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 Danielle Winter 

After doing my best to catch the attention of this terrifying beauty I look closely at her face to divine her reaction.

I witness the fight within her, so my words must have cause any impact at least. I don’t dare to turn my look away from your face and only can guess how Alexandra feels. I see the fight, the struggle behind your forehead as I look straight into your beautiful eyes.

The welcoming sound of an endless sigh, shows me that your softer and merciful self won. Finally I caught your  attention and you glance at my breasts. I know that I’ve got the permission to touch and comfort you, as you put our hands together and I am so deeply grateful that would offer you almost everything, I would even take every pain for you, if you would like to see me to suffer.

I aspirate a “Thank you Miss” and remind Alexandra of her promise “Keep your word, my dear.”

I intertwine my right hand with Alexandras as I move closer to you, my charming Miss. I look into your eyes as I give the sturdy beautiful purple head of your member a light kiss of my deepest and earnest welcome.

With our interwovened fingers we touch your hardness from the outside of your panties so very lightly, almost unnoticeable. But you do and we see and I smile as I see it twitching under our fingertips. Happily I recognize Alexandra hesitates only at first but touching alone seems to be not so bad for her. After this initial contact I move our locked hands together up and down the length and under it to your balls. I feel Alexandras hesitation, but I stay strong in my will to teach her . . .


I may be shy and lack your beauty - but I´m soo lewd and love my duty . . .

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