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    Vincent Traeger walked through the doors of the M&R Corporation with a confident smile.  He wore a sharply pressed dark grey suit with a red power tie; his shoes were polished shiny, and an expensive watch was on his left wrist.  He glanced around at decor, which he found was not quite what he had expected.  But his company president had assured him that the training course was the fast track to being “something special” in the business community, and Vince knew without doubt that he would ace it.  He had been top of his class at Harvard, hadn’t he?  He was a demon on the tennis court, a whiz at the pool table, and, judging by the reactions of most of his dates, pretty damned good in the sack.  He planned to be nothing less than the best student who had ever taken this training.

    His eyes met those of the girl at the front desk.  A part of his brain noted that she was incredibly cute, and had one of the brightest smiles he’d ever seen, but he filed that away for another time.  I’m not going to start out here by doing anything that could even remotely be considered inappropriate.  Instead, he just smiled warmly back.

    “Welcome to M&R Corporation,” the girl said in a cheery voice.  “How may I make your day better?”

    Wow, that seems a little over-the-top.  But never mind. “Hi, my name is Vince Traeger.  I was sent here for a training course…you should be expecting me?  I’m a few minutes early.”

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