A suggested alternative to the SissyBelt

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     Miss Luzette 

    When I domme’d at the old Lacy Place, I used this ‘high tech’ device for chastity. It appears to be only a blue, boy-cut panty/knickers but with a tap of an app on a manager/enforcer’s mobile device the panty starts to change color from the lightest to the darkest human skin tones until it matches the wearer. Now he looks like a boy doll.

    With another tap of the app, the panty contracts, pressing his testicles into his body cavity and flattens his penis so that it pokes out where a girl’s should be and at the same time, presents labia in the front. He now looks like a real girl who must pee sitting down but with no visible device showing.

    Now you can add whatever constraint or punishment devices as desired also with a touch of an app: A leg collapsing, electric shock, a surge of pre-orgasmic frustration, the itchiness of apparent ants inside, all while those who see the sissy even naked, thinks she’s a girl.

    Just thought I’d pass it along. 

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     Stephanie Suckswell 

    Been belted like this by Miss Luzette in the past, can confirm that it was quite effective! My character was VERY frustrated by it’s humiliatingly effective “feminine” front. Would recommend to Dominants, would recommend sissies to do whatever it took to avoid being put in these!


    i  like the idea of a self-effacing belt.  Very nice idea, making it self-camouflage.


    I wrote a few notes in the old LiL on sissy-belt ideas, never thought of that one!  Maybe  some LiL technician could take the best bits from several people’s ideas, and start mass-producing belts for all the Mistresses to start fitting to their property.

     Anise Suraya 

    Can’t it be soft pink instead? :p


    Let me get this straight. A sissy wears this and it effectively makes them look like a naked, hairless female? Would they wear panties over this? Does it have rear access?


     Miss Luzette 

    Thanks for your interest in this alternative. The quick answer is yes and yes. The first answer of course is optional as you might want the sub to look naughty like you would make a genuine girl go pantiless for humiliation sake. The second answer does not limit the direction of the access from nature’s call to various anal penetrations.

    The ‘natural’ look plus the app allows sissies to interact with innocent genuine girls or guys without them noticing anything amiss and will confuse them as to who is another sissy and who is genuine except for ‘The Smell’ which I make as the power identifier.

    Luzette <3

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    So it is a little like the body suit concept but just for the lower half? Or am I getting it completely wrong?

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     Miss Luzette 

    Before and after for European skin. The balls are squished up inside their torso and their penis is manipulated so that it pees downward like a girl. The app controls pain, arousal or anything else you’d like to do.

    Thanks for the interest.

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    My BF ( he’s a 9″1/2, i know, i’m lucky lol) has been googling this piece of technology but had a few questions, prior to purchasing one for me.

    The comfort of the wearer is not His priority, however He was worried about the fit and feel it would have on him upon frontal penetration. I.e. will it feel “natural”, like penetrating a real vagina or will the sensation for him be a bit “rubbery” or “platicky”?? He hates the senstation of rubber on his skin, hence we have never used condoms or toys of similar material either.

    i also like the idea of an app. He’s good with many things  but not with keeping keys! (don’t tell him that tough 🙂 )

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     Miss Luzette 

    Vanessa: You are indeed lucky as is he especially if he plays basketball with fingers that long! If that however is his American shoe size then I’m afraid dear girl that he is quite ordinary; But I digress.

    It is important to tell your “Intended” that this Special Panty is not for sale anywhere: Neither AT Amazon, nor ON the Amazon bor by direct sales FROM an Amazon. It can only be obtained, free of charge by visiting our Corporate Office directly where we will be only too happy to service him.

    As to the proprietary elements of the Special Panty* I will explain them to you and you only. The panty deflates and rearranges the wearer’s penis such that any penetration runs along the sensitive underside of his formerly useful organ. That means that with the usual pinky-dicks we get here at the Corporation, the penetration is minimal but with your BFs ‘horsemeat’ there would be no problem inserting a power-washer if so indicated.

    There is no rubbery feeling with our device neither, so there! Our garment taps into the wearer’s seminal vesicles which produces the greasy goo semen that will coat the lining of the ‘joy tunnel’. His new cunny will feel as slimy as that of any crack whore or debutante but without the pungent, distinctive smell of power (or fish) which identifies the powerful here at Melandren.

    If you or your BF who apparently wants instead to be your GF (It takes all kinds we know and honor diversity) send him to to us and have him ask for Miss Luzette. She BTW is the ONLY active member of the Armee de Pied since her profile cannot be changed. MERDE!

    *(Named for the Special Employees who wear them. We used to call them Sissy Panties but the name triggered too many Millennial ‘Snowflakes’ who were our biggest demographic so we ‘pussied out’.)

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    • This reply was modified 7 months, 2 weeks ago by  Miss Luzette.
    • This reply was modified 7 months, 2 weeks ago by  Miss Luzette.
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    Where is the corporate office?



    Excellent alternative, especially for those who, like me believe that the pleasure of the sissy is completely irrelevant and that only the pleasure of the man (or woman) using the sissy is relevant. Rear access essential, of course.

    Is there a possibility of temporary release at some stage? Probably not!!!

     Miss Luzette 

    Thanks for asking:  Oh yes there is; generally for unannounced sanitary checks.  A working sissy will suddenly be told by a senior girl to follow her.  The sissy will be taken to a brightly lit room and placed on a pedestal in front of a manager and a number of other genuine girls (gigis). Behind the manager is a monitor recording the sissy from the knees up.


    After the sissy removes her clothes, the manager presses her app and for the next few minutes the panty ‘goes in reverse’ which creates aches intended to feel like a girl’s period.  Several other real girls including some of the sissies workmates will be there and encouraged to giggle and tease.   Finally the now blue panty drops off displaying his shriveled manhood.


    A supervisor manipulates his now exposed genitals, while he must keep his hands on his head, to check for medical issues, then hand washes the area and measures for penis extension etc.  She then begins an orgasmless milking of the sissy which causes his emission to dribble and leak slowly into a measuring vial for later motility testing and such.


    Finally a fresh panty is unwrapped and drawn up his legs by a girl he knows and works with who then holds his hand as the manager activates the device.  The same ‘menstrual’ pain is repeated on the sissy until her odorless cunt is restored while the pungent aroma of the gigis natural fluids fill her nostrils.  She then must thank all concerned, dress quickly and go back to work with her flushed expression acknowledging to all Melandren employees where she has just been.


    I hope that helps!


    Luzette <3

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    • This reply was modified 3 months, 3 weeks ago by  Miss Luzette.
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     the Morrigan 

    I’m curious as to whether this genital origami creates a pussy suitable for use by the Sissy’s owner or trainer. That would be a huge benefit, almost sufficient to counteract the disadvantage of making your sissy able to pass as a real woman. Because I must say, that is a huge disadvantage for me. Sissies should never be able to pass as real women when unclothed. They should be constantly reminded of exactly what they have lost, and subjected to constant ridicule from both men and real women for allowing the loss to occur and never allowed to forget that, tricked, forced or what have you, they did allow it to happen. This keeps them mentally weak and pliable at least as much as their neverendingly unsatisfied lusts (and thank you to M&R for providing the constant stimulation necessary to create and maintain those lusts).  😉


     Miss Luzette 

    Thank you for your interest in the Special Employee’s panty. The vaginal slit that appears in the fully deployed panty is only an inch deep but the penis has been turned so that an inserted object strikes the sensitive underside, creating an orgasmic rush.

    What separates the Special (sissy) from the Gigi (genuine girl) is the aroma and lubrication (and lactation). With their balls confined, the smell of pussy creates menstrual cramps that allow gigi co-workers to tease and frustrate the Special who cannot orgasm.

    The panty can also be partially deactivated so that the balls descend into an amorphous sack between his legs so that he appears as a little girl’s boy doll if you want to emphasize is sissiness. It can also be removed for ‘sanitary inspection’ and reapplication.

    Each activation/deactivation painfully pushes/expels his balls from his body cavity for added amusement or discipline. I’ve never played the male domme. The female domme can restore control by forcing the Special to sniff pussy/used panties.

    I also use Special rather than sissy because they are almost female employees who have to work with and be tormented by off-the-street, gigi employees or perhaps a male domme’s gigi houseguests. That sounds like fun!

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     Cherry Blossoms 

    That sounds scawy. Wemind me to be a vewy, vewy good sissy so Mistwess is never tempted …

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