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     Miss Luzette 

    How does a domme keep track of all of her threads where they are without bookmarks? If we have them I haven’t found them. I don’t erase my email until I respond but does anyone do anything else so that my sub doesn’t think I forgot them?



     Suzie Shalmirane 

    Here is what “shychristine” wrote and I think it resolved the issue. I don’t have many favorites yet so it wasn’t as obvious as it will be when there are more.



    There is a general favorites tab in your profile, but for forum threads, there is also a tab for favorites after you click on the forums icon in your profile. It might seem like a bit of over-engineering at first, but as you collect a number of favorites, we hope the extra-bit of categorizing is going to be welcome.

    Also, by subscribing to a thread (or forum) you’ll get an email every time someone posts to that thread (or forum).



    Michelle Smith

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