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    Ok. So this is the place. I go through the revolving door into the lobby. This is where my girlfriend (also my business partner) suggested I should try out for, so I was here for my interview.

    I could no longer work with my girlfriend. Something about the ninth bimbo she found me banging whilst I was supposed to be interviewing the aforementioned bimbo for the position as my PA. I tried to explain to my girlfriend that I was  ensuring that the candidate was able to fulfil the position (or I should say, positions! Particularly those bent over my desk…mmmmm what an ass this one had!) to the best of her ability…and to my satisfaction!

    A grin broadened on my face as I remembered.

    Naomi wasn’t best pleased. This was the last straw.  But what could I do. This bimbo practically offered herself to me on a plate…well once I’d encouraged her with an extra 5 thousand on the starting salary if she agreed to provide a bit of an extra personal service in addition to the Personal Assistant role…

    Of course, I’d originally offered her 5 thousand less than the actual starting salary in the first place, so I guess we were evens. Another broad grin stretched across my face… Something else had started to stretch at the memories, too.

    Anyway, Naomi told me this couldn’t go on. It was ruining our business and our relationship. Although to be honest, surely it was better I fucked these bimbos without the trappings of any relationship than to have a full blown romantic affair…

    So, I  was here for the interview and I approached the reception desk, but there didn’t appear to be anyone there…

    I rang the bell and waited.

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