Blackmailed and coerced to enter an unfamiliar lobby

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    Ben turns to Joe.


    “Joe get LUCY another dress and frillier for her. I do not know if we will have the court done today but we cannot let LUCY go in there in only her PANTY.”


    Ben sits at the table and offer Bob a seat across from him.


    “We do have the video of Lucy going into the man’s house and being his bitch. We also see her signing the three documents twice. Once in his male name and again in her female name that she loves, Lucy Licks. I have notarized copies of the signed contracts.”


    Ben looks at Bob.

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    Bob continues to almost avoid making any eye contact with me. I feel like a pervert and freak, stood before these men in nothing but frilly red panties and then hear that I will receive a yet frillier dress to wear. My face and neck turn a yet brighter shade of red.

    My eyes do meet Bob’s eventually. He gives me a tight smile, then nods. He takes a seat opposite the other slick and ultra-smooth lawyer. Bob is shown various info in the form of videos and pictures and forms and other papers.

    One particular item, I cannot see what it is, causes Bob to turn white as a sheet. He blushes and it is almost as if I see sweat drops burst from his forehead and drip down.

    He glances at me very briefly. It must be clear to all, that one lawyer is being well and truly ‘schooled’ by the other. I have never seen Bob looking so overwhelmed and utterly out of his depth.

    I wait.


    Ben smiles and asks Bob.


    “Do you want to see the original recording that is also time stamp in the lower right-hand corner of her visit to her new boyfriend being his bitch?”


    Ben smiles knowing he has all the cards.

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    Bob has his head in his hands now. Although he did not specifically ask to see it, a video seems to be playing. From my position, I cannot see exactly what is being shown, but I do recognise the location. The place where I was drugged and hypnotised and violated.

    Bob takes a small piece of paper or is it a photo(?) and pockets it surreptitiously. I somehow have the feeling that not everything is going our, specifically my way.


    As they are watching the video as Lucy is putting the women clothes happily, Ben points out.


    “As you can see this is a security recording with the date and time in the lower right corner.”


    They all sit there watching Lucy getting pretty up for this man.

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    I lean in a bit closer to Bob and can just about watch the video. This is a long sequence – I have seen part of it before – which ends with me dressed as a schoolgirl. The outfit is not overly slutty, but many men would like to spend time with such a schoolgirl. 

    Although, I am leaning almost against his left side. I see his right hand go to the right hand pocket of his suit jacket. The hand lingers there, then returns to his side.

    What is he hiding there? He leans in to me and whispers “Listen, Luke, I’m sorry, but this may take a few days to sort out. There … er … are forces at work here.  Powerful people. Money. Influence. Can you just sit tight and cooperate for 3 or max 4 days?!”

    My heart sinks. I plead with Bob “But there must be SOMETHING we can do?!”

    Ben has a big smirk on his face. Bob looks around warily.

    “Seriously, just 3 or 4 days!”


    They all watch as the video continues. Lucy is now all dress up as a schoolgirl with a blonde wig on. The time keeps moving showing nothing has been cut that they are seeing. Lucy walks up to him and asks him if he likes the way she looks. He asks would she like to be called Lucy since she is so girlie. She smiles and tells him yes. His hand touches her leg above the knee and slides it up the leg. He tells Lucy that girls like this. They love to be touch and why they wear skirts and dresses. There is another thing that really like submitting to men. Lucy asks what is that. He replies sex. Sucking a man on her knees and submitting her body to let the man fuck her as she submits to his cock. Would she like to do that? Lucy giggles and tells she wants to try. They see him rub the front of her panties under her skirt. But a lot of people think this would be wrong but if you sign a contract that states you want this we can continue he tells her. Lucy giggles and tell him she will sign the contract. He suggest that it would be better if she sign it on her jnees as a very submissive woman wanting to be use by her man. She giggles again and kneels before the coffee table and he give her the contract that she signs. He looks at it and tells her that he thinks it would be better to also sign the same contract in her female name Lucy. He holds the contract and tells her that she should sign it Lucy Licks because you like to lick man’s cock/ She giggles again but signs it. The man goes back and sits in his chair and tells her to come to him. She does and he tells her to kneel between his legs. She was told to unzip his zipper and pull out his cock. Everybody there watches her do that. She looks at the cock as he tells her to go on and suck it.



    She starts to take his cock into her mouth.

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    The display of Lucy – and I do think of ‘her’ as a different being, even though we are identical – is lewd and saucy. She seems so into it. I have also been back, in flashbacks, to that awful weekend at HIS place.

    I start to babble: “Yes, yes, yes, we know what happened. We know …, but I was drugged, I was hypnotised. And look! And look!”

    I feel relief wash over me. “She’s signing with her right hand. She’s signing with her right.”

    “I am LEFT-HANDED,” I announce, “Ha! Let’s take THAT to the judge!”

    I look round defiantly. Is this a ray of hope for me? Bob still seems to be fidgeting with whatever is in his right jacket pocket.



    They all watch the screen as Lucy eagerly sucks the man cock. She even slide the cock deep into her mouth swallow his whole cock and kissing his body. She looks adoring at him as she slide the cock up and down his shaft. He moans as he cums in her mouth. Lucy is swallowing his cum.


    “Oh, Lucy that was so good. Use your mouth again to get me hard so I can fuck you like a woman. I know you want that do you Lucy?”


    Lucy immediately continues to suck his cock more. It is almost like she is smiling as she is working his cock in her mouth. It does not take her long to get his cock hard again. He yells her that she did a good job and to stand up so he can take her to the sofa. Lucy slips the cock out of her mouth but give the hard cock a kiss. She stands up and ne follows and give Lucy a nice slap on her ass. He guides her to the back of the sofa and she goes willinly He bends her over the soda as she fiffles again saying.


    “Yes, make me a woman. I want to be a woman.”


    He takes a lube and slide it on his hard cock. He position it and pushes his cock hard and deep into Lucy ass.


    “AAAAAAHHHHH O h God you are inside of me. I am a woman. I love this. Please cum in me. Make me a complete woman.”


    Tjey all watch as the man fuck Lucy.


    My chest tightens, everything slows down and stops. Everything goes black.

    R.I.P. lucy_in_pink – it all became too much in …

    [THE END]

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