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Mistress Dyvia again raised the damn remote to her mouth and said the words:

Sex Doll.

Again I feel the buzz to the back of my neck but nothing changes, maybes a malfunction I still can’t move so state on in to Mistress eyes pleading for release.

Mistress moves closer and then kisses me on the lips to my surprise my lips kiss her back but I know I didn’t do that it must be the chip. Waves of stimulation course through my body it feels so good so extreme senses. I want to kiss her more but I can’t do it my self.

In a world of my own I don’t nocitce Mistress walk away until she returns with what looks like a dildo. Mistress raises it to my lips and again with out control my self my lips open like an O and let’s Mistress push in the dildo in and my tongue starts sucking and licking it as my head starts bobbing up and down it’s length, it hits the back of my throat and not even a gag reflex.

”Good Girl”

Oh my god! That’s it the “sex doll” mode makes my body accept any thing that would be done to a sex doll or prostitute. I feel so worried by where this could lead to the possibilities is endless and worry about all the other settings possible.

 “I know, boring… Almost zero creativity as a girl with a real mind, but that is not what you are supposed to be right now…

Mistress then moves the dildo down to my new dick…..well erm…… clit and starts to rub it against it waves of pleasure course through my body again it feels so good… so amazing…. so fantastic so…… wait of my fucking good god it so…. I’m gonna reach my 1st female orgasm and it feels so good. I could get use to it not that I have choice of yes oh please more Mistress I think to my self then!….

Not yet…

Mistress stops dead and removed thr dildo right on the edge or having the most earth shattering orgasm Mistress kills it I’m left my mind about to explode I want it I need it but no Mistress won’t allow it I feel like my brain is going to explode I would cry and beg for more I’d do any thing Mistress wanted right now just to be able to get over that knife edge!.

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