know what to do. I put on my best smile, even though my eyes are still wide with fear/anticipation, and walk as sexily as I can over to Mr. Parker. I sway my hips as best I can for him. But I’m still so new at this, and just as I approach him, I stumble badly in my heels and fall towards him.


    Instinctively, he catches me like any other object thrown at him. I feel his arms encircle me as I literally fall into his lap. My god, this man is strong and his body is so… so… wow… I can’t help myself from running my one hand up his chest to feel his muscles. I’m so horny and worked up, and he feels so good. And in his lap, I feel very much like a girl in the presence of a real man. Before I can even think, I look into his eyes and smile…

    “Thank you, Daddy!”

    My name is... Felicia... and, um... I'm not supposed to... (biting lower lip)… play... with BOYS!


    The slut is all over me.  I know she’s a sissy and has her cock trapped and locked away but the rest of her looks and feels like a hot girl.  Her voice sounds like teenage jailbait and my cock responds to her rolling around on my lap.  I run one hand between her legs and feel her smooth thighs right below her chastity belt.  My other hand grabs one of her breasts and squeezes it roughly.

    ‘so if I take this one, I can make some improvements right?’

    I pinch her nipple hard feeling her wriggle around.

    ‘Bigger tits for instance.’

    I grab her tit again, jiggling it and tickling her thigh.

    ‘and I assume I have access to her whenever I need?’





    “Of course,” I say smiling, “Felicia why don’t you slide between Mr. Parker’s legs and show him your appreciation while we talk about your future.”

    There is a tell-tale whimper from the slut as she oozes between his legs.  The sound of his zipper is loud in the quiet room.  I bite my cheek to stop myself from laughing out loud.  There is a huge satisfaction in letting the ‘girl’ hear what is going to happen to her, while she is stuck pleasuring the cock of a man deciding her fate.

    ”Let’s take a look at her file together,” I say tapping her ID into the computer and sharing it with the man across the table.  His phone buzzes in his pocket, and the wet, slurping sound stops briefly as he retrieves the phone from his pocket.  It resumes almost immediately.

    ”You are now an admin for Felicia here,” I say as he inspects the Sissylink alert on his phone, tapping it to access her controls and stats.

    As you can see she is scheduled for breast surgery at the end of the month.  Her sponsor has suggested C cups, but is not object to a larger size.  As her Financial sponsor, you can alter that size request at any time up until her surgery.

    Feel free to look through the rest of her account.  You can require all manner of things.. Lip implants, lipo, Achilles’ tendon alteration… you can even adjust her suggested IQ if you’d like her to be more of a bimbo.  Hair color can Ge adjusted weekly… you can also use the slider in the middle to adjust her makeup regiment anywhere from ‘innocent’ to ‘whore’.

    She has currently earned access to three uniforms: school, maid and bunny girl.  More are available, but she will have to earn them by being properly trained to wear them.  Think of it like a video game, you can unlock new costumes just by playing with her.  Want her to have a stripper outfit, then enroll her in erotic dance lessons and upon her completion that gets added to her options.  It’s quite fun once you get used to it and almost addictive… I have a couple of sissies that have earned hundreds of outfits… it makes them more fun knowing the sluts suffered to get them for you.

    You, of course, also have access to her controls.  She seems to be doing pretty well down there, why don’t you give her a little edging pleasure as a reward.  Just tap the pleasure option and watch how she reacts.

     Felicia Wood 

    “Felicia why don’t you slide between Mr. Parker’s legs and show him your appreciation while we talk about your future.”

    Keep smiling, I tell myself, as I slide between his legs and undo his zipper. His cock is the largest one I’ve seen since I’ve been here. Thanks to Miss Daniels training and Mistress Dyvia’s implants, I am a far better cock sucker than I ever imagined. I look up at Daddy and smile, trying to look innocent and cute as I perform the act of a wanton slut.

    His cock tastes… I don’t want to say it… it tastes good. I am quickly… too quickly… getting used to the taste of a man’s cock inside of my mouth. I moan and purr, and let my studded tongue roll all around as my lips slowly draw it in and out. All the while, I listen to Miss Daniels talk. I listen to what she and him want me to be, and I can’t help but be turned on. He can make me his school girl… his maid…  his bunny girl… whatever he wants me to be, I’ll be for him. I can’t help but imagine a wedding night scenario. Long forbidden, but so close now it turns me on badly.

    I slurp and suck on his cock like a woman possessed. I’m so turned on by this situation… and later on, I’ll look back at this as the first time Laura wasn’t on my mind as I debased myself before a man…

    My name is... Felicia... and, um... I'm not supposed to... (biting lower lip)… play... with BOYS!

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