Excitement builds as I review my purchases

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    My reaction as I think about what I’ve bought to wear:



    “Dare to be different”, hmmm… interesting…



    Now you begin to see why I’m so excited…wonder what’s in the bag?



    Take it out of the bag… Lovely pink tissue paper… Show me what’s inside…



    Unwrap and… ooohhh!!!



    Mmmm… a lovely babydoll, waspie, thong and stockings… can’t wait to get this little outfit on!


    Ooohhh!!! That lovely babydoll. Imagine how delicate and wafty it’s going to feel. How it’s going to hang down, the hem delicately brushing my buttocks. How it will brush over, delicately teasing the tip of my grateful cock, especially when I walk around.


    Now that gorgeous waspie.

    Can’t wait to wrap that wide band around my waist.  With its three rows of hook and eye fastenings I’ll be going for the tightest fit.  It’s going to give me just that little bit of shape and it’s going to feel so sexy hugging my waist. Not to mention how sexy it will look, especially with those suspender straps.

    Little wonder my cute little cock is so eager to assert itself. Though it often fascinates me how my cock asserts it’s masculinity whilst demanding femininity…


    Now that itsy thong!

    Well… I know I’m small, but even I might struggle in that!

    It’s certainly going to be nice trying to pack everything in…  it’ll be straining to get out…  and that string in my crack… mmmm, delicious!


    Well now… Stockings.

    No decent outfit is complete without stockings.

    The feel of the sheer material on my legs will be delightful. Hugged and encased in nylon…


    … he just can’t wait! The thought of that waspie and those stockings hugging my waist and legs. Oh, I’m gonna get so wet!

    The last vestige of my masculinity drives me into femininity…


    Fancy shoe box. Can’t wait to see what delights await…


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Open up the box and… oohh oohhh!</p>


    Take the shoes out of the box…


    …and unwrap them… Ooooohhhhh, it’s going to feel so sexy wearing and walking around in those…

    …hmmmm, guess it’s time to get dressed up…


    Take off those trousers and t-shirt, leaving me naked. My cute little cock stands as proud as it can, looking skyward it weeps arousal from its eye. I can’t resist so I gently gather some pre cum on my finger, raise it to my parted lips and lick it from my finger, savouring the delicate salty nectar on my tongue.

    There’ll be more of that later. My cute little cock always produces more pre cum when I dress up.

    I step into my thong and it certainly is a struggle to get everything in. It won’t be long before a wet patch will grow on the front.

    I pick up the waspie and wrap it around my waist. I fasten the hooks and eyes. Then adjust it into the correct position. Mmmm, feels sooooo sexxxxyyyy…!!!

    Then I pull the stockings up my legs. It feels so wonderful as the nylon runs up my legs. The tops sit nicely at the top of my thighs.

    I attach the suspenders from the waspie to the stocking tops.  The nylon feels so good stretched over my legs.

    Then I step into the babydoll and pull it slowly up my legs, up my torso and put my arms through the straps. I adjust them over my shoulders. Ooohh how delicate and floaty it is, brushing the top of my buttocks and it wants to tease my sensitive cock tip. My cock strains against the material of the thong begging to have the delicate material of the babydoll brushing over it. I restrain myself for now, denying my cock its demand, already it is leaking pre cum freely, dampening the material of the thong.
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I sit down on the edge of the bed. Then I step into the shoes, sliding my toes as far forward, then zipping up at the heel to hold my feet in place.</p>
    Mmm mmm… ssooooooo seeeexxxxxyyyyy…!!!



    I stand up and get used to the heels. I begin to strut, swaying my hips.

    Wow, how sexy this feels!

    I reach under the babydoll. I pull my cute little cock out of the thong. I let the delicate babydoll fall over and envelope my turgid wet cock. I gasp quietly. Then I begin to strut around in my heels again and the material teases the tip of my cock delightfully. Mmm mmm… Oooooohhhh!!!

    I don’t need to be put into chastity. If you just let me dress like this, I’ll do anything you ask…just, please, let me stay dressed like this…

    …unless you want to put me in a corset and lace me in, of course….


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