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 Adam Lore 

My, oh my, these sissies are so desperate nowadays. From the look of her eyes roaming over the middle of my front, I would say Catalyna is starving. “Be careful what you wish for little sissy, maybe your eyes are bigger than your mouth.”

It only takes a minute until the hypnotical suggestion of a lonely beach with turtles

takes effect and you fall in a trance. That was quite fast and proves to me, that you are possibly very susceptible to further hypnotical suggestions.

Next I start the sequence to deepen your trance and after a couple of minutes I unfasten your constraints and turn your limp body and you lay upon your front. We splay your thighs as wide as possible to allow everybody a good workplace and the beautification squad starts with their work.

It takes them 2 hours to do their magic and do all the necessary stuff to give your body an appearance as feminine as possible and install the chip into your neck. Your lips get their initial injection to become full and highly sensual

, your virgin sissy blossom glows with a pink, fresh color, your wear some cute jewelry

and some nice tattoos are on display,

and your skin is slightly tanned

with some telltale paleness.

The outcome is downright fabulous, it fascinates me every time I become a witness of this evolution.

Whilst the beautification is at work I decide to make a try and give you only a little suggestion, active only for about an hour after your awakening. I insert the suggestion into the media file you already hear with your earphones. If you are as suggestible as I guess, it will cause you to ask anybody how addresses you with ‘sweetheart’, ‘cutie’, ‘sissy’ or ‘gurl’ and ‘Michael’: “You are so kind to me, would you allow me to taste some fresh cum?”

The last I have to decide is, whether to use our new Hormone Replacement Therapy on you or just give you the traditional standard product. But as your medical report shows no risk on your side I insert the initial dose of our high effective product with an suppository through your pussy into your body.

Within some hours there should be at least some small but noticeable signs of your growing womanship. Your chest will start to grow two little mounds with some puffy tips and your hips will become slightly rounder and fuller.

The squad leaves the ‘crime scene’ and I decide, you earned a little rest after all that treatment. I let you stay in your trance for some hours.

  • This reply was modified 5 months, 3 weeks ago by  Adam Lore.
  • This reply was modified 5 months, 3 weeks ago by  Adam Lore.
  • This reply was modified 5 months, 3 weeks ago by  Adam Lore.
  • This reply was modified 5 months, 3 weeks ago by  Adam Lore.
  • This reply was modified 5 months, 3 weeks ago by  Adam Lore.
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