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Abandoned Mid-Induction – and how to resume it with a new dom

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    Tina Kiscox

    So some time ago I underwent my induction, it reached most of the way through makeover, but then my guide (a sub’s secondary account as it turned out) left. They were on and off a lot but shortly before they left they mentioned they might be leaving for good and I’ve reached the conclusion that they have as it has been many months now and no sign of them, not just for me.

    So if we lose our “dom” part way through induction is there an intended way to pick up with someone new? As the system seems built to pick up specifically in the first forum.


    From: Barbie Doll jean (aka Doll)

    Dear beautiful Tina,

    first of all, LOVE your profile picture!!

    i also have has such a problem, Doll had given herself over to Mistress Andromeda Star for almost two years. Ms Star had be come VERY SPECIAL to Doll and Doll was hoping it would be a long term relationship!

    Just after the first of the year (in Jan), Ms Star got sick and stated that She was going off line for a while. She totally dropped Doll, even though Doll tried to reconnect but to NO avail! Finally a few months ago, Doll was able to make contact with another Sister-in-Servitude to Mistress Andromeda, Laura Love, who said that she had seen their former Mistress on a few other sites, but it seemed that She had left LiL.

    Doll was crushed when her Mistress left without at least a “good bye”!! Doll hopes that You have much better luck!!

    Doll has not been on LiL in many months but is thinking of Contacting her S-I-S and may be starting a new thread.

    BLESS You and lots of LUCK!! Please let Doll know if she can be of further assistance or encouragement!!

    Doll tried to look at your profile, but could not get in. Please feel free to look at Barbie Doll jean’s if you so desire.

    a curtsy with blown kisses and a shy smile (Doll’s trademark)




    Tina, in a case such as yours, it might be a good idea to simply start over. Best wishes.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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