Danielle is coming to the lobby, unsecure looking around for a kind of check in

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     Danielle Winter 

    Me and my wife had a long flight yesterday across the ocean and a last night together. She helped me getting dressed in my favourite snug short summer dress and put both of my devices at their places. Now we head to my destination: “M&R Corporation”. She drives our small rental e-car carefully to the parking area of the great facility.

    She kiss and hugs my goodby. “You won’t come with me inside?”, I ask again, already knowing her answer. “No, it’s your way! We discussed it endlessly!”, she replied. She gives me a closed and sealed envelope. Hand this over immediatly at the check in, she orderd me.

    She blows me a kiss, waves her hand and hushes silently away. I am on my own.

    I turn my head to the building, grab my little suitcase and head to the entrance. I look at the window to check my front and notice, that my snug and lovely dress doesn’t help to hide the fact, that I am wearing my cage.
    I hold the envelope like a shield before me. I try to find the right posture, like my wife told me and walk through the door. I look for the front desk to check in and am immediatly shocked as I see the beautiful woman behind it. My heart misses two beats and my brain seems to be frosted. “I can’t speak with her”, but I can´t take my eyes off her so lovely face. She looks up and sees me and my unsecure self – I panic and leave the lobby without my suitcase.

    I am in big trouble now. I can’t go in, because I will now get every attention, what I do not want. But I need my suitcase. Furthermore I believe it is absolutely forbidden to leave any luggage unaccompanied, due to Home Security Rules. May be they call the police, I will get examined and arrested and and and. I feel tears filling my eyes. “Perfect”, I think bitterly, “I ruin the part of my look I like most – my long and black colored eyelashes.”



    I may be shy and lack your beauty - but I´m soo lewd and love my duty . . .

     Danielle Winter 

    I know, I have to go inside again nad make a new try. But first I need to calm down a little. So I start my daily kegel exercises against both of my devices. It‘s a tough challange to to so, but it is a good distraction and gives me a good sense of self-efficacy. Furthermore I need to concentrate to sense that moment when soon the constant leakage will start. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 – yeah, there it is. I’ve got 10 numbers left before I must stop.

    At number 69 I hear a stern voice from the inside nagging at somebody:

    “I already registered you in this school you little brat and you  better listen and learn. I don’t expect any of your fuck you attitude either. You’re worthless as a daughter. I’m sure you’ll change your ways. You will learn your place you brat!”

    A rush of an urge to protect takes charge of me and I forget my ruined Mascara and the approaching problem with my flowing juices. I walk through the door and look around for the aim of this mean adress. I see a gorgeous but bitter looking woman leaving a young, very cute and adorable woman.


    “Oh my gawd! That was terrible, honey. Are you ok ? May I help or comfort you somehow?” , I ask.

    I completely forgot that my appearance is, some kind of a mess – up above and even more around my middle. But now I begin to feeling stupid, offering help and needing it so obviously for myself.

    “Do you need to calm down a little bit, my dear? I need to powder my nose and everything … I need to look for the toilet anyway. Do you mind to come with me? We can do the check in in a few moments, if you like?”


    I may be shy and lack your beauty - but I´m soo lewd and love my duty . . .

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