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     Avani Reddy 

    My eyes slowly open and come to focus as I first hear the sound of soft, muffled banging. I see the taxi driver is knocking on the glass between us and I take out my earphones, cutting off Supertramp abruptly. He lets me know that “we’re here” and I take a quick glance outside, getting my confirmation as I spot the “M&R Corporation” signage accompanying the lavish building before me, the sun at high-noon glaring against the glass. I give a quick nod and smile to the driver as I pass him $20 for the fare, and telling him to “keep the change” for the smooth ride and for letting me get some shut-eye. Stepping out of the cab and grabbing my backpack, I take a moment to admire the view in front of me, still surprised that I’m actually here.

    It’s been about a year since I graduated from university and some big things have happened since then: my girlfriend of four years moved back to America after studying with me in Scotland, I spent some months unemployed as I desperately tried to get myself a job (first in my ideal field of TV production, then just anything after a while). Half a year of unemployment later, my girlfriend brought up the subject of me moving to the States to be with her and, given how jobless I was at the time, I agreed. We spent some time scouting out jobs for me, carrying out interviews over Skype. Eventually I was able to land an office job near where she lived (I didn’t plan on it being a permanent job, just something to give me an employment status over there while I looked for better work).

    Fast forward a few weeks after the landing the job and I’m leaving Scotland behind and landing in America! My first week there was incredible; seeing my girlfriend again before my job started the next week made me happier than I’d been in a long while. And after starting my job, I even came to enjoy that! However, the good times didn’t last as pretty much a month after starting my job, the company collapsed. Turns out that the business was on a honeymoon-period after striking gold with a previous venture, and management failed to set up a buffer for when the work slowed down.  The massive expenses from new employees were too much for them and, as the newest guy there, I was the first one out. Spent a few months after that living with my girlfriend, unemployed, as our relationship seriously started to strain. Fast forward to two days ago and my girlfriend comes home from her work, sits me down and tells me that she’s lined up a possible job for me at somewhere called “M&R Corporation” and that I’d better not “screw it up”.

    Coming back to today, I check myself over one last time, making sure that my white shirt, black trousers and black work-shoes still look neat. I quickly check my hair in the reflection of the glass of the building, running my fingers through my slicked-back dark hair as my palms touch the shaved sides. I step into the building, a little awestruck by the incredible interior – this place seems pretty high-tech compared to my last job. Several people pass before I’m snapped out of my stupor. Realising that I’m clogging up the area near the doorway, I bow my head with a fair amount of embarrassment and quickly walk over to the reception desk. With my head still down I cough and quickly stammer out “Hi, u-um, my name is Ajay Reddy and I’ve been told that I have a job interview here. I’m not too sure where to go” without checking if there is anyone there in the first place. I was relatively calm before entering the building but it feels like I’ve just hit a wall of nervousness not that I’m here.

    [OOC – Hi there! I know this has been a fairly long intro post, and sorry if its too long to start off with – I just got sucked into the writing a little :P. I’ve been here a couple of days and felt like I should finally make my intro post. Really looking forward to getting properly started here! In case anyone would need it, I’ve written up my character on my profile, and I’ll be adding to it over time, fleshing it out. I have a short physical description of my character pre-transformation (ie in boy-mode) just in case it would be useful for anyone. If anyone would be able to/eager to help out with my introduction to The Corporation then that would be amazing! Thank you for reading and hope everyone is having a wonderful day.]

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    “What a mess the wind has made of my hair!”, I think to myself as I look in the long mirror behind the reception desk.  Next to me, I see the reflection of a sweet, almost pretty face.  In that dark business suit, I take you for a butch girl by your deportment.  But no, on second thoughts .. Your dark hair is slicked back too authentically.   I stare at your reflection, still not sure.  A couple of inches shorter than me, you and I have has a similar build.  You are having difficulty catching the receptionist’s attention.

    So, “Can I help you?”  I ask, offering a warm and sincere smile, “Perhaps you would join me for a drink until the desk is less busy?”  Without waiting for a reply, I take you by the elbow and gently lead you over to a secluded corner table, away from the noisy chatter of the main lounge.  You look a little startled but meekly comply with my directions.  You look lost for words so I continue.  “Things can be a bit hectic here until you are used to the place.”

    My sixth sense tells me that you need some guidance so I plunge right in.  “To be frank, its all too easy to find yourself carried along to places you’d rather not go”.  I say quietly, looking round so as not to be overheard.  I sigh, “I only wish that I had better advice when I arrived here” I say as much to myself as to you.  My second wave to a waitress is ignored.  ‘The service is no good today!” I proclaim rather too loudly.  A couple of heads turn but soon turn back to their own business.

    “Anyway,” I continue, reception looks free now.  If you want to check in, you shouldn’t have any trouble.  I apologise for intruding so forcefully!  But if you would like to ask my advice about making a start here, we could go to my place for a drink first,  at least the service there is better.” I laugh as I stand and make to leave.  I hesitate politely just to see if you wish to join me.


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     Avani Reddy 

    I’m left standing for a few seconds with no reply from the reception desk and as I look up I notice just how busy the desk actually. Feeling left a little red-faced from basically butting in, I almost step away from the desk before my ears perk up as I hear someone talking to me. I turn and notice a pair of sweet eyes looking at me and a smile which helps me to feel a little bit less anxious in my surroundings. She asks if I would wish to join her for a drink and, as I open my mouth, I notice her arm linked with mine. She starts to move and I follow her lead – but not without taking one last glance towards the desk. I’m sure one drink wouldn’t hurt.

    She leads me to a table and I grab a seat next to her, nodding along as she mentions that this place can be hectic. My eyebrow raises as she brings up something about being “carried along to places you’d rather not go”. I don’t really understand just what she means by things but she is already continuing with her own train of thought before I can get a word out. Her blunt comment to the service startles me a little – mainly due to my returning nerves – and my eyes glance over to the reception desk as she points out that the reception desk has quietened down.

    Then, pretty much as quickly as she appeared, she begins to make her leave, but not without extending an invitation to have a drink with her at her place. As she stands, my eyes dart between her and the desk, struggling to choose between the two. A few seconds of silence pass before I stand and do my best to give her a confident smile, “I’m sure one drink couldn’t hurt. I’ll have to let the receptionist know that I’m here for a job interview, but I’m a little early anyways so I have some time.”

    My mind is still racing from my nerves but I still try to make myself look confident by offering her my arm to link into again, though the offering looks a lot more clumsy. “O-oh, uh, my name is Ajay Reddy, by the way. It’s nice to meet you… Miss?” I say as I realise that all of that happened without me catching her name. I continue, “ And by ‘you place’ do you mean your office? Do you work here?”

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    “So nice to meet you Ajay.  You may call me Mistress.” I lead you over to where you have left your backpack.”  I wait for you to put it on and explain, “No, I don’t work here but my apartment is connected.  The Corporation owns the whole block.” I take your arm firmly again.  “Come then, we have no time to lose”, I insist, smiling, “This way.” I keep looking around furtively. I walk you slowly beside the back wall of the foyer until we reach an anonymous door. I stop and look around to check we are not seen before quickly darting through, unobserved. We are in a dim service corridor. I take you into the empty elevator. “Just in time,” I gasp, Didn’t you notice those eager vultures eyeing you hungrily? What a piece of luck that you bumped into me before your so-called ‘interview’! I’ll explain when we are safe in my apartment.”

    Minutes later, after a dizzying route by little known ways, we emerge onto a plush corridor a short step from my apartment. Once inside, I breathe easily and explain. “Its best we are discrete. At least while you are dressed like this. Didn’t you notice that you were the only man in the place? Or at least, the only one dressed as one!” I give you a knowing smile and chuckle mischievously. I take you by the hand into a small bedroom. I release your hand and go over to the French window. I turn on the TV. Donald Trump is promising the earth to become president. ‘Oh, I’ll be so glad when 2016 is over. All this is so boring!” I complain as I find a music channel. I turn it up loudly.

    “I don’t wanna be your lover
    I don’t wanna be your fool
    Pick me up whenever you want it
    Throw me down when you are through…”

    I sing along quietly with Olly. I return to face you and unbutton your jacket. I turn you so I can slip it from your shoulders. “There are Corporation cameras everywhere.” I murmur, “I have changed the feed to the one in here, so with the TV on, we are unseen and unheard.” I turn you back to face me. I look deeply into your eyes for a few moments; long enough to make you feel a little uncomfortable. You put your hands across your chest. I smile reassuringly, and turn my attention to loosening your tie. I unfasten the top button of your shirt. Without hesitating, I continue to explain, “We must get you into something more suitable, my dear. You stand out like a sore thumb dressed like this. Didn’t you notice all those prying eyes?” You look scared. I feel you move your hands to resist me as I continue to open your shirt. “Oh, don’t be silly.” I giggle “Just think of me as a big sister. Very well, do it yourself then, but hurry. I’ll pour us a drink while you get changed”

    Perhaps I am going too quickly so I push you playfully into the shower room. “Take a shower and I’ll get you something more fitting.” When I hear the shower running I gather some items from the wardrobe and busy myself checking sizes of an assortment of them. I select some and lay them on the bed. When I hear the shower turn off, I enter the bathroom. I see your trim silhouette behind the curtain. I collect your discarded clothes. “Just for now, slip this on and come through when you are ready, I say quietly, almost whispering, as I hang a delicate, purple silk dressing gown on the hook. I collect your shoes and jacket from the bedroom and take them through to the closet. When I return, you are just emerging from the bathroom, wrapped awkwardly in my robe. “Oh, it suits you so well,” I exclaim . “Now come sit down and let me explain all the urgency.”

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    The TV is done telling us that Olly doesn’t want to be my lover anymore.  Now Supertramp are telling me,

    “Dreamer, you stupid little dreamer, …

    You know, well you know, you had it comin’ to you
    Now, there’s not a lot I can do ….

    Oh ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, ma
    you can see anything you want, boy
    you can be anyone, celebrate, boy”

    You sit quietly, looking a little apprehensive, I continue.

    “Now, where to begin? Well, to start with, the interview isn’t for a job. The Corporation uses the interviews to lure unsuspecting applicants into signing a ‘contract of employment’ with very binding small-print. Once signed up, you become their property. You will be feminized and then be obliged to provide sexual services to their wealthy clients, often in front of their other guests. Fine if you are an exhibitionist. You may quite like the training but once you are hired out, it is not so much fun. Unless, that is, you are extreme in your sexual preferences. If you would enjoy being a completely helpless plaything of some of the most forceful and depraved sadist … then you can sign up today. But at least you will do so in the full knowledge of what it is that you are letting yourself in for.”

    I have been pouring two long drinks from a carafe as I talk. I hand one to you and sit beside you on the bed. “Or, just for the moment, you can stay here while you decide what you would like to do, join the Corporation or go freelance.  There are lots of folk here to help you without being in hock to the Corporation.  I have to go away on business in a couple of days so you can have the place to yourself until I return.”

    “In the meantime, what shall we do?” I continue. “You choose. I can return your business suit and you can go back down for your ‘interview’. Or, we can find something a little more feminine for you and we can go out to the Plaza for something to eat.”

    I run my hand around your wet hair, examining it closely. “So conveniently short”, I muse, “My hairdresser can give you a wonderful gamin look. A touch of the Audrey Hepburn.” In the meantime, would you like to borrow a wig? I have several.


    Suddenly the phone rings.  I answer.  I hang up looking worried.  “I must just go out for a while.  Make yourself at home.  I’ll ask my friend to call in and see if you are OK. Must rush.”  And I dash out.

     Kathy lynn 

    O” a very good friend has ask me to come by  and see her ? She sound very upset, So I decide to hurry over to see here…

    ”O” “O”! “O”!!!….. excuse me ma’am or is that sure, “O” front and center, that means now……What’s your name?

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