Evelyn arrives at Melandren [Invite Only]

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    Two separate voices – one to your left, another to your right.  Muffled.  Indistinct.  The sound of beeping – rhythmic – constant.

    Consciousness becoming clearer as you feel you are lying on something soft.  You’re cold and uncomfortable.   Cold air blowing down on you from above – an air conditioning unit perhaps?  It smells…. medical – a mix of disinfectant and something else.

    Trying to move, you find you can’t.  Something around your ankles.  There’s no “give”, you can’t even move them slightly.   It’s the same with your wrists.  You’re being restrained but how?  And why?

    The voice to your left:  “We’ve had the bloodwork back and there are no abnormalities.  Endocrine levels are within acceptable ranges.  We’re almost ready for surgery”

    The voice to your right which you instantly recognise as mine:  “Dr Mullholland has confirmed the finalised parameters.  I’ve had final sign-off from upstairs and I’ve submitted the final paperwork to upstairs”

    The voice to your left:  “We’re just finishing prepping theatre and waiting for the anaesthetist – so we can wheel her through in about 20 mins”.

    Your whole body feels heavy – and you ache all over.  Barely managing to open your eyes your vision is blurry as I look down over you.

    “Well well… you’re awake and just in time too”, I say, with my sadistic smile.   “Don’t bother trying to talk.  You’re being taken to theatre in 20 minutes so I get to let you know what’s going to happen.”

    I pat your shoulder gently.  “Oh I have such a lot to tell you, especially after your little escapade 4 days ago, but that can wait.   So where to begin….”

    I pull up a chair and sit next to you, PDA in hand, resting on the metal side of your bed.

    “So let’s see….”

    I pause

    “We’ve bought up enough fat..well I say fat – more of a kind of organic polymer really – to bring you up to a nice 330lbs. Amazing stuff really…”, I say.  “It doesn’t degrade.  No matter how much you exercise or diet it won’t make a difference.  The surgeons say it’s so easy to sculpt with too.”

    I turn the PDA to you so you can see.

    “This is what they’re going to be working from.  You’ll be a little bigger, a little curvier – but perfectly proportioned.  I think we’re adding some kind of appetite stimulant too.  A chemical implant or something so you’re always a hungry gurl”

    “Well I say perfectly proportioned.  Your breasts will end up probably around a KK cup by the time they’re done – and of course, you’re having the lactation ducts and whatnot, just like I told you back at the Lacy Place.  So I don’t need to go over that.”

    I scroll down on the PDA

    “Aah yes.  Right.  2 days ago we managed to get you to disclose all your deepest darkest fantasies.  You won’t remember of course because well…. that’s a side effect of the drugs we gave you, but rest assured we know EVERYTHING”.   I chuckle a little.

    “So.… a medical grade titanium ring will be put through your septum and sealed – as well as one in each of your nipples.”  I pause

    “Oh yes your nipples!”, I say as an afterthought.  “Because you’re going to be nursing Sadie we’re going to have to extend them to about an inch long.  Make them nice and thick like udders or a bottle teat.  Basically so she can suckle and the ring will go further back.  Again sealed medical grade titanium… so permanent”.

    I scroll down some more

    “Blah blah blah.  Oh yes – your collar has come back.  Again titanium.  I’ve had it engraved for you.  “Property of Mistress Sadie… and…oh yes they ARE fitting the cowbell attachment to it.  Wonderful”

    I scroll down a little.

    “And your chastity device too. Titanium, sealed.  Lovely… they did the lining too.  Oh you’ll like this.   We’ve had it lined with a simulant material that feels like nylon. It’s not but apparently the nerds downstairs tell me it will always feel like you have your little clitty encased in a nylon stocking – which will rub and rub and tease you all day”.

    I scroll some more

    “Talking of nylons.  I had psych services down so we can really implant that whole clear heels, tan nylons thing I told you about.  I told them I want you cumming when you slip your nylon clad feet into heels and aroused at the sight of your own feminized feet.  So there’s that…..”

    I pause.

    “Damn how did I forget” I flip back to the picture I showed you previously.  “The cosmetic surgeons will be doing some reconstruction work so you look like her identical twin.  There’s just so much I’ve had to arrange in the last 4 days it’s been crazy”.

    I pat you on the arm and stand, leaning over your bed so my mouth is close to your ear.

    “..and a little present from me.  You’re going to be branded on your left thigh, just under your hip.  A small cow with the word BESSIE inside.  So you always remember that I ALWAYS win…”

    I watch the nurse coming back and I straighten up.

    “I think she’s awake.  I was just telling her not to worry about her surgery and everything will be fine.”.   I make a gesture of fussing with your hair and smiling an obviously fake smile.

    “Take good care of her”.

    The last thing you see is the nurse putting a thick clipboard onto your bed as two porters appear in view.








    OOC:  As Evelyn has deleted her account overnight – this is a dead thread.

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