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 Chantay Blaise 

Monique presses me across the hallway, seipes her card, and pushes me into a hidden room. The door quickly slides closex behind us so that Monique and I are the sole occupants in the room i feel extremely telieved that I was able to exit the crowded lobby without anyone noticing my cum stained trousers.

Before I can get a good look at my surroundings, Monique giggles as she informs me, ”OK, this is a closet full of spare ladies clothing including bras, knickers etc. Not your first choice but what’s available. The good news is that you need an employee card to get in and Bimbo’s only a vendor. Stay here and try on anything you think works for you. I’ll get some manager to assist you in the meantime.”

With that, Monique flicks my cock with the back of her fingers, and exits the room with the door locking behind her. I see Bimbo standing on the outside of the door with an evil grin on her face as the door closes behind  Monique. I cry out in frustration, ” Wait!! Come back Monique!! I need some men’s clothing!!”

I sit in the room for a few moments trying to figure out a solution to my present dilemna…I am in need of clean clothes and the only available clothing is feminine apparel. I reject the notion of wearing female clothes altogether, but I finally decide to filter through the racks and drawers with the hope of finding something that is at least semi masculine to wear.

As I scour through the racks, my hopes are dashed…nothing but skirts, dresses, and blouses. I then shuffle through the drawers only to find bras, women’s undies, and and panty hose. I sit down in the chair directly in front of the vanity mirror as I try to decide what to do. My crotch is still sticky and wet from the milking Monique performed on me earlier and a chill comes over me as the temperature in the room is quite cool.
<p style=”text-align: left;”>After a few moments, my body begins to shiver. I come to the conclusion that it is in my best interests to find somthing to wear before I freeze half to death in the confines of the cold room. Once again, I go through the racks and drawers trying to find something to wear that is both dry and warm. My desperation to find something more comfortable to wear grows with each quiver of my body.</p>
With no pants to be found, I opt for the next best thing…a pair of thigh high shiney black latex leggings. Within a few minutes, I pull together an outfit to wear. I focus on latex as the basis for my outfit since latex is a somewhat thicker material which will be better suited for my purposes…to cover my body and help keep me warm.

I retrieve the following items one by one and lay them across the vanity table: black satin panties, thigh high latex leggings with garter belt and straps to hold leggings in place and what appears to be a hostess’ dress…although the skirt of dress is super short…the ruffles in the skirt are very thick which will also provide warmth. I sit and stare at the outfit I have laid out on the table…thinking how utterly ridiculous it is to even think about wearing it.

I wait and wait for Monique to return, but a great deal of time passes and my will breaks…tired of wearing the wet, cum laden trousers…I decide to change. I unbutton and unzip my trousers and I step out of them as they fall to the floor. Reluctantly, I hold the black panties open and step into them one leg at a time, then pull the panties up to my hips and securely in place…quickly realizing the panties are thongs as the back of the panties wedges tightly between my buttocks. The sensation of the thong feels so very feminine and as a  result, my erection presses hard against the fabric of the panties.

Eager to cover my legs, I sit down and with a bit of pulling and tugging, I manage to get the skin tight leggings on. My cock swells even more in the panties as the restrictive leggings coat my legs. To keep them in place, I slide on the garter belt and fasten the straps of the belt securely to the leggings…the straps stretch tightly down my thighs and bum stimulates my arousal to even greater heights.

I pause in thought for a moment as I look at myself in the mirror: What is going on? I don’t understand…why am I so intensely aroused? I am a guy…wearing this isn’t suppose to turn me on. It is embarrassing enough that Monique is gonna see me wearing this, but I can’t let her see my rock hard dick while wearing this stuff. Wait…what’s that? Oh no…it is the click of heels coming this way. Quick…pull the dress on…the fluffy skirt on the dress will conceal my erection.

I manage to pull the dress on just in time as the door slides open. The feeling of the soft ruffles of the skirt brushing softly against my bum drives my arousal higher…so much so that my skirt begins to “teepee” in the front. Thinking to myself: Please no…not this! I am dressed like a sexy maid and I am rock hard! Monique is gonna laugh her ass off at me. Maybe she won’t notice….try not to panic. Hold on a minute! I am in luck! I just remembered that I have my gym bag in the trunk of my car! I have an old t-shirt and a pair of gym shorts in my gym bag. Just toss Monique the keys and she can get the gym bag for me. Problem solved! What a relief! I can get dressed and get out of here. I have had enough therapy for one day.

I pick my cum stained trousers off the floor and dig frantically through my pockets for my keys as the clicking heels enter the room.
















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