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 Chantay Blaise 

Feeling so utterly humiliated as I stand before Picasso in feminine attire and freshly creamed panties, I don’t notice when she gathers my clothes and drops them in the laundry chute. Upon my assertion that I need to leave to go home, Picasso retorts:“Get this straight Derek: You are home; this is home until you complete therapy. Now if you want your sponsor Camy to know of your progress, I be happy to do that, hai.”

“I didn’t realize that therapy required me to stay here. My schedule is wide open for the time being so staying here is not a problem, but I didn’t bring a change of clothes or anything. As for Camy, if you don’t mind…just keep her posted…but please don’t mention any of this…you know…me wearing lipstick and female clothes. Let’s just keep it our little secret.”

My stomach sinks when Picasso quickly snaps a photo of me and flips her tablet around so I can view the embarrassing photo.

With a tone of frustration in my voice, I ask:“Why did you take a photo of me dressed like this Picasso? I look silly…dressed in these girly clothes and sporting red lipstick. What kind of therapy is this?”

Picasso flips the tablet back around so that it faces her again. She takes a brief moment to analyze the photo and calmly responds:“The lipstick part look good huh but the rest, it need work for sure. I did not choose method of therapy Derek, you did by trying to dress up in girl clothes to go with lipstick.”

Feeling as if I am about to blow a fuse, I cry out,” I told you already…I only put this on because Monique yanked me off and I creamed my trousers. I am not a girly boy!”

Picasso seems undeterred by my frustrations. It is as if she is gaining the upper hand on me in every aspect. My emotions are getting the best of me and she is very calm and collected. She even directs the flow of conversation.

Although I passionately argue my case…that I am not girly, I am flabbergasted when Picasso moves the conversation once again by suggesting my need to choose a feminine name to match my new look and then I can get cleaned up. Out of total exasperation, I exclaim:” Okay…fine! You win! No matter what I say…you continue to infer otherwise. I am ready to get out of these wet, sticky panties. A hot shower will do me some good too. So I gotta pick out a feminine name first huh? Fine! Let’s see…okay…I got it. I am dressed in a french maid uniform so a french name it is. I like Chantay…Chantay Blaise. Are you happy? Now can I grab a shower?”

Picasso responds by giving me one final task before I go shower:“So let me have you reinforce what you did while you are alone here. Look at mirror and tell me everything you are wearing and how much you like each item. I will listen and prepare your next therapy session. By the way, all mirrors at Melandren, they may have cameras behind them; keep in mind, hai.”

” This is crazy. I told you that these were the only clothes available after I blew my load in my pants. It started getting cold in this room so I changed into this. It was the warmest looking outfit I could put together. That’s not satisfactory I suppose…so okay…I will give you something a little saucier if that’s your pleasure….anything if it will get me a shower. I will even make it sound convincingly girly for you. Fair enough?”

I position myself in front of the mirror and wipe all traces of frustration from my face. I put a big smile on my face as I model each item I selected to wear and discuss why I like each item.

“Hi Melandren team! My name is Chantay Blaise. I am so very excited about the outfit I am wearing and it is only fitting for me to inform you why I chose each piece of attire. First…these sexy black thong panties. Need I say more?…they hug my hips so snugly…and they really accentuate a feminine tushy.” turn around to show my backside in the thong “Super sexy right?”

” Next….these black latex thigh high stockings…I love the way they feel on my legs….like a second skin….so shiny…tight…and restrictive….revealing every contour. They make me feel so hot!” rub my hands up and down my stockings “….and of course…this sexy, sleek latex garter belt with latex straps to hold the stocking in place is a must…just look how it hugs the curves of the bum…it exudes femininity! Really makes the bum look off the charts sexy!”turn to show my backside, tugging at straps with my fingers, then letting them go so they pop against my ass

“And last but not least…I chose this hot little french maid dress….it really hugs the hips perfectly. The skirt is so very short and revealing….and the ultra soft ruffles in the skirt…swishing against my thighs and bum as I walk…makes me feel so indescribably sexy!” take a few steps forward  while swishing the skirt with my hands, then performing a twirl

” So this concludes my modeling session. It has been an honor and a pleasure to model these items for the esteemed management and staff of Melandren.”purse my red coated lips and blow a kiss to mirror and give a wink

I then turn to Picasso as I wipe the smile off my face.” Pretty convincing huh? How about that shower now?”

I wait for Picasso to lead the way to the showers.











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