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 Chantay Blaise 

As I shuffle through the pockets of my stained trousers, I hear the door click as it unlocks and slides open. I hear the click clack of heels entering the room and an intoxicatingly  scented perfume permeates the air. I remain determined to find my car keys and I don’t realize that Picasso has entered the room instead of Monique whom I had expected.

Thinking to myself as I desperately dig through my trouser pockets: Where the hell are my car keys! My wallet…it is not here either! My keys and wallet are gone! Monique must have taken them…but why? My cell phone is missing too! What the hell is going on here? Why would she take my stuff?

Obviously unaware of who I am initially, I hear Picasso speak: ”Sorry girl, I not know you were ….Derek! Is that you wearing so red-red a lipstick? What, not only lipstick but you trying underwear and dress too! Wearing lipstick can do that for some boys for sure. ~hee ~hee~ hee”

My face blushes with embarrassment as I try to explain myself. ” Oh….um…hi Picasso. Yes ma’am it is I…Derek. I know this looks strange…but I can explain. It is not what you think.”

As I attempt to offer an explanation, Picasso stoops down and grabs my boxers from the floor. I am rendered speechless as I watch her sniff my boxers and follow up by nudging her finger into my cum filled shorts, ultimateley inserting her finger into her mouth as she samples the “goods”.

Watching in amazement as Picasso gets a taste, my shaft throbs with arousal.  Picasso then remarks, “We are coming along just fine now aren’t we Derek. I’m sorry, did I use the word ‘cumming’? You have made a good start but I sure Picasso here can add her experience too, hai.”

Stammering for words, I reply, ” Wait…what do you mean?…coming along just fine? A good start? You have the wrong idea Picasso…this isn’t what it looks like. Sorry…but your experience is not necessary.”

Picasso immediately embraces me tightly in a hug. I feel her large breasts press against my chest and the warmth of her body pressed against mine. My senses take it all in…her warmth…the sensation of her curvy, feminine body…her wonderful scent…as she hugs me. My shaft throbs so intensely under the ruffled skirt and presses firmly against her tummy as she embraces me.

Picasso adds,“Did my Derek spill his seed from wearing girly lipstick? Such a good little boy my Derek is and a good little girl he could be, hai.” Picasso then presses her cheek against mine as she continues to press her body tightly against me. I become so overwhelmed with arousal as her feminine body rubs against me that my cock squirts a massive load into the thong panties I am wearing, thus saturating them. I can’t help but moan with pleasure as I cream the panties.

The sensation of the thong wedged tightly between my buttocks and the latex stockings on my thighs seem to only intensify my release…not to mention the garter straps stretched against my bum, holding the stockings in place. My release becomes even more evident as it oozes down my thigh.

My face blushes again with embarrassment as I respond. ” This…this isn’t what you think Picasso. The lipstick is part of my therapy…remember? I wouldn’t even be in here wearing this feminine attire, but Monique wouldn’t stop stroking me….until I stained my khakis. She brought me in here for a change of clothes, but there is nothing here but ladies clothes. I had to get out of those sticky trousers and I was getting cold so I had to put something on…that’s why I am dressed like this…understand?”

“Then you came in…and when you pressed against me…I got turned on again. Sorry…but I am a man…perhaps I need to change again seeing that I have soaked my panties. Wait…that didn’t sound right. These aren’t my panties obviously….you know what I mean. Anyhow, I got a girl to put her lipstick on me as you requested. I think that is enough therapy for the day…don’t you think? Besides, it is starting to get late and I probably should head home soon. Monique must have my keys with her. If I can get her to fetch the gym bag in my car, I can change and head home. Should we go ahead and schedule my next appointment?”

I slump my head downward, too embarrassed to look Picasso in the eyes and wait for her reply.





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