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 Anne Starr 

As I stand naked in front of Nancy, our conversation seems to get less formal…

She’s ok with me calling her just Nancy…and I can tell my breasts are a distraction to her by her voice. She tells me they are not a distraction, but I doubt that…

I start to relax a bit…with the more casual conversation.

She then comments again on my  “Aroma”. This kind of embarrasses me as I blush..Evidently its competeting with the National Flower of Korea?? Who would have known…She again offers a tampon as she tells me could reduce my natural aroma. I …think about it..

She then offers to shave me….down further reduce any aroma..I’m getting really embarrassed and humiliated by the constant attention to this..

“Nancy….I have a question for you now that we are becoming friends….When I asked you about Bimbo I could tell you were nervous about my inquiry…Her real name is Belinda…does that ring a bell???..”

She’s staring at my crotch now…unnerving…

“Nancy….she has all my valuables…I need them back. I can tell you you want to shave my pussy…I can tell your infatuated by it as you stare at my crotch and lick your lips. Greta knew my name….I don’t think your being totally honest with me…You can shave my pussy and put a tampon in it if you help me get my valuables back….Do we have a deal????”




Anne is:

⊂Collared⊃ By Miss Andromeda Starr



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