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Hold this.” Mistress says to me and my arm raises and grabs gold of the dildo against my will she has my every control!

Oh wow she’s touching my clit again I want it so badly I try to plead again with my eyes but she stops inserts her fingers inside my pussey and says “Squeeze my fingers…” All of a sudden my pussy muscles contract and squeeze her fingers it feels so good

As she moves her fingers I’m in a world of bliss I’m loving every second of this the pleasure is amazing way better than my previous body’s pleasure Mistress continues…

Sometimes this is harder to find on a naturally born woman, but we make ours with very easy to find spots, and very sensitive ones as well. I adjust myself to be out of the way, “You have already experienced a clitorical orgasm, but this is a vaginal orgasm, and can be anywhere from three to ten times as intense..”

Holy shit as she presses I feel the most extensive orgasm flash over me if I wasn’t lock on position I’d be flat on the floor like a lump of jelly and my muscles spasaming. I see lots and lots of fluid shoot from my pussy I don’t care if it’s piss or what it feels so good I’m rapidly faking in love with my new body and starting to get use to it then I pass out every thing faded to black it obviously was too much for me the power of the orgasm!.


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