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    Crystal knew why she was sent here she knew what they academy expected of her, she knew the punishment if she failed, but she was confident, she was prepared and after all it was an internship surely a student from the Academy would be prepared for the secretary role at the Corporation, but she couldn’t help but worry, something about the job made her nervous and excited. Wanting to Impress she wore the outfit the academy had supplied. She thought it was odd that despite all her training they had her wearing a tuxedo suit to this interview, perhaps that’s why she was neevous she had heard rumours about sissies at the corporation but wasn’t sure. Part of her hopes that maybe this was a mansjob and she was getting ready to be a man again, that perhaps she had already failed as a sissy, and perhaps that Crystal should be Chris again and that reclaiming their masculinity might be the right idea, surely the academy knows best! And look, this beautiful secretary is clearly into me, they clearly want me to prove myself. The overly kind secretary begins explaining the position I will be interviewing for, but I am distracted by her breasts, and the way her outfit excentuates them thinking for a moment how good I would look insuch a uniform. I am snapped back to reality by her now flirtatious behaviour, replying playfully to her assertion that I am a big strong man, agreeing. Liar I think for a moment then I am again distracted as she presses her breasts against me to point out where I am headed. I thank her and remind her how beautiful she is before heading for the elevator, she replies you will be too, but I pretend I misheard her.

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