Andrew walks through the doors, "Where do I start?"

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    Andrew takes a deep breath as he walks up to the door, not a breath of anxiety but of confidence.  He holds his head up high and his back straight as he walks through the well lit lobby past the waiting area.  With a quick adjustment of his tie and his grey sleeves he approaches the receptionist’s desk, a cocky smirk across his face as he plants his hands on the desk, his eyes wondering down to her cleavage before making their way up to her eyes.

    “Good morning lovely, my name is Andrew Brown, I received a letter a few days ago about a Management position, it didn’t have a specific date and time so I thought I would walk in and schedule one myself.”  As he eyes her up and down all his worries of them caring about his sexual harassment history are solved… If their women dress like this they must be asking to be treated like that.  Her white blouse about to burst by the sheer size of her tits, see through enough to see the bright red lacy blouse underneath.  The color of her hot pink lips almost exactly the same color as the round lollipop she sucks on suggestively.

    “Ah yes, Management position.” She says looking up to him, smiling, almost as if admiring him, as she stares at his short black hair and well kept beard.  “We are actually having open interviews, I will call down someone.” A smile across her face as she reaches down to grab a clipboard. “In the mean time if you could please fill out this questionnaire, in the back there is some legal information we require all of our potential staff to fill out, just sign your name at the bottom.  Good luck!”  With a wink she puts the lollipop back in her mouth and focuses back on her computer.


    “Thank you” He takes one last good look at her body before turning around towards the sitting area. As he walks over another woman walks past wearing same blouse and short black skirt as the receptionist, although this woman is much taller, standing over 6 feet tall.  Andrew straightens his back attempting to stand tall, but the woman still seems to tower over him.  “Jesus.. I don’t know how she doesn’t topple over with those crazy high heels..” He mutters under his breath.


    He skims through the pages of the questionnaire, answering each question as fast as possible.  They start with standard questions about his previous jobs, a few medical questions (Why do they need to know if I have a record of STI’s? Well it doesn’t matter, I’m clean),  height and weight (5’7 but I at least pass for 5’9), suit measurements (luckily I recently got a custom tailored suit), Sexual history (A strange question, but ill just but “Lots”, perhaps the guys upstairs will get a kick out of that.)  After a quick skimming of the last page, he signs his name and walks back over to reception.


    “Oh, that was fast.” The girl at the counter says as he approaches. “You can just hand that packet to your interviewer when she arrives, should only take a few more minutes.”

    A smirk creeps across Andrew’s face “Well actually I came back over to ask your name… And if you are busy this afternoon, maybe we could go out and get a few drinks?”

    She smiles and raises an eyebrow.  “My name is Nikki,  How about this. My shift ends at Four, if you are here in the lobby at that time with this handsome suit on, we can go to the bar and i’ll buy you drinks.”  She giggles and turns back to your computer. “Someone will be here to see you any minute now Mister Brown.

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