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I head back to my office again, after a long discussion with Miss Connor about a new talented writer we expect to arrive these days at the Corporation. She gave me some of her kinda autobiographical writings and I read everything at once.

I like our little chats about art in general and of course literature, Connors hobbyhorse. So I feel good and happy for the moment as I walk through our crowded lobby.

A remarkable twosome catches my attention, a young girl in a red dress swirling around and one of our finest colleagues, Brandy Wiles.

Passing them by I hear Brandy talking to the happy girl, “Call me Mistress from now on, got it Lovesilk? I expect complete obedience from my gurls and I won’t tollerate any less. I take my job seriously, as serious as I’m sure you took this morning as you picked out that frilly pair of panties I just caught a glimpse of. Let me see them, get the skirt up gurl.”

Yessss, that’s Brandy as we know her.

I turn my head to have a look, whether our swirly whirlwind will show her undies to the lobby. And there you go . . .

Wait a moment . . . are these from the Myla™ collection? Hmm, who is this girl? My thoughts start to run. How did Brandy addresses her – ‘Lovesilk’?

She must be the expected author. I step closely to my colleague and whisper in her ear: “Come on Brandy, let me do her Initiation, I will owe you a favor, ok? I know her sissy writings and she probably will not offer the resistance you like so much. You will find another playtoy, just grab a file my dear friend. Do we have a deal?”

Brandy signals her approval and I turn towards the lovely creature before her.

“I know, you enrolled yourself to be initiated by Miss Wiles, but there is an urgent and complicated client, she has to take care of first. I would take over your case, if you don’t mind or you could wait until Miss Wiles will be free for you again. So, what is your decision sweetheart?”

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