An idea for my first forum // "very very tiny dicks"

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    Hello Everyone,

    It’s still a but rough in my tiny head, but I just had little idea for a group.

    It would be called something like “very very tiny dicks”. It would be a very simple welcoming comittee for introducing/welcoming under-endowed boys.

    It would be kinda G-rated, membership would be public. I would moderate  the forum, interested and suitable guys would just contact me, answer a few initial questions, then I would just create the initial post to introduce them.

    After that,  everyone of us (sexy girls, patrons,dominants, other gurls…) can just chip in and comment. Welcome them, humiliate, ask embarasing questions, watever… The most important is for us to have a lot of laugh.

    Happy to hear everyone feedback,







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    Hi i’m Rapha

    I’m from France so my sizes are in centimeters =/ I’m 24 years old my eyes and hair are brown I’m tall and skinny.

    My dicks is 3.5 cm when it’s not in erection and 9 cm in erection.

    even when i’m wearing a panties my dick doesn’t get out.

    have nice day =)



    Hi Vanessa, did you manage to create the forum? I would be quite happy to participate in it as a tiny dick.


    As an unfortunate owner of an ETC (extremely tiny cocklet – I have always felt that if I had been born hung, like a normal – I am reluctant to use the word ‘man’ – boy, instead of hung like a baby mouse, I would never have been or become involved in any kind of sissy behavious), I am both intrigued by the idea of such a group for those of us who would maybe even be kicked out of a group for ‘underendowed sissies’ for being so pathetically tiny. On the other hand, I fear a group that might place extra focus on myself and the very few, if any, who are as tiny and pathetic and useless as I am.

    I am conflicted torn. Actually, probably best to stay out of the limelight, to NOT make my patheticness become something focused on. So, on reflection, NO, this group is a terrible idea. Leave us ETCs in peace. They / we suffer enough as it is, from constant derision and humiliation, from being asked to pose with and next to especially black men, with enormous schlongs. No more, please!

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