Reply To: Hand-Me-Downs and Hand-Me-Ups


Ruby shakes her head and groans. “You’re already decked out in a bra and panties. And pink hair! Just give in already! Bet you’ve always wanted to be more attractive, right?” The redhead is armed with body lotions and nail polish.


Sapphire is more diplomatic. “I know it seems intimidating now, but I can assure your journey will only become easier and easier as you go along. The important choices are often the scariest.” The bluehead is prepared with shampoos and lipsticks.


Veronica grips your shoulders firmly, bringing her lips up to your ears. “We’re giving you a chance to cooperate and enjoy our pleasant sides. This is going to be your only warning. Start playing along or play time is over. We can be very mean to bad little girls who argue with us.”

You notice Velcro straps on the armrests and legs of the chair. Ruby smirks as she sees you noticing them.

Veronica gives you a gentle push towards the chair, but not enough to knock you off balance or force you to sit…yet.

“Now, you were just thanking my friends here for agreeing to help you, weren’t you Mikaela? Have a seat.”



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